Questions 3: Stressing About Stress

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Let’s finish up our week about stress by opening the floor to everyone.  I’m sure we all have an opinion, strategy, or thoughts on the topic.  Some people shrug it off while others let it get to them.  So, I’m going to remind everyone that we’re all different.  What works for you won’t always work for other people and you might get some push back too.  Stress and mental health in general is a touchy subject.  So, here we go:

  1. How do you deal with stress?
  2. What is the biggest source of stress for you?  (General categories like money, family, future, etc. instead of specifics.  You’d be surprised how many people will be in the same boat.)
  3. Do you think there is a positive side to stress?

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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23 Responses to Questions 3: Stressing About Stress

  1. 1. The short answer is very poorly. However, if you spacifically want to know what I do to attempt to deal with it, the answer is spend some quiet time with one of my pets, followed by some time by myself either listening to music, watching a movie or TV show, or reading. The issues causing stress will still be there afterwards, but they somehow feel a bit easier to deal with after that time away from them. At least that’s how it works when things go to plan. The times things don’t go to plan involve anxiety attacks which may or may not trigger asthma attacks, and possibly end with me curled up crying, or – if I’m really unlucky – having a ride to hospital in an ambulance. Thankfully I’ve gotten better at seeing the signs and getting in some petkid therapy and quiet time before things get out of hand, so more often than not I can at least keep things under control enough to avoid the bad anxiety attacks. Not that the mild ones are much fun, but at least the mild ones don’t trigger asthma attacks and lead to a hospital trip…

    2. I worry about everything, and get stressed over it all. Mainly it’s family or future related in some way though.

    3. The only positive thing is that we have the emotions that cause us to worry about the things that cause us stress. It’s just a shame those emotions are getting way too much practice at being used in this way, especially lately. People are definitely under too much stress these days.

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    • 1. I’ve heard that pets are great stress relievers. Even if they’re driving you crazy, they help to ease tensions. Heard the same about kids, but jury is still out on that one. Very good that you can spot the signs coming. Many people can’t. I keep ignoring it until I’m almost at panic attack levels.

      2. Yup. Same here.

      3. Interesting way of looking at it. One could say that the ability to worry and stress if pretty human.


      • I don’t always pay attention to the warning signs as quickly as I should. Plus, sometimes the situation isn’t so easy to escape. But trying to pay attention and step away when I can helps stop things being worse. Nothing is fool-proof though.

        I’ve had more experience with pets than kids, but in my experience the pets are more likely to be good for relieving stress than the kids. Though even kids aren’t so bad. It’s the adults you have to watch out for.

        It’s pretty human… Yes, and there in lies the only positive thing about it: the fact it means humans have those emotions.


      • Anything you can do to minimize the impact should be good. It’s harder these days because lockdowns make it hard to escape. At least that’s what I’m facing.

        Totally agree. Adults bring a lot more negative and emotional stress. Kids will wear you down and fight you, but there’s always a sense that they might not know any better. Adults are expected to be more aware of their actions.


  2. L. Marie says:

    1. How do you deal with stress?
    I pray, crochet, turn my phone to airplane mode (especially at night when text threads continue; at least I don’t have to hear the constant bing-bing-bing of received texts), and play video games like Animal Crossing. I avoid Facebook and many other social media outlets with the exception of birthday wishes.
    2. What is the biggest source of stress for you? (General categories like money, family, future, etc. instead of specifics. You’d be surprised how many people will be in the same boat.)
    Money, family issues, unmet expectations
    3. Do you think there is a positive side to stress?
    In some ways it pushes one toward thinking outside of the box. For example, the stress of shortages at the stores have caused me to be creative in meal preparation. Being stuck at home has caused me to face the empty pages of my book and begin to fill them.


    • 1. I really need to remember airplane mode for when I sleep. Although, I’ve lately just been passing out and hitting a deep sleep, which isn’t natural for me. Good idea on avoiding social media.

      2. I’m with you on those categories.

      3. Nice way to turn a negative into a positive. Let the stress fuel your creativity.

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  3. I deal with stress by making sure I have enough exercise in a day. The biggest source of stress is feeling under the gun when my writing is not producing the results I am looking for. This could be in the form of missing word count expectations or having a plot point not to come together. All other stress points (money, family, job, and health) have already passed which is what happens if you live long enough. The only positive side of stress that I see is when you are stressed you tend to make plans on how to avoid it in the future. This generally leads to working smarter not harder.

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  4. C.E.Robinson says:

    Charles, working under stress for me produces more. It’s a positive in writing (sequel WIP) & getting house stuff done (always hard work). Stress an be positive or negative, it’s how you look at it. I take on projects as challenges, do don’t think about how stressful they are. Stuff just needs to get done. I agree animals (I have 2 dogs) help balance out life challenges. And I’ve started guitar lessons (played years ago) and believe me, it’s challenging, but tons of fun. Have something everyday to look forward to can help. Happy Friday. 📚🎶 Christine

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  5. Hello 👋🏻 I tend to deal with stress by getting away, either taking a bubble bath, meditating & putting on lavender, going for a walk alone and/or taking a nap! Things that trigger my stress are family, finances, work and not enough sleep. I think stress is bad for your health in large amounts! I really don’t find anything good about stress! I definitely don’t like how I feel when I’m stressed 😩


    • Stress does come off as a solely negative thing, which makes sense since we really only notice it in large doses. Minor stresses that can drive us are barely blips on our radar. Good idea on getting away from things.

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  6. I generally swallow it down and live with it. So much is out of my control anyway. Drinking can help to a degree. Writing is a big stress reliever for me too. My stress is caused by a broad category I call instability. That breaks down into bills, employment, and all the rest. The only plus I can see is we have the ability to think and plan. Budgeting ahead can help us and maybe we learn this through stress.


  7. 1) How do you deal with stress?
    I take a break if I think something is getting to me. If I’m in a classroom with kids who are stressing me, then obviously I can’t walk away. Then I try to let go of the idea that I’m in control, and take more of a “what will be will be” attitude.

    2) What is the biggest source of stress for you?
    Politics. I’m very concerned about the future of our democracy, and it drives me crazy just listening to most of the Republicans on TV. (Enough said about that, I’m sure.) If I can, I mute the TV until that person is gone. I just don’t owe them my time. When social media is stressing me out, I shut it off and do something else.

    3) Do you think there is a positive side to stress?
    It can be hard, in the moment, to identify if your stress is telling you something important. But when it spurs you to action, then stress can be helpful.


    • 1. It isn’t easy to pull that off. Especially these days when we can’t wander off like we used to.

      2. I don’t watch much news these days. Enough to be aware and I usually read it in the paper. The rest seems like stuff designed to upset and anger.

      3. Nicely said.


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