Week of Swinging Pendulums Take 2

Last week was rough getting through the edits of The Compass Key and pushing all of the hype posts back a week.  Until I get the editing and cover art done, I’ll be doing the push and a day of writing posts every Thursday.  The alternative is to let all of those posts go live without the book, which would be very embarrassing . . . again.  So I’m definitely feeling like I’m in stasis for now.

Not that I won’t be busy.  My lovely, intelligent, wrathful, friendly, whip-wielding editor has given me an assignment.  Use what I’ve learned to fix up Beginning of a Hero.  I already started and I want to cry.  It’s nothing like the others, which is one depressing sight.  The other is that I’m still ‘over’ this book.  I hate to say it that way, but I finished the first draft in 2000/2001.  So figure I’ve been editing it at least once a year since that time and you can see why I’m whimpering.  I still make changes for the sake of making changes with this thing.  Thankfully, it’s short and I’ll get through it before the week is done, but it’s going to be more of a task than Book 6.  Yeah this is baby author whining, but this is my blog and I’m allowed.  (Prepares to apologize to editor for complaining.)

On top of hoping that everything comes together and I can still do an August 1st book debut, the toddler will have his birthday party next Saturday.  So I have to do some cleaning, final check with guests, make sure I know what to get for food, and eventually put a trampoline together for him.  Come to think of it, I have no idea how to build this thing inside and carry it outside.  I think I have a tent to put up too.

Speaking of the toddler, he had a nasty spill at the park and skinned both knees.  Bathes are going to be a challenge for  a day or two and I don’t know what his second swimming lesson is going to be like on Tuesday.

Goals of the week:

  1. Edit Beginning of a Hero.
  2. Edit The Compass Key with editor over phone.
  3. Pray for cover art, but plan for delay.  Jason is trying and that’s good enough for me.
  4. Write plot outline for new Clyde story.
  5. Prepare for toddler’s birthday party as week goes on.
  6. If need be, spend a day writing posts after pushing the Hype Week and Ask-A-Character weeks back.  Saving the Windemere questions for after that.  Subject will be a post for each Champion to discuss their ‘core trait’ or lack thereof.
  7. Try to finally make it a week without missing a day of biking.

QUESTION!  If I was to do another TWUBS Chat where people can ask me questions over Twitter, WHAT WOULD BE THE BEST DAY AND TIME?  Trying to get a consensus.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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11 Responses to Week of Swinging Pendulums Take 2

  1. Sounds a bit depressing having to go over the first book again – I REALLY don’t want to go over mine again, and they haven’t been out very long. Busy week ahead for you now – I’m looking forward to seeing your new release and cover though – your designer is brilliant. 🙂


    • It isn’t depressing, so much as tedious. Bad to say about my own book, but I’m still not over all those other edits. I guess I’m also so far into the series that it’s simply strange going to the beginning. I’m hoping to get it done quickly though and not change too much. Already I can see I had an obsession with putting a line of exposition before dialogue. :/

      I’m looking forward to the release too. Hopefully it isn’t delayed too much.


      • I reckon after going over a book hundreds of times with editing, it’s definitely tedious no matter how much you love it. It’s great though how often your new releases are coming out now that the series is so far along – does it get easier with every one you write?


      • Not really. I still have to push the marketing, make sure everything is ready to go, handle questionnaires for some sites, write the blurbs, etc. The actual writing takes on a new risk of continuity mistakes. The longer the series, the higher my chance of messing something up in that arena.


  2. 1WriteWay says:

    This may be a dumb question, but why are you having to edit your first book (again)? I can understand if you found some typos or something that you’re too OCD to let go of (ok, speaking more of myself here), but I assume this is more than that. What is wrong with letting it go? Maybe I’m weird, but I kind of enjoy seeing an author’s writing grow.


  3. 1WriteWay says:

    Oh, and good luck with that tent and trampoline 😉


  4. C. Miller says:

    I hope all of that goes smoothly. I definitely feel your pain in going back through the first one, but I really do hope it’s not bad for you. :/


  5. Wow, it sounds like things are going to be pretty hectic for you. As far as a date and time, that is a hard one with the time differences.


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