Ask a Character: Aedyn Karwyn

It’s that time of week again.  Stop groaning.  Another character from Legends of Windemere is going to walk into the hot seat.

Today, we’re going to round out our heroes with Aedyn Karwyn.  For those not in the know, Aedyn Karwyn is the young priest of the Sun God, Durag.  He is visiting the academy to see if it would be useful for training battle priests.  This half-elf is eighteen, but has already earned the right to be a wandering priest.  This means he can be tasked with holy missions and go off alone.  Unfortunately, it’s this situation that brought the calm and sensible priest into the circle of chaos that typically surrounds Luke, Fritz, and Nimby.

So, ask any questions that you can think of for the common sense and rationale of the group.

Note:  This afternoon is going to start another trend for ‘Character Tuesday’.  I’m going to make ‘What Keeps Me Going Lists’ for characters.  Might start with someone other than the expected.

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About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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52 Responses to Ask a Character: Aedyn Karwyn

  1. L. Marie says:

    Aedyn, what are your some of your strengths? Weaknesses? Which of these weaknesses do you tolerate least in someone else? Why?


    • Fritz from back: This may take a while.

      Nimby from back: He isn’t very strong.

      Aedyn: Starting early are we? My strengths are in logical thought, healing magic, and combat magic. As a priest, it is very important that I remain clear of mind and focus on my god’s path.

      Nimby is correct that I am not a very strong person, so I cannot hold my own in physical combat for very long. I can use magic to enhance my abilities, but that can take power away from healing my friends.

      Fritz from back: You also have the social skills of a nervous troll!

      Luke from back: You are a little stuck up at times, Aedyn.

      Aedyn: I do admit to be overly serious at times. I grew up that way and it is a weakness that has served me well in terms of learning. Though, I will point out that my lack of social charm has not prevented any of them from becoming my friends.

      I try to tolerate a person’s differences because not all of us are the same. I do falter at time with specific individuals because they see fit to provoke me on purpose. They seem to get a kick out of making me lose my calm demeanor.

      Fritz from back: It really is entertaining to see you get mad, kid. Your ears turn red and your voice goes up an octave. It’s priceless.

      Aedyn: As you can see, my patience is well tested by that one. So, patience is another of my strengths. In a few minutes, it might not be and neither will self-control.


  2. Aedyn, do you think that being introduced to “the circle of chaos that typically surrounds Luke, Fritz, and Nimby” has helped and/or changed you? In what way?


    • Aedyn: It has definitely changed me. One cannot get involved with such strong personalities and stay the same. I have learned to be more relaxed and friendly due to their . . . guidance.

      Fritz: He smiles now.

      Nimby: He tried to crack a joke yesterday. It didn’t go well, but he’s trying.

      Luke: He started cleaning his room too.

      Aedyn: That was because when it was a mess, I could not tell when Nimby had snuck in to steal something. I know he has several of my healing potions.

      Nimby: You’ll thank me when they come in handy.

      Aedyn: You are like a squirrel that has forgotten where it stashed its nuts.

      Fritz: As you can see, he’s a lot more social and his insults are getting better.


  3. Hi Aedyn, I’m curious why you chose to become a priest. Also, can priests get married, or are you like monks?


    • Aedyn: I was looking for a path and found that the Temple of Durag appealed to me. The priesthood allowed me to learn a valuable trade, help others, and travel the continent.

      Fritz: He also got cheap, scratchy robes for free. That’s their best selling point.

      Aedyn: It was also quiet in the temple, which is something I truly miss at times.

      As for your other question, I have heard that your priests are not allowed to get married. In Windemere, that is not the case. We are encouraged to marry and have children to help continue the influence of our god. Though, many times the child of a priest will follow a different deity, which is not as terrible as it once was.

      Nimby: Not easy to tease him on this one.

      Fritz: Yeah. We should have invited the Lich to be in the audience.

      Luke & Aedyn: Not funny!


      • Being a priest sounds like a quiet life, until you met Luke, that is. What made you choose Durag (the sun god, if I’m not mistaken)?
        Are you from a line of priests, or the first in your family? And do you have a special girl out there somewhere?


      • Fritz: He doesn’t have a special girl.

        Aedyn: Those are my questions . . . he is correct. I have no interest in women at this time.

        Fritz: Can’t say I’m surprised at that.

        Aedyn: I am the first priest in my family, which is a point of contention. I do not know what brought me to the sun. I was looking into the temples around my village and Durag appealed to me. The sun is the bringer of life and warmth. It is the scourge of the undead and can help heal. It felt like I would be able to best help people under the order of Durag.


      • Thank you Aedyn…and Fritz.
        And I think you made a wise choice in the sun. I’m also glad it was finally your turn to be interviewed! 🙂


      • Aedyn: Thank you. I have been told that the next guest will be ironic.


  4. ioniamartin says:

    Aedyn, what is your ultimate goal? Beyond anything else, what do you wish to see happen. Also can you tell Fizzle he left his palm fronds on my beach?


    • Aedyn: I truly do not have an ultimate goal behind ascending in my order and helping others. Priests of Durag are devoted to bringing light to darkness, which is a difficult goal to put into detailed words. For example, I may decide to go on a pilgrimage to destroy as many undead as I can before the end of a year. I may take up residence as a healer in a large temple or a country shrine.

      The beauty of being a priest is that our ultimate goal can change depending on where we wish to place our focus. It is also dependent on where Durag sees fit to guide me.

      I will let Fizzle know about his palm fronds and send him along quickly.

      Fritz: So, if your god led you to a brothel, what would you do?

      *Luke and Nimby groaning*

      Aedyn: I would assume you used your illusions to pretend you were my god. Then I would promptly pray for divine guidance on how to punish you.

      Nimby: You realize you just set his sense of humor back a couple of weeks, right?

      Fritz: Very worth it for that ‘pray for divine guidance’ line. It always makes me laugh.

      Aedyn: I think I am the one being punished.


  5. L. Marie says:

    This is awesome!


  6. Kira says:

    As always these posts bring out so much about the character. All the good questions were asked 😦 You have an amazing world and characters thank you for sharing them with all of us!!


    • You can ask anything your heart can think of. 😀 The posts are always up.


      • Kira says:

        You are too sweet to me! 🙂 Aedyn do you know about my world?


      • Aedyn: We keep to ourselves in Windemere and only worry about your world if something crosses over. The rumors are about beings crossing over, but we have no proof of that. I have heard stories about various creatures wandering to your world.

        Fritz: It’s probably for the best. Our technology is a lot cleaner and so much more interesting to examine.

        Nimby: You wouldn’t jump at a chance to check out their technology?

        Fritz: I didn’t say that.

        Aedyn: As you can see, it is best that our worlds stay separated.


      • Kira says:

        Do you know anyone from your world who has crossed over into mine?


      • Aedyn: It is rumored that some of the ascended gods came from your world, but we have no proof. Only the gods know for sure.


      • Kira says:

        The more I talk to all of you the more I want to come to your world. Of course there is that other Kira…do you think she’s a doppelgänger


      • Nimby: No. Just a . . . I’m being told her identity is a spoiler. Not that spoiler. Or that spoiler. Well, maybe that spoiler.

        Aedyn: Good cover.

        Nimby: Thanks.


      • Kira says:

        Heehee…very good cover 🙂


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