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Good-Bye Summer. I’ll Miss You.

So ends a productive and relaxing-ish summer.  (Yeah, I’m writing this in April, but I’m determined to make this true.)  As I go back to work, I’ll leave everyone with some funnies to kick off the week. (All images found … Continue reading

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Heading Back to Abby Normalcy

Where to begin?  Where to begin?  Seriously, I’m not really sure what happened this week beyond heat, incoming storm, and . . . stuff.  I mean, something had to have happened since my plan to start writing Path of the Traitors … Continue reading

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First Post Challenge

This is an odd one that Silver Threading hit me with when I wasn’t doing anything.  Can’t do any writing with the little guy running around.  To be honest, it doesn’t take much work like some of the others.  More … Continue reading

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