First Goal Post of 2020: Might Be a Little Anticlimactic

Everybody sober up or catch up on sleep after staying up until midnight?  Yeah, I’m not as young as I used to be, so the late night is still wearing me down.  Alcohol wasn’t even a factor since I had one beer and a small glass of ice wine.  Pepsi and water were consumed a lot more by me.  The whole event was low key with some guests coming over and my son being there for the evening.  His mom got him for the daytime stuff.  That’s really all I have to say about the holiday of the week.

The rest of my time since I last did a goal post was spent with my son.  The week was a little crazy because his glasses snapped on Sunday.  Nothing that he did since it was metal fatigue and the arm broke right at the hinge.  Of course, we had to get this taken care of and discover it happened the day after the warranty expired.  Thankfully, everyone was understanding and he’s getting them fixed.  Had another appointment available too, so he’s going to have two pairs within 2 weeks.  Not a bad ending to a situation that seemed pretty bad at the start.

When we weren’t doing appointments and errands, we got a few fun things done.  The two big ones were a full day LEGO project and a trip to the zoo.  I’ll get the build in a bit, but the zoo was fun.  Many schools went back into session, so there wasn’t a big crowd.  It was a little chilly, but not enough that it was uncomfortable walking around.  The lions were roaring a lot and we saw a few new animals.  Didn’t see the dholes (Asian wild dog, Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog, whistling dog, red dog, and mountain wolf) that were recently brought to the zoo.  They were either hiding in the back or off display.  Not entirely surprised since they are brand new and might not be okay with the weather or the crowds yet.  We’ll have better luck in the spring and they might even have a plushie version for my son to excitedly request.

Now, the LEGO project was:

Yoda stands at about 16 inches here and he’s a statue instead of a toy, so he has a space on my son’s dresser.  I had a picture of my son sitting next to it, but I realized that I might not be able to post pictures of him here without getting into trouble.  I’d have to ask permission and that can come with a cost, which is silly and you can probably take a guess how well that aspect of my life is going lately.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun with these projects and trips.

TV was a big thing too, which people may think is strange.  I introduced my son to ‘Fairy Tail’ a while back and he’s loving it.  He even has a collection of Lucy Heartfilia’s celestial spirit keys, so he runs around summoning them to help him out.  Sucks that Hulu stops having dubbed episodes at Season 3, but my son doesn’t read well enough to keep up with that.  The other anime that I introduced him to this week was ‘My Hero Academia’, which is all about superheroes.  He’s trying to fit what he knows about American superheroes into this Japanese one where 80% of the population has a power/quirk.  He’s having trouble with the names and how some of the heroes are kind of mean too.  Still, he’s really getting into it and now I’m left wondering what else I can try him on.  I’ve begun eyeing ‘One Piece’, but that’s massive.

For myself, I watched ‘The Witcher’ on Netflix.  I really want to read the books now because I enjoyed the series.  It had a different flow than other shows, which is why I liked it.  Felt like it was taking its time and building to something instead of having to hit me with constant sex, shock deaths, cliffhangers, and horror.  There was a good level of dry wit to it as well.  Looking forward to Season 2.  (Before anyone asks, I have not seen ‘The Mandalorian’ because I don’t have nor will I be getting Disney+.  Just going to stop that conversation right now.)

As you can tell, I got no amount of writing done this week . . . Well, I got a section or two done on Tuesday while my son was with his mom.  I think.  I’m not really sure if I did anything more than prepare March posts.  Began coming up with April post ideas too and had a list . . . That was destroyed by a humidifier leak.  Why did I have it in my hand while working on the damn thing?  Want to say one topic was tips on writing characters with depression or anxiety.  Maybe I should make a week of 7 Tip lists with one for depression, one for anxiety, and another for . . . I don’t know of a third one that I have enough knowledge of.  Any tips?

Next week is back to work and . . . OH YEAH!  I got my Teaching Assistant Level III certification yesterday!  Now, I have to take courses and attend meetings to reach a certain level of career enrichment.  Been told it isn’t that bad and I can do things over the summer instead of running myself ragged during the school year.  Curious to see what the courses and options are though.  I’m going back with this under my belt and I’m going to get a handle on it before I submit for full teaching certification.  That’s going to be a big step and I’m a little nervous about it.

