Goal Post: I Knew It!

I should put this quote somewhere in my room.  It really symbolizes the week where things kept going off the rails.  Don’t worry.  Today isn’t going to be any better.  Neither will next week and weekend.  So, hold your wishes for things to be calmer for August.  Better chance of them coming true then.

The big goal was to write Darwin & the Fate Bracelet, which I started doing last Sunday.  I posted part of his debut, which most people liked.  Then, things began going screwy with finding writing time.  I had hoped to do 6-7 chapters.  I expected 3-4 because I knew something would happen.  It was 3-4 since things KEPT HAPPENING.  Unexpected request to do things on Monday cost me time.  Chaos with my son and an appointment Tuesday evening cost me on Tuesday.  My own appointment and somebody setting off a major panic attack cost me on Wednesday.  Thursday was the only day where I got all 3 chapter sections down.  Friday was a wash because my son had to stay home from camp, so I’m writing this at noon in case I can get one section done tonight.

What else went wrong?  Well, the good news is that I heard from my cover artist and the last two War of Nytefall covers are coming along.  This reminded me that I was going to release the next book around Labor Day.  I already filled September with posts that have nothing to do with the series.  Crud.  Spent an hour moving all of them to November and then an evening coming up with promo post ideas.  Been working hard on writing them up when I can’t get to the book.  I kept stumbling onto posts that didn’t get moved and everything became a mess for September and November.  October just standing there having no idea what’s going on around it.  Figured I’d finish the headache and posted the last of ‘Immortal Wars: Light, Blood, & Tears’, which ends on December 9th.  No idea what to do with Thursdays after that.  Maybe I’ll grab a random quote, post it, and write an opinion about it.

Been watching the news a bit too.  Mostly, I’m trying to get a sense how the upcoming school year is going to go.  Tired of masks, but I’m not throwing mine out until the coast is definitely clear.  Know too many people who aren’t vaccinated and run around without masks either saying the threat is over or claiming to have had the shots.  It worries me a lot because I trust people even less now.  It doesn’t help that I see people walking around without masks and wiping their noses with their hands as if it’s a hobby they’re finally getting back to.  So, I’m guessing masks are going to be coming back and there’s going to be an uproar.  Just going to do whatever I have to do to be safe and hope this thing ends in my lifetime.

Well, that was nearly political.

I started watching ‘Record of Ragnarok’ because I wanted a mindless fighting anime to put on when I needed a rest.  This wasn’t it.  The plot is about the gods of all pantheons wanting to wipe out humanity, but Brunhilde the Valkyrie convinced them to hold the Ragnarok contest.  13 mortals vs 13 gods (all men, I want to point out) with the first group getting to 7 being the winner.  I don’t like it.  The intros for the fighters are longer than the actual combat.  Fighters will clash, push against each other, and then you get either a flashback or audience conversations for 5 minutes.  It’s just backstory and talking with ultimate moves through in to be transition points.  Honestly, I’d say this was the worst thing I’ve heard of this week if it wasn’t for another show I was going to watch, read reviews, and developed a seething rage.  Won’t go into it because I’ve noticed it’s a show that is protected on social media from criticism.

Next week is my son’s birthday.  He’s hitting the big 1-2.  He also has a Mets game he’s going to with his camp.  The big birthday party is next weekend, so I’ll be busy trying to get that set up.  I hope it’s big because the RSVP stuff has been confusing.  We’re either having tons of people requiring 10 pizzas or a handful requiring 5.  Got a feeling I’ll be eating pizza for weeks, which will test my love of the food.  As long as my son has a good time and is happy.

There isn’t much else to say about next week.  I’m going to be taking the blows as they come because it’s going to be chaotic.  This isn’t pessimism.  It’s a gut feeling based on what’s happened recently.  I’m not really sure how to make a goal post on this one because I’m scared to get my hopes up.  Well, I’ll give it a shot.

  1. Birthday time with son.
  2. Write more of Darwin & the Fate Bracelet.  Hoping for another 4 chapters.
  3. Notebook work if nothing else can be done.
  4. Finish the September promo posts.
  5. Finish watching ‘Record of Ragnarok’.
  6. Find something to watch that I won’t regret.
  7. Keep the demon at bay.
  8. Take a nap.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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16 Responses to Goal Post: I Knew It!

  1. Victoria Zigler says:

    Well, at least you did get some writing time in, and those covers are coming along nicely. Plus, having a lot of posts scheduled is a good thing.

    With the timing, you could always come up with something vaguely holiday related (or at least Winter related) to do for the Thursday posts for the rest of December. Not sure what, but just a theme suggestion to hopefully help you come up with something for those days.


    • I can’t wait to see the covers. The post scheduling is still screwy. I think I reorganized everything without any issues.

      I might use the Thursdays in December for book promoting if I can release the new one around Christmas. Might even do a preorder thing. The theme issue is more long term though. I’ve been using Thursday for Immortal Wars for around 2 years. I need another idea for it.


  2. Best wishes to your son on his birthday. Hard to believe he’s 12.


  3. I’m curious what you watched that set you off. I won’t pry, but it’s so strange how some things are protected by the social crowd these days. Enjoy the birthday party, and the leftovers.


  4. I know we writers are advised to plan, plan, plan, but I never plan anything. With me, it’s a sure-fire way to have things going wrong.


  5. Good old Snart. They did a good job with him in Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


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