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Life of an Innocent Bystander

Do we really consider innocent bystanders when we’re writing action or disaster scenes that take place in residential areas?  I mean, we know they’re there and write them in to show the carnage.  Maybe we purposely put one in a … Continue reading

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7 Technology Tips for Author: Not Responsible for Sparks, Smoke, or Flames

We’ve already established that authors and technology can have a love/hate/loathe relationship.  As nice as we are to our machines, we work them hard and they can turn on us in an instant.  *cautiously eyes the printer*  Are there some … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Planning to Survive the Apocalypse

First, I just want to say finding any ‘apocalypse survival’ pictures is a pain if you’re avoiding zombie stuff.  At this point, I think we’re so prepared for zombies that their attack be over in minutes.  Not with them winning, … Continue reading

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