Goals for the week?

  1. Get used to waking up at 5:30 AM again.
  2. Biking once more since it didn’t happen this week.
  3. Finish the March blog post scheduling.
  4. Finish another 1-2 chapters of War of Nytefall: Ravenous this weekend.
  5. Make Penne with Vodka Sauce, which didn’t happen this week.
  6. Find something that I can use as backings for the 32 puzzles that I’ve finished.
  7. Figure out something else to watch on Netflix or Hulu.
  8. Shtuff

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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17 Responses to First Goal Post of 2020: Might Be a Little Anticlimactic

  1. Congratulations on the certification.


  2. L. Marie says:

    Wow! Congratulations!
    And that Yoda looks awesome!
    Hope you meet your goals.
    Do you think your son would like The Dragon Prince on Netflix?


  3. Congratulations on the certification. It sounds like a fun time with your son. I love that Leggo figure of Yoda. That must have been a blast.


  4. Elle Knowles says:

    Congratulations on the certificate, Charles!


  5. Well, it doesn’t sound like it was too bad of a start to the new year for you, even if you’re still kind of tired, and didn’t get as much writing time in as planned. At least the stuff with your son sounds like it was fun.

    I was only up to see in the new year because of the fireworks. I wouldn’t have minded too much – I do like fireworks, and they were impressive – except I hit my head hard on the last Saturday of December (cut it and had a lump… May have ended up with a mild concussion, but not sure about that… The cut’s not fully healed, and it still hurts some, but at least the lump has gone down) and the combination of the firework noises, people in the street cheering while watching them, and the howling and whining of the younger of our dogs (who’s terrified of fireworks, so was howling and whining some even with me cuddling and comforting him) was a bit much for my head to deal with, even with the aid of painkillers. At least the other dog was happily enjoying the fireworks with hubby in the other room, and the chinchilla didn’t care about them, so I only had to worry about comforting one pet, since we’re down to just the chinchilla and two dogs after losing the last of our degus right around Christmas.

    Anyway, congratulations on getting your higher level teaching certificate. What a great start to the year! Good luck in doing all you need so you can take advantage of having it. Also, good luck with the goals for the coming week.


    • The year is going to be a little shaky since I pulled a late night and might have to do another before returning to work. At the very least, it’s going to be an awkward week as I get used to waking up at 5:30 AM again. Figure next weekend will be where I get my head back together and just take it easy with the munchkin.

      Sorry about the head injury and the fireworks keeping you up. Hope it stops hurting soon and that the pup has calmed down. Sorry about the degus too. I see those at the zoo and always forget that they can be pets. They look cute and I assume are similar to guinea pigs when it comes to care.

      Thanks for the congrats. It doesn’t look like it gives me much besides a step closer to teacher certification and proof that I’m serious about the career, which are good. I’m hoping to figure out the 100 hours of improvement stuff though. I went hunting around and there’s a lot out there for teachers, but TA material isn’t as common.


      • I hope you do get the weekend you hope for, and it doesn’t take you long to get used to the early mornings again. Any step in the right direction regarding your teaching certification is good. You’ll figure it out. 🙂

        My head still hurts, but not quite as badly. The dog is fine whenever fireworks or other potentially scary things aren’t happening… Thankfully he’s the kind of dog who forgets what all the fuss was about five minutes after the event, so he got over it quickly once the fireworks finally quit.

        Thanks about the degu. Degus have a few extra care requirements to guinea pigs, as well as a few differences. Like guinea pigs can’t do wheels because of their backs not being flexible enough, but degus can, and degus need sand baths like chinchillas, but guinea pigs don’t, and things like that. You also have to be more strict on watching the diet of a degu vs a guinea pig, because it can easily end up with diabetes. They are closely related to guinea pigs though. They’re biologically related to guinea pigs, but in terms of care are like having a guinea pig and chinchilla all rolled in to one (though the average lifespan is more like a guinea pig than a chinchilla).


  6. Getting up at 5:30 am again… Yep, me too.


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