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Underwater Adventure: Magic vs Technology

As I said on Wednesday, there are two ways you can get underwater in fantasy.  You can find a technological method or introduce a magical version.  Both are viable with having been used in the genre before.  There are two … Continue reading

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Join in a Fantasy Goodreads Discussion

Ionia has started a discussion on the Prodigy of Rainbow Tower Goodreads site.  The question is: Why must we compare in fantasy? We’ve all heard the ‘can this guy beat this guy’ or ‘that guy is like this guy because … Continue reading

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Question for Critics and Reviewers

This is something that has come up in conversation a few times and I’m very curious about the practice.  Now, I’ve noticed that every time I’ve had my book reviewed or critiqued, I inevitably get compared to Rowling, Tolkien, or … Continue reading

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