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The Art of Dimension Jumping in Fiction

There’s a difference between teleportation and dimension hopping that some people don’t always realize.  The former involves jumping from one location to another in the same world.  The latter is about moving between different worlds.  You can call it dimensional … Continue reading

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In The Land of Kalavahm

Stepping off the amber path That led me through the darkest souls I have come to where it rests The land of Kalavahm Country bathed in emerald clouds Where all lost pieces land Setting off on a well worn path … Continue reading

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Welcome to . . .

This is going to be a fun (possibly disastrous) tease at a few fictional worlds.  Here we go and I apologize in advance: If you live in a world the size of Australia where chicken are invulnerable to swords and … Continue reading

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Wonders and Questions

Pricing News and Question So, Beginning of a Hero is back to 2.99 pricing.  This brings out a few questions that I probably should ponder.  What would be successful sales at this price to keep the price sensible?  Should I … Continue reading

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