A Week of Re . . . Ha! Not With the Kid Around


I write this the night before while I listen to my wife realizing that I wasn’t lying about the munchkin being hyped up all day.  That’s been the theme of the week.  If he wasn’t playing with Legos throughout the living room then he was playing the Lego Batman game.  If he wasn’t doing those then he was asking me about songs on the radio, trying to type on my blog, pouncing, or finally succumbing to his cold for a few minutes.  Seriously, he would rush himself around until he was wheezing and then be off again once he could breathe.  I got him to lie down twice on Tuesday and that was it.

As far as activities go, it was fun and fairly simple.  We saw ‘Peter Rabbit’ on Sunday and then made a Lego set with Lex Luthor, Firestorm, Cheetah, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  Monday was a full day at the zoo.  Tuesday he went with my parents to a stage showing of ‘The Lion King’ for kids.  Wednesday was relaxing with game and toys.  Thursday was martial arts camp.  Friday was relaxing with game and toys again.  All of this made me realize that there really isn’t much to do on the February break when the weather is messy and the kid gets a cold.  Best to stay warm and regain energy for what ends up being a busy 5 weeks before the Spring Break.

Speaking of that next break, the space gives me just enough time to write the first draft for War of Nytefall: Lost.  People might be wondering why I’m diving into the next book before the first one is published.  All I can do with War of Nytefall: Loyalty is wait for a final editing run by the wife.  Instead of twiddling my thumbs, I’ll dive into the next one.  This is good for me because I won’t be getting much done over the summer beyond editing and maybe the Dawn Addison finale.  The reason is because my son won’t be in school like previous years, so July and August will see him home.  He might be in camp for a bit, but that can’t be depended on.  Judging from this break, I need to get myself ahead in my projects.  This is where my years of outlining and planning really save my kiester.  As far as War of Nytefall: Lost goes, I should be able to write it in 4 weeks and I’ve been studying my outline.  More so than any other time because this is going to be a really wild ride.

Thankfully, I was able to get some work done this week.  When my son played with his Legos, I set myself up in the dining room to schedule blog posts for April and May.  This will cover the promos and hype for War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  Means I have very little idea what I’m going to do in June, especially since I’m hoping to release Quest of the Broken-Hearted in July after the 4th.  That one still needs editing, beta reading, and cover art.  It was tough one to write because it was very action-based due to the story, so I won’t hand it off until I edit it in April.  That’s going make things pretty tight as far as beta reading though.  Another challenge for 2018.  This is what life may end up being with the kid not have summer school.

In other news, I will be having the house to myself for a few days coming later in the week.  At least during the day, which will be both good and bad.  I can work anywhere in the house without interruption, but I have to do all the cooking and errands.  Since my wife and I will be able to use the Internet-capable TV, we’ll be watching some things at night, so that will cut into the writing time.  Think we have Castlevania, live action Full Metal Alchemist, and a few other things saved on Netflix.  There’s one anime called Gurren Laggen that I want to check out, but we might not have time since it’s only going to be for a few days.  Not to mention, all of our other shows come back and it’s a mighty weight that you don’t want to fall behind on.

I realized something with Facebook recently.  I happened to be on my mom’s account and didn’t realize it until I saw my last post turn up at the top of her news feed.  It was there and then it disappeared before I could click on it.  This made me wonder if people are seeing me at all.  A lot of pages that I follow do this on my feed like The Daily Show and Humans of New York.  I have to go directly to their page to see anything, but they do work on my phone.  Is this what Facebook considers an improvement?  I’m having a lot of trouble rationalizing staying on there since it feels like only 4-5 people ever see what I’m doing.

So, what are the goals of the week?

  1. Start writing War of Nytefall: Lost.
  2. Cook Penn with Vodka Sauce on Friday.  This is always fun.
  3. Get back into biking.
  4. Drive kid to school.
  5. Do a few May blog posts if unable to write books.
  6. Watch some Netflix if possible.
  7. Mourn another long delay of pizza reward since I refuse to do it during a project.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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34 Responses to A Week of Re . . . Ha! Not With the Kid Around

  1. Best wishes on the TV watching. Shoulda gobbled your treat when you could.


  2. twixie13 says:

    Gurren Laggann is a fun one. Definitely recommend it. And best of luck with getting everything done! May you be able to get your pizza reward soon.


  3. I mostly use Facebook as a promotional tool. There are tons of pages dedicated to pure promo, I try to hit at least six a day. I’m also in some author groups and we have pages for information and private pages to plan out box sets. I rarely visit my feed anymore 🙂


  4. You’d once given me the vodka sauce recipe. I have to try it!


  5. Facebook is really changing things, I heard recently that they are changing things to where the only things in your newsfeed will be what friends post… and ads of course.
    Good luck with everything next week, sounds like a lot of goals.


  6. Jennie says:

    Oh, the joys of school vacation week. Sounds like you did just fine, Charles. Good thing you’re organized and plan ahead. Vodka penne pasta is a favorite!


  7. I’m exhausted just reading about that week! I think you did well to even sort out some blog posts.

    It doesn’t seem strange to me for you to be starting the next project while still not having published the previous one. I do the same thing. No sense wasting perfectly good writing time, especially when you know it will be hard to come by come Summer.

    Good luck with the goals for this week. Sorry about the pizza thing. Hope you get it next time.


  8. alburke47 says:

    Your life sounds very similar to mine, especially with the Netflix distractions. I feel your pain…


  9. As far as Facebook, I think a lot of us have that very same question. It just isn’t clear whether their code is buggy or they just want to keep us all guessing.


  10. noelleg44 says:

    Ah, Legos. My son collects them now and sells them for a profit. One thing about them, though – they tend to reproduce under chairs, sofas, and beds. Be on the lookout.


  11. Juliajewell says:

    Haha legos are a classic…😂

    If you place a comment on my post I’ll share the link to your blog! Trying to build a parenting community https://themomsomnia.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/calling-all-parents-what-advice-would-you-give/


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