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Oracles, Seers, Fortunetellers, and Ritualists in Fiction

I’ve touched on a lot of characters from War of Nytefall, but I haven’t really talked a lot about Stephanie Talon.  I gave her a post to explain her origin a little over a year ago and haven’t gone back.  One … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Being Precognitive

Don’t we all wish at times to be able to see even a little into the future?  Guess not everyone, but it could have some advantages.  You’ll definitely know about the weather or traffic.  Waking up will tell you if … Continue reading

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Tools of the Telling Trade: Runes

This week, I wanted to touch on three methods of fortune telling that are used in reality and fiction.  The fictional versions are always more magical and mysterious than the real ones, so there are preconceived notions people have when … Continue reading

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