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Book Trailers – Why You Need One

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Dizzying Times and Changes

First, the weekend will be busy.  In fact, I won’t be around on Sunday due to helping a friend with a baseball game.  He said possibly free food, which . . . is it possible to have more than 2 … Continue reading

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Why Did You Keep Reading?

(Bonus poem that just popped into my head) Made me want to puke This series should be condemned Despised every word

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My Favorite Book Before Me

Every page was a joy Even the ones that made me cry So now I get to see it Characters of my dreams World that contain my wonder On the screen before me Not perfect or exact But I the … Continue reading

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Prophecy of Stones- Release Day!

Originally posted on A Writer's Life For Me.:
It’s here! Prophecy of Stones is now available! Blurb: The bond of love can conquer all, but only if it is accepted. – Prophecy states that three champions imbued with the…

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Last Day of 99 Cent Pricing! PRODIGY OF RAINBOW TOWER SALE!

July 31st is the LAST DAY to get LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: PRODIGY OF RAINBOW TOWER for 99 CENTS!!! Yeah that’s pretty self-explanatory.

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If Your Book Becomes a Movie

Anyone ever dream of their books becoming a movie or TV show?  I do it a lot since I picture a lot of what I’m writing in a visual style.  I’d love to see Nyx casting magic on the big … Continue reading

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Review of Love: Lost and Found by Pamela Beckford

These poems certainly have a lot of emotion within in.  As the title makes clear, they’re all love poems, but there is still a good amount of variety.  You have some that are sweet, some are passionate, and others that … Continue reading

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The Adaptation Station

Glad you came to us about your book being turned into a movie.  Here at the ‘Adaptation Station’, we pride ourselves on showing some respect to the source material.  At least 5% more than our competitors.  What if they show … Continue reading

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Noah giveaway

Originally posted on readful things blog:
In case you haven’t heard, “Noah” is in stores today!  ? The much talked about, somewhat controversial movie has finally been released and is available at a retail store near you. Here is your…

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