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Character Origins: Yola Biggs the Goddess of Chaos

It’s only right that I talk about Yola Biggs before Merchant of Nevra Coil is released next month.  She causes everything that happens and gets a good evolution as well as revealing more about the world of the gods.  So … Continue reading

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The Wolf’s Moon – An Audio Book Update…

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At Long Last… We have Arrived

Originally posted on Olivia Stocum Romance Fiction :
England, 1192 She should be damned for what she had done. She likely would yet. Fantasizing about one’s new sword master was no doubt a sin of the flesh. Especially when one was…

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Cover Art Teaser: A Taste of Nevra Coil

Part of the cover art sketch I just received.  Right now, I’m looking at turning that exile weekend into the one that debuts The Merchant of Nevra Coil.  It all depends on getting the final pieces together in time. Remember … Continue reading

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Technology in Windemere: Blossoming on the Edge of Society

The titular Nevra Coil is a flying city of the gnomes that is the highest tech that has been introduced to the Windemere series.  It reveals that the world is changing and not entirely a medieval setting.  Well it is, … Continue reading

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Free Book Promo

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A List of Creative Writing Competitions in 2015

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Start reading Infinite Waters for free with Kindle Unlimited You all know how much I love short stories, right? Well, enough to have published two collections so far, Infinite Waters being the latest one.…

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