If You Can Twitch a Finger Then You Can Write

At least that’s the mentality that we’re working with here.  This week was a head spinner only because everything is in the air.  My wife is job hunting again, so we can’t plan anything in advance.  We have ideas of what we’re going to do, but if she has an interview then she goes there.  Next week might be a little different since we have some advanced notice.  Then again, I kind of bought the ingredients for some new and some complicated meals, so going away for too long might be an oops.  Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas take over an hour to make and I’m testing out a Beer Soaked Kielbasa recipe that a friend of a friend gave me.  Meals do tend to get easier as the week goes on, so we’ll see what happens with the mandatory zoo trip.

It doesn’t help that the heat has drained me, so I wear down around early afternoon.  Not sure why it hits so hard, but we have a theory.  If I’m working on anything then I’m up in my room, which gathers heat.  The gradual increase goes unnoticed while I’m focused on something else, so I only become aware of the issue once I stop for an extended period of time.  Like that whole gradual boiling of a frog.  This ends up leaving me drowsy and I made the mistake at one point of napping.  That never goes well because it leaves me worse than before.  Today and tomorrow are for recovering energy because I need to be able to hang with the Energizer Child that I share a house with.

This brings me to a conundrum.  Trying to save money, but still want him to have a fun time.  Yet, we’re repeatedly told to get out of the house.  Too hot for the park or at least staying there for a while.  Everything else that is indoors requires money.  So, is it wrong to spend time inside with his toys where he seems happy?  I don’t think there is, but I’ve been made to feel like it’s bad parenting.  The only ‘free’ indoor thing we have is the Children’s Museum, but we learned that it’s specifically for my wife and son.  I can’t use it unless I gain shapeshifting powers and masquerade as her.  Summer breaks were so much easier when I was the kid in the equation.

Nothing writing-based to really report.  The blurbs were met with praise, so I’ll be setting up as much as I can for the Charms of the Feykin release in September.  Not a lot of volunteers, but that’s becoming the norm.  I don’t wander blogs as much as I used to because I’m running around so much.  I try, but when I have to balance writing, parenting, my own promos, and blogging, something falls by the wayside.  Doesn’t help that I spend so much time staring at a post and not have a clue what to say as a comment.

I’m finishing an outline for the third SIN book, which is fun because this is an idea that was never part of the original set.  One thing I’m noticing is that Sin is always on the run in these stories.  Either being chased, chasing something, or trying to get to a location first.  I did make him a globe-trotting thief who gets into these big conspiratorial treasure hunts that open up sealed areas.  Poor guy just stumbles into them because *censored* and that’s not even half of his problems.  It is nice to work on something for the future when the present is such a chaotic mess.

Besides this story, I’m poking at the Legends of Windemere finale and deciding on who lives and dies.  All of the champions are going to be scarred in some fashion and one is slated for death.  The thing is that I wonder if I need more than one fatality.  The Baron is very powerful, but I don’t like the idea of him slaughtering the heroes until only one stands against him.  So, the question is who would be the most likely ones to die in this battle and how much will it affect future series that play off these events?  Hard to talk about this without dropping spoilers, so sorry for the vagueness.

For anyone into anime, I’m getting into ‘Fairy Tail’.  It’s fun and reminds me of why I like the medium.  Not heavy and rather relaxing to watch.

Goals of the week?

  1. Finish SIN outline.
  2. Set up Charms of the Feykin on Amazon.  At least as far as I can before publishing.
  3. Biking when I can.
  4. Entertain the child.
  5. Keep reading ‘Negima’ when child is entertaining himself.  Manga and comics work best because it’s easier to step away to the kid and come back.
  6. Pray that my wife gets one of the jobs she’s interviewing for.  Far too many hits this year, so our luck has to change at some point.
  7. Start the hype for Charms of the Feykin.  This begins on Monday and should run into September/October.  Reminds me that I have no idea what to do with Thursday.  Maybe a Legends of Windemere question like ‘who is your favorite character and why?’  Sounds lame, but I don’t know how around I’ll be this week.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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26 Responses to If You Can Twitch a Finger Then You Can Write

  1. Darlene says:

    It is hit here in Spain right now too. I also find the heat draining and limits my imagination. The evenings are especially bad inside. Taking the dog for a walk helps and I even get some ideas!


