Ask a Character: Kevin Masterson

By Kickfoot on Deviantart

This is a character that gets very little attention, which I think is a shame.  Kevin Masterson is a grizzled, experienced warrior who is now working as Selenia’s administrator.  He was a member of her mercenary group and is the one who taught her how to be a mercenary.

Kevin has a few scenes, but he acts as a cautionary tale for Luke.  He lost his family and home village to a monster attack while he was at the academy.  The reason he wasn’t home was because he got into a fight with two ogres on his way home.  His injuries were too severe for him to make the rest of the trip, so Selenia had to take him back.  He claims that magic couldn’t fix his bum leg and shoulder, but the truth is that he would rather keep the injuries to remember his losses.  Even with the sad past, Kevin is a tough, sharp-tongued man.  I enjoy writing his scenes because he’s the only one that can yell and scold Selenia without fear of reprisal.

So, ask away if you want to learn more about Kevin Masterson.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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24 Responses to Ask a Character: Kevin Masterson

  1. Hello Kevin, my question for you is: what is your favorite part of being at the academy?


    • Kevin: Well, it’s not the food. Betty does her best with what Selenia tells her to do, but slop is slop. Gods up us if Selenia ever gets into the kitchen again.

      Selenia: I think the ‘Selenia can’t cook’ joke has been done to death.

      Kevin: Not nearly enough, woman. Anyway, my favorite part is watching the students drive my old student to the brink of insanity. Revenge for all the trouble she caused me.

      Selenia: You encourage some of them.

      Kevin: Only the ones that will make an entertaining incident. Duggan and I get bored with all the paperwork you throw at us.


      • Hmm, well, slop doesn’t sound too appetizing. That must be why apples are such a hot commodity. Thanks Kevin!
        And I don’t fault you Selenia, I mean really, when you’re a warrior, who has time to learn how to cook? 😉


      • Kevin: It’s important for a warrior to know how to cook. If you’re in the field, you need to know basic cooking skills to avoid starving to death. Selenia burned every meal she ever made. The woman messed up soup when she only had to boil it.

        Selenia: Why-

        Kevin: No excuse, woman. I taught you better.


      • You actually make a pretty good point there, Kevin. But I’ve heard that some women just can’t cook. No matter how much training they’ve had. I’m sure you did your best, though.


      • Kevin: Don’t give them woman excuses. Her ego is big enough, so needs some humility. Great Mercenary Queen struts around like she owns the place.

        Selenia: I do own the place.

        Kevin: You know what I mean.

        Duggan: Yes, but you’re still wrong.


      • Have you considered bringing in a new cook, or maybe an assistant for Betty? Perhaps you should get Selenia a cookbook for Christmas. 😉


      • Kevin: Students help Betty with the cleaning, but the cooking is all her. Her magic pot makes that rather easy, but she doesn’t trust Selenia with it. If there’s anyone who could mess that item up, it’d be our fearless headmistress.

        Selenia: One day I’m going to get my interview and get my revenge.

        Kevin: Go ahead. I’ll send Luke in my place . . . or his father. That would be a blast.


      • I’m really looking forward to your interview Selenia. I’ll bet if anyone has dirt on Kevin, it would be you.


      • Kevin: She wouldn’t dare. I keep this place from falling apart at the administrative seams.

        Selenia: Besides, there isn’t much dirt on Kevin. He is what he is. Bar brawls, rushing into battle without thinking, and driving his friends insane. One of our recent graduates reminds me of him.

        Kevin: Probably, but I could back up my mouth unlike that kid.


      • I see.
        And I think I know which student you’re talking about. 🙂


  2. ioniamartin says:

    You are an old-timer, but you are tough and intelligent. Your wit is definitely a viable weapon. Are there more battles in your future? Or have you settled in to life at the academy?


    • Kevin: If the academy is ever in danger then I’m on the battlefield again. Beyond that, I’m not much help. The old war wounds don’t let me travel by horse for very long and I’ll be damned if I’m carted off like luggage.

      Duggan: Unfortunately, this means we never get a day without the old fool.

      Kevin: You’re a lot funnier when I’m drunk, you armored pain in the ass.

      Selenia: I don’t think any of us are the settling type.

      Kevin: Probably right. For some of us, we had the chance and lost it. For others, it’s simply not in our blood. Then there’s Selenia.

      *Selenia shrugs*


      • ioniamartin says:

        What do you say to those who believe you are too old to handle such a position of authority?


      • Selenia: Yeah, old man, what do you say?

        Kevin: I knock them out and drag them out of my office. When they come to, I ask them if they want to repeat their opinion. They never do.

        Duggan: This is why we like having him around.

        Kevin: Like either of you have a choice. You couldn’t get rid of me with a swarm of Weapon Dragons.


      • ioniamartin says:

        Just one more question. How did you start out? What did you do as a trade before the tragedy you suffered?


      • Kevin: My father wanted me to enter the family whiskey business, but I went soldier. Eventually, I left the Gods’ Voice guard and became a mercenary. That paid better and was a lot more fun.

        Selenia: You were the biggest headache of my mercenary army. If you weren’t one of the best I had then I’d have kicked you out.

        Kevin: I was the best warrior you had. That’s why you made me an administrator when you made this school. You wanted my expertise and hoped I’d be a teacher.

        Duggan: You could still teach with your injuries.

        Kevin: And give up my comfortable chair? I’d rather kiss a goblin on the lips.

        Selenia: One of these days, I’m going to lock you in your office. Maybe you’ll actually get work done.

        Kevin: Not a chance.


      • ioniamartin says:

        Thank you sir, and all of you, for your time.


      • Kevin: You’re welcome.


  3. howanxious says:

    What is it do you feel about the terrible incident- is it remorse or regret or both? How do you curb these feelings so as to keep your mind at peace?


    • Kevin: First of all, my mind is never at peace. You kill as many men as I have, you don’t sleep well. The fact that it was on a battlefield and they were trying to kill me doesn’t make it any easier.

      Selenia: It helps ease the pain a bit.

      Kevin: We can’t all be cold-hearted mercenaries, woman. Now, the death of my family . . . I never met my daughter, which is where the regret comes from. You think you have time with a child and the worst that could happen is you die. The opposite never came to mind. So, there’s definitely a lot of regret there. Still, I see it as me having to continue living, so I can keep some part of my wife and child alive. A man has to find some way to continue pushing forward.

      Duggan: Having old war buddies to drink with helps too.

      Kevin: That it does. Even the ones I want to hit half the time. The other half I actually do hit him.


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