Goal Post: Actually Writing This on a Saturday

You know I’ve had a week when I don’t write my goal post before I go to bed on Friday!

The funny thing is that the week was busy and crazy, but not in a way that makes an interesting post.  My days typically went like this:

  • Wake up and get ready for the day
  • Wake son up to get ready for his day
  • Breakfast with Pokemon cartoon
  • Leave for work
  • Work hard with a variety of exhausting events (Again, I can’t say anything specific because I don’t want to share the lives of students.)
  • Head home
  • Homework with son
  • Nighttime anime with son
  • Get son to bed
  • Swear I’m going . . . I pass out watching ‘Hunter x Hunter’

Part of the fatigue came from the weather getting into the 80’s and the pollen count being really high.  The combination of heat, allergies, and hard work wore me down.  So, I didn’t get anywhere with writing projects.  The air conditioners are being tested out, which meant restless sleep too.  I need to clean mine because it’s spewing dirt whenever I turn it on.  Goes right into my laundry and slippers.

As I said, I didn’t get very far with writing.  I should be finishing another outline today and starting the next one tonight.  Hitting the problem area for the ‘Slumberlord’ series earlier than expected too.  The last 2-3 books have issues that I need to figure out.  Let’s do another list because I’m still waking up:

  • One involves political intrigue and sabotage.  Darwin isn’t a character who understands such things, so I can’t see that type of story lasting long with him.  He’d either have a meltdown out of frustration or destroy the entire thing by taking a very blunt action that he thinks will help people.  It’s going to take some thinking here because this has events that need to happen for Windemere’s evolution as well as Darwin’s big thing getting kicked off at the end.
  • The other one involves a trope that I seem to use a lot.  The ‘evil twin’ shows up to cause trouble.  The audience is always well aware that this is a fake because they see the real one taking action.  I’m thinking of changing it as the bad guy simply takes Darwin’s name, but nobody believes the trick after the real one does what he normally does.  That would be ruin plans with extreme unpredictability.  Actually, I can probably have some fun with Darwin giving the villain a new, silly name.  That should really piss the villain off.
  • Finally, I need to figure out if I should take Darwin’s trilogy and turn it into the final book of his series.  This is another thing with political intrigue, which doesn’t work for his personality.  I will probably get up to it by next weekend since I have this weekend, most weeknights, and next Friday to get the other 2 done.

June is going to be outlining and editing instead of actual writing.  Mostly because we’re going to be working on the house.  So, I need to help move things around and Wifi might be out for a day or two.  With it being the end of the school year, I’m fine with letting the first Darwin book be held back until July.

Blogging needs to be worked on a bit too.  I have June set up with the promo poems for all of my books.  That means I have a whole month to get July ready.  Got some interesting topics for that time.  Just need two more to finish the month out.  I have to decide on if I’m going to bring Teaser Tuesday back too.  Thinking of doing a poll one Sunday to see if there are any characters that people want highlighted/interviewed.  Those tend to fail, but I’ll have more free time in July and August to respond.  It’s going to be a long character list too since it will have two series involved.  Maybe I should do it with supporting characters only like Jewelz, Leo Kandrel, Desirae Duvall, the Lich, Nimby, etc.

So much mental wandering.  The blog typing is jerky too.  I mean that the letters appear slower than they should as I type them.  It kicked in halfway through writing this post, which is frustrating.  Do I have something set up for tomorrow?  Maybe I should call it a day on this and get to biking.  Haven’t had breakfast yet, so I’m hungry too.

A final strange note: After a few weeks of nothing, I ended up selling 14 books on Thursday.  No idea why.  I’m thinking these sudden surges are coming from readers finishing volumes and grabbing the next one around the same time.  Hard to tell since I’m not doing anything.

Goals of the week:

  1. Work
  2. Mow the lawn tomorrow
  3. July posts set up
  4. Finish at least 2 of the Slumberlord outlines
  5. Finish the puzzle I’m working on
  6. Some time with my son one night
  7. Get ready for Memorial Day weekend adventures
  8. Stare forlornly at the new ‘Pokemon Snap’ game. Coworkers get it for my birthday, but my son won’t let me play it until he can join.  In his defense, it was what I was going to get him for his birthday in July.
  9. Watch more ‘Hunter x Hunter’.  In a weird story arc that moves slow and takes up nearly half of the entire series.
  10. Write another goal post that I hope is more interesting than this one.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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14 Responses to Goal Post: Actually Writing This on a Saturday

  1. I get that slow typing thing once in a while, too. Drives me crazy. Closing everything and rebooting sometimes helps… sometimes not.


  2. Hoping for a good week.


  3. skipread says:

    Haha i love the breakfast with pokemon part


  4. Darwin sounds like the kind of character people might try to manipulate and use for their own ends. And they eventually would regret it, very much.


    • He does come off as a fool at times. The funny thing is that he wouldn’t turn on them in anger or vengeance. His actions tend to turn all plans into mayhem. Most of the time he isn’t even aware of his influence. Going to be a big switch from my previous heroes who acted with planned intentions.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. skipread says:

    Go for those goals, buddy! 🙂


  6. Victoria Zigler says:

    Love the breakfast with Pokemon part. Good choice your son has made there. LOL! My Mam used to do something like that with me with Lampchop’s Play Along. Hey, if it works… Right?

    Temperatures have gotten up around the 80s here too, and houses here don’t have air conditioning. We have fans, but they don’t do as much to help as I’d like. The only one enjoying it is the tortoise.


    • Thanks. The show doesn’t help him eat. Keeps him calm though. Temps are rising again here. Dropped over the weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Victoria Zigler says:

        I figured it was to keep him calm. Like I said, whatever works. My Mam did something similar with me for different reasons, but the result was the same: a calm child willing to get up and get ready for school (I loved schoolwork, but hated school itself, so would kick off the moment I realized it was a school day). I know with your son it’s even more important to find things like that, but even children who aren’t autistic respond well to that kind of thing sometimes. And, no matter the reason, if it works, go with it. Plus, Pokemon cartoons sound like a fun way to start the day.


      • Willing to get up might be a stretch here. It’s been a rough year, so he’s pretty burnt out on the whole thing.


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