  2. The heat can’t last forever (I hope) As far as inside, is concerned I think it is okay. Never hurt my kids. have a good week.


  3. Bookwraiths says:

    Totally understand about the heat. It has been over 100 or near it for almost two months now, and it is horribly draining. My sons (who are pre-teens and teenagers now) have refused to go outside during this whole time, though my oldest just began football practice so now he has no choice in the matter four days a week. I can only imagine how bad things around the hosue would have been if my kids were still small.

    Keep fighting the good fight, brother. You and your family deserve some good breaks. Hopefully, they will come sooner rather than later.


    • Think the humidity point us around there once or twice. That damp and heavy feeling of the air seems to make things infinitely worse. Hope your son has fun with football and stays hydrated.

      Really hoping for a good break. This year seems to be big on coming close and getting knocked down near the finish line.


  4. The thing In bought Otto as a cooling collar is actually intended for humans. Pith helmets soaked in water have the same effect, but you have to get real pith. The plastic ones don’t work. Do you have a municipal pool? Those are usually cheap. Pith helmets and butterfly nets are fun in the summer.


  5. I personally hate stories where everyone or all but one hero gets killed. Maybe I’m odd that way, but some of my favorite books manage to keep most of the heroes alive, such as David Eddings The Elenium.


    • I’m not a fan when it’s done poorly, but some situations would require that. I’ve already stated in the book that at least one hero will die. Nobody knows which one though, which been driving them nuts since Book 5. Hard to continue a destiny and plan for after the battle when you might be the one slated to die. Maybe I can get away with that if it’s done in a way that saves the others.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That makes sense, if it’s been hinted at that’s one thing. I just hate when it’s done for no real reason.


      • Yeah. The ‘shock death’ thing gets old really fast. I recently read up on an anime that I caught clips of. Didn’t realize each one had a death in it until I read the complaints. Apparently, people hated that a character would show up, give their background, and die all within 1-2 episodes. That would get frustrating after the 3rd one.

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  6. Do any parks in your area have spray pads or swimming pools? When our son was younger, we would give him a bucket of water and a large brush and let him “paint the house.”

    Also, is there a mall that’s enclosed? I know, then you get the “what will you buy me” thing, but they say disappointment is good for kids. 🙂

    Maybe write scenes where all your characters explore deep, cold caves?


    • The nearby park has a sprinkler area that we go to when it’s open. The hours are rather unpredictable, but we try our best there. All of the malls are enclosed around here, so we’ve considered that. Just an issue of how to entertain a 7-year-old in a mall. Also, how do you stop the 36-year-olds from buying stuff that stumble onto? Well, guilt works on that second one. 🙂 Still, the mall is on our list of spots to go when we just want to get out of the house. At least we can do lunch in the food court.

      I’m outlining now, but there is a large ocean section. Unfortunately, I got by that and have them in the tropics. :/

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  7. Ellespeth says:

    Maybe stay inside and sort through old toys he no longer uses one day and bringing them to a Goodwill Store of shelter the next. I’m not a parent, though 😛


    • We tried that once. The idea of giving up toys is foreign to him. He figures he can keep everything as long as he plays with it. So we had a short period of time where he was using all of his infant toys again.


      • Ellespeth says:

        He’s 7? There are certainly toys he will part with? One no longer has to tell kids about the needy kids in China. There are needy kids right here in the USA…as a kid it must be more realistic to help – perhaps – the toddler next door rather than the toddler oceans away?
        ***Ellespeth has shocked herself with this respons “P


      • Not as easy as you think. Due to his autism (high functioning), he doesn’t really get that entirely. He’ll know it’s a nice thing to do, but not be able to wrap his head around the fact that it means giving stuff up. He’ll be happy about it until we take the bag out to the car or garbage, which will set off a tantrum about us taking away his things. Then he gets confused because he wants to give the toys away and keep them. This comes from his severe difficulty with changes and transitions, so we always have to tread carefully. For example, we’re getting a new couch and tossing the old one. He loves the idea of a new couch, but is refusing to accept that the old one has to go.


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