Chaos Before the Storm: Spring Break Meets Book Release

(Apparently, this was the top of the charts the day I was born.)

A few minutes ago, I hit publish on War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  The sale site should be up by the time I finish the morning appointments and errands.  That means I’ll be sitting down this afternoon to get all the promos sent out and started.  For those who volunteered to help, I’ll be sending files that have Word and HTML versions inside as well as the cover art and author photo.  My priorities for the set up is going to be:

  • Promo sites (Goodkindles, Goodreads, AskDavid, etc.)
  • Guest posts (Never too late to ask for the ‘Book is Live’ post or a personalized topic)
  • Weekly tweet set up
  • Run through scheduled posts to add the Amazon link

The ‘Book is Live’ post won’t be up until tomorrow though and I’ll be scrambling to reply to things.  The reason is because Monday is my birthday, so Sunday is the only day I have to see a movie (Ready Player One) and go out for dinner with the family.  I don’t like throwing up the post and walking away, but timing is iffy.  Part of the issue was the timing of my son’s Spring Break.  Releasing at the beginning of that would have meant I’d spend the first week away from my computer.  This means only the first day of the release is chaotic.

Speaking of the Spring Break, it was rather exhausting and didn’t do my nerves any wonder.  The whole thing started with Passover and I didn’t finish the final edits before the whole thing started.  It took a few nights of to get that done since I refused to edit while exhausted and I lost last Thursday through Saturday.  Think I managed to finish it on Wednesday night?  Things became a blur because of the weather and my son’s 3 hour martial arts camp didn’t give me enough time to comfortably edit a chapter.  We watched ‘Justice League’ after that.  Had a play date with friends and the rain destroyed the other days’ outdoor activities.

Frustration did set in a lot of times.  Bought my son a new Lego set with four characters (Flash, Reverse Flash, Cyborg, and Killer Frost), but found that NONE of the characters were in the sealed bags.  Even the decals were missing, so we had to rush back to the store and do an exchange.  At first, I was told that they couldn’t exchange Legos, which got a ‘OH, MAN!’ from my son.  They found out they could since I was switching it for the only other one in the store.  That had the pieces and he’s been happy.

The other frustrating thing was playing Lego Indiana Jones with my son.  We were playing Lego Batman for a while, which is apparently a lot easier.  He also had gotten used to being invulnerable, which we haven’t unlocked yet.  The thing with Lego Indie is that you have to build, dig, and solve puzzles while getting charged by an endless wave of bad guys as well as deal with booby traps.  An 8-year-old doesn’t understand the traps and the puzzles weren’t as straightforward as the Batman ones.  So, the times he took a level, I was yelling directions and ending each ‘adventure’ with him patting me on the head and saying that I tried.  Keep in mind that he’s thanking me for trying to direct him.  The most common phrases:

  • “Go left!  That’s the right!  Left!  Not up!  Left!  Cliff!”
  • “Stop switching to Marion and jumping around!”
  • “Why are you literally running in a circle?”
  • “Break and points!”
  • “Bad guy . . . Bad guy . . . BAD GUY!”
  • “Please stop making the llama poop.”

He had a blast, but I was drained because we were trying to save up points for an expensive extra.  I’d learned on the first run that he didn’t like ending a level with less than 10,000 points and you lose 2-4 grand every time you die.  Hence, me yelling like a maniac and trying to do it animated enough that he found it funny.  I really can’t figure out how Batman came out easier than this one, but the bad guys with grenades and rocket launchers definitely make a difference.  After all, he never seems to notice those characters are around.

Next week is going to be low key for me.  I need a week to recover my energy, especially with these panic attacks getting worse.  It’s only really at night too.  Actual birthday is Monday and Tuesday is a parent/teacher conference, so I wouldn’t be in the mood to dive into a new book or editing run anyway.  I’ll probably set up posts for June, outlining some other stories, and look for more sites to help push War of Nytefall.  Really hoping this series comes out strong.  Haven’t decided what the background noise will be since being cooped up in my room might not be that appealing.  Can’t watch anime downstairs where everyone is hanging out either.  I might give a look around Netflix and Amazon Prime to see if there’s anything that my wife isn’t interested in.

Plans for the week?

  1. Release and promote War of Nytefall: Loyalty
  2. Birthday movie, dinner, and possible outing for a drink or two.
  3. June posts
  4. Look over War of Nytefall: Tempetation outline.
  5. Outline more of the Sin stories
  6. Watch an anime
  7. Finish reading the Dragonball Z manga
  8. Possible pizza reward depending on bday dinner
  9. Sleep a bit more

As stated, feel free to request the HTML ‘Book is Live’ post that will be up tomorrow.  Help is always appreciated.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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26 Responses to Chaos Before the Storm: Spring Break Meets Book Release

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Send me the HTML post, would you please, Charles? And good luck with the launch…and the birthday 🙂


  2. Jennie says:

    Busy week! You get a gold star for Legos.


  3. Best wishes with the launch. Looking forward to hosting. Had to laugh at the visual of you being calmed by your son during the game.


  4. Congratulations on launching your latest book, I hope it does great for you. I’d do the book is live post, but I’ve let my book review blog sit too long without any new posts, I’m hoping to have it going again before your next book is out.
    I hope you have a great weekend and a happy birthday.


    • Thanks and sorry to hear about the blog. It’s hard to keep the review ones going at a decent clip. Looking forward to a fun movie tomorrow though. Just hoping I can make it through the 2.5 hours. I swear, movie theaters put something in their sodas that make people need to pee.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I have a hard time committing to my review blog, I do well for a month or two, then I run out of time to write new ones, the next thing I know six months have gone by. Hopefully I can get in a better habit though.
        I hear you about sodas, there must be something in them. That sounds like a very long movie, hope it’s good and you enjoy it.


      • Do you end up reviewing faster than you read? I can see how that would create gaps.

        The movie is supposed to be really good. Fun nostalgia factor and plenty of Easter eggs to locate.

        Liked by 1 person

      • It all depends, I try to read a lot, I like to have six or seven books read I can review, but sometimes life happens and I’m running late reading, or I’ve waited too long and can’t quite recall a certain book without rereading parts of it.

        I hope the movie was as good as you expected, also I hope you found all the Easter eggs.


      • No way to find all the Easter Eggs on the first run. It’ll take a few tries because I was also paying attention to the story, which I really enjoyed. Might end up being my favorite movie of the year.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll watch it someday.


  5. Elle Knowles says:

    Happy early birthday!


  6. Congrats on the launch! I just bought it. Now, about that llama poop thing…


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  8. robbiecheadle says:

    I have seen you popping up in the blogosphere, Charles, so the blog campaign seems to have gone well. Well done on achieving all of this.


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