Questions 3: Unleash the Villain Laugh!

Joker from DC and Loki from Marvel (Yahoo Image Search)

Joker from DC and Loki from Marvel (Yahoo Image Search)

Let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum.  You can connect this to your hero and world or go for something unique.  Respond in the comments or on your own blog with a link.  Though the ‘bonus’ question might be nice to have as a comment.  Only because it’s a curious thing that I just thought of that.  Have fun.

  1. What kind of villain would you be?
  2. What drives you to villainy instead of heroism?
  3. What is the most diabolical thing you’ve ever done?


  • Do you want to see the ‘Questions 3’ posts become a regular thing?  Maybe put it into the Thursday spot?

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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31 Responses to Questions 3: Unleash the Villain Laugh!

  1. L. Marie says:

    Here are my thoughts:
    1. What kind of villain would you be?
    Villain? What do you mean? I’m not a villain. I’m working to set things right. Does that make me a villain? By whose standards? All I’m trying to do is work for the betterment of mankind. I was blessed with the power of fire wielding and super strength. It’s my opinion that mankind would be better under the guidance of a strong leader. Such as myself.

    2. What drives you to villainy instead of heroism?
    Again, I don’t think you quite understand me. I am a leader. The fact that I demand that everyone do what I say is heroic, wouldn’t you agree? Say it. Say it.

    3. What is the most diabolical thing you’ve ever done?
    Diabolical? Is my plan to destroy half the city diabolical? I plan to build my empire in the destroyed half. The city owes me that much. I’m allowing people to live. Maybe not everyone. But some.

    Sure. I’d like to see the three questions regularly.

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    • So we’re looking at a villain who thinks they’re a hero. Not so sure about the demanding thing though. Heroes ask politely or at least say please. 😛 Keep in mind that the city has some high taxes, so it might only come to a small block that they were going to demolish anyway. On the plus side, there’s an abandoned frozen yogurt place at the corner.

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      • L. Marie says:

        I like to think of it as making assertive suggestions. Now if you’re living on the side of town that will soon be demolished, I suggest you vacate quickly. My henchpeople are standing by.


      • Are those the guys that I’ve already dispatched? They gave me a strange look, so they’ve been given an early retirement package . . . sort of. I put bows on the presents . . . sort of. What do you recommend to get blood out of asphalt? (I’d make a really disturbing supervillain.)


  2. Well, I can only answer 1 really: a terrible one! It’s why I always ended up a Paladin 😦

    Okay, and 4: I don’t mind either way. It probably helps with scheduling if you do, of course.


  3. Mae Clair says:

    Honestly, I’d probably make a terrible villain because my sentimental side would get in the way. Writing villains on the other side, is fun (and I have to admit to liking Loki more than Thor. Conflicted villains are great).

    I think a 3 question post is ingenious. Wish I’d thought of it! 🙂

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  4. Let me handle the bonus question first. Yes, regular post. Now to the questions: What kind of villain would you be? Mooohahahahahah. The most diabolical magician on the planet. (with nice looking clothes)
    What drives you to villainy instead of heroism? Heroes don’t have much fun. They aren’t allowed to wring their hands and scare the women. Moooohahahaha
    What is the most diabolical thing you’ve ever done? I turned a cow into a rock and roll star. Sang like crazy but gave atrocious interviews. His hit MOOOOOON over Miami was classic.

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  5. With great care I asked the main character from my last novel these questions. Here are the answers by text…

    1 Type of villain? A clever one. We impaled Simon Frenzel on the spire of Bamberg Cathedral, and no one to this day has figured out how we did it. (I tell a lie; there’s a witch in Bamberg who thinks she’s knows, but we’re not saying. She lost a five thousand euro bet with that one.)

    2 What drives me to villainy? Nihilism, I suppose. I hate everyone and everything.

    3 The most diabolical thing I’ve ever done? I’ve got an incubus, so that’s a very personal question, but thanks for asking.

    Yours, Jennifer Enzo

    And back to me. Question 4 – yes. Good idea



  6. I think Questions 3 is a great feature, and have enjoyed the questions so far. I’m with Nicholas on this – I’d make a pretty pathetic villain! I could create a villain, but trying to imagine myself doing something villainous…I’d carry too much guilt! 🙂


  7. I would suck as a villain… guilt would overtake me… but yes I’d like to see more of these. =)


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