Goal Post: This Week Didn’t Go as Planned

I don’t even want to see what I had planned for weekly goals.  Partially because I can’t fix that post, which is very narrow.  This is apparently what happens when I use the blocks or whatever WordPress forced upon us.  I apologize for the ugliness and wish I could find a way to fix it, but there’s no point now.  A week has past . . . passed?

Now, Sunday is where things started to go sideways.  I woke up feeling terