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So I have this little series that I’ve been working on and it’s recently gone passed the halfway mark.  At least for what I’ve written.  I’ve only published 6 of the 15 books (I hope as I write this in late November) and I’m starting in on writing Book 9.  So I feel like I passed a milestone while also feeling like I have a long way to go.

A big reason is because while I feel every book is necessary to give every character the proper amount of development and attention, I’m sure most of the audience won’t agree with me.  Meh.  I’m doomed no matter what because things will make no sense if I cut out certain books and then I’ll just have people yelling at me being inconsistent.  So that’s not even a topic I care to discuss at length.  I’m really just saying it because every time I mention that it’s a long series, I inevitably get a comment or private message from someone explaining why they hate long series.  This is just to nip it in the bud with my usual explanation.

Anyway, I am at a strange point now because all of the major players have been introduced by the point that I’m writing.  Every book will focus on big events for the established heroes and villains until the climactic battle with Baron Arthuru Kernaghan occurs . . . I still have no idea what to title that book or who to give the final blow to.  I had one idea that played off a rather difficult subplot, but now I’m thinking that it will have to come down to one character who quiet simply has earned the right.  That’s if I don’t go with the Baron winning in the end.  That’s a level of vague that’s going to cost me.

I still have many areas to explore like the desert (Book 7), Yagervan Plains (Book 9), the snowy mountains (Book 10), the southern jungles (Book 11), and whatever else seems to come about.  Looking at that list now, I realized I never gave the southern jungles a name, but I might leave it like that.  It’s total wilderness there, so who would have the authority to name it?  Then again, Delvin Cunningham seems to have a habit of naming landmarks that either have no designation or he thinks are ridiculous.  Not sure where that quirk came from.  Still I guess I’m writing for the exploration of world and character as well as setting things up.

For what?  Well, the other stories.  Legends of Windemere has always been the starting point of the world.  If the heroes are successful then they kick off the Age of Heroes.  If they fail, it’s an Age of Darkness under the Baron.  Most of the other stories can actually operate under both results and it would have no influence over any of the pre-Champion tales like Clyde, Blundering 7, and Tears of Gola.  So this is a jumping off point for me and I think that’s another reason it’s taking more than a handful of books.  I’m establishing the world here, so later series and stories won’t have to worry as much.  I’m talking more about the various systems like how magic works or some of the species set ups.  After Legends of Windemere, things will be locked in.  At least for Ralian, Shayd, Ambervale, and the Chaos Void.  Canst’s Fields and Cerascent will need a little work since they won’t be touched here.

It feels weird being so far along in the writing.  I spent over a decade with only the first 1-3 books done and repeatedly edited.  Now I’ve written 5.5 in the span of 2 years thanks to hard work, support, and having detailed outlines/notes.  At least rate, I might finish writing the whole series in 2016 even if I only have half of them published.  That does bring up one question though:

What do I do at the end?  Do I simply write ‘The End’ even though other series will be coming later?  Do I write something that alludes to more coming?  What about an acknowledgement page and who do I mention in there?  I think I know, but I have that fear of missing someone.  I see a lot that goes family, friends, editor (named), cover artist (named), and then the readers.  I’d probably add the names of the other players in the game this is based off of too.  It’s a lot to think about and I’m not even at the final book.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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17 Responses to W.I.P.- Legends of Windemere

  1. LindaGHill says:

    It’s scary coming to the end of writing a book, let alone a series. Best of luck with it, Charles.


  2. It’s that sort of concern that makes me so glad I’m a blogger, not an author 🙂


  3. My mind doesn’t work in series and long projects. I’ve written one sequel, and it’s in a trunk with the first series and guarded by a hydra. Just do what feels right to you. Acknowledge those you want to. I understand the story ending though. I almost ended my new fantasy as a tragedy.


  4. You might write a summary in novella form that is available along with the last book You can then explain whatever you want to.


  5. “What do I do at the end? Do I simply write ‘The End’ even though other series will be coming later? Do I write something that alludes to more coming?” My personal approach is to close series with a warm “the end” that tucks in every possible plot thread. If you write more books, you can un-tuck the ones you need. It irks me when a writer ends the story but then dangles some bit of tension as an epilogue.

    This is for the final book of a series, by the way. Books within the series are ok to have unresolved threads or even cliff-hangers. Look how well Tolkein did that with “The Two Towers!


    • Oh . . . *hides the dangling ending* Nothing to see here. 🙂

      The tricky part here is that while this ends the series, the world will still be going on. The surviving characters will still be around for the later series, which is why I’m wondering if some ‘loose ends’ to their fate could work. For example, one of them becoming a drunken wanderer after being traumatized. Tolkien is a tough one for me to follow since he had a trilogy and stopped there. I’m not really stopping even when most of the characters retire. I guess what I’m wondering is if a series can end and a character or two are still doing things that might not be at the same scale as their previous adventure.


      • Have you seen the D&D movie “Wrath of the Dragon God?” The paladin character is kind of a has-been who was kicked upstairs. You can leave your characters with some uncertainty without teasing readers.


      • Never saw it. I got scared of D&D movies after the one that was in theaters with Jeremy Irons. I think there might be only one ‘iffy’ character ending, so I’ll just have to see how that goes. It might be similar to the has-been thing you mention. Is upstairs an office job or the afterlife?


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