Rebirth of the Monster Maker (Submissions by John W. Howell)

(Submissions by John W. Howell)


This chimera can be found in the city of Skullmead, which is known for being the home to both pirates and whale watching tours.  It was a lazy first mate who attempted to make the Santak to make his job easier.  This creature is a true combination considering how many animals were used. It has the colorful plumage of a parrot, the eyes of an osprey, the complete head of a pelican, the wingspan of an albatross, and the knife-like talons of a secretary bird.  Nobody is sure how this monstrosity was going to make the man’s life better.  The story goes that he gave it to his captain as a gift, but the chimera’s talons severed the captain’s arm.  As the first mate was thrown overboard, his creation took to the sky and continues to roam the rooftops of Skullmead.


An aquatic Feykin that was born from a low-ranking naiad and a mer-person, these creatures are considered outcasts by both sides.  They have an ephemeral body that looks like nothing more than a change in water coloration.  It is only under a half moon that they can take a solid form, which is of a scale-covered humanoid.  A crimson sail is on their head and they flash this in the hope of finding more of their kind.  Perruvious’s tend to stay in colonies that float around the open ocean.  It has been noted that there are always different numbers when they take their human forms with some members missing and new faces among the colony.  Even they are unsure if their friends have died or they were absorbed since they never leave a body.  Many consider them to be the ghosts of drowned sailors even though they have no connection to the species.


This Feykin is incredibly dangerous and can be found around the continent of Shayd, but only the seaside caverns.  They are the children of demons and fairies, which has granted them powerful magic.  It is unclear how this union occurs, but the same creature is created regardless of the parents’ species.  Cast out of the Chaos Void at birth, they resemble living shadows with tentacles coming off their face.  These protrusions are used to catch prey and drain them of magic, which helps to take a more three-dimensional form.  Thaxtique’s that reach fifty years can assume a true form, which is of a winged humanoid with acid-coated skin and a mask-like face.  It is rare that they are found beyond Shayd’s shoreline, but some have been known to climb up to the mainland in search of food or an entrance to the Chaos Void.  This is why scholars believe they are Feykin who wish to become full demons and return home.


A curious type of chimera that has become common among the nomadic desert tribes of Ralian. These friendly creatures are made by the casters of Bor’daruk and traded for supplies.  Physically, they resemble long-tailed monkeys that are no bigger than a guinea pig.  All of the changes are internal with the Tambers having a camel’s ability to go long distances without water.  Instead of a hump, these agile and furry animals have a pot belly that children can use as a pillow.  Tambers have an acute sense of smell and coatings over their eyes to protect against sand, which makes them excellent guard animals.  While not strong, they have very sharp teeth that can break wooden weapons and scratch up any unenchanted metal.


 This is actually a false Feykin that feeds off the real ones.  Nobody is sure where this predator came from, but thankfully there is only one in the world.  It wanders Windemere in search of prey and will go after anything that has even a hint of fairy blood or magic inside it.  The Verrundiou resembles a short elf with pointy ears, blonde hair, and slender body.  Bee wings are on its back and allow it to fly for short distances, but it’s real method of moving is running on all fours at high speeds.  It wears fake teeth to hide the gnarled, razor-like blades that are hidden in its gums.  This creature can change its hair and skin color in order to claim a different elemental heritage.  These alterations even change its magical resistances, which makes it very difficult to fight.  It is unclear if the Verrundiou is immortal or a new one is born when the previous one dies, but those who know of its existence have yet to find a way to make sure it stays dead.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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2 Responses to Rebirth of the Monster Maker (Submissions by John W. Howell)

  1. L. Marie says:

    All of these are great, Charles. The tambers and the perruviouses are my favorites. Perhaps the Verrundious will eventually feed off the Thaxtiques. Or at least attempt to before being destroyed.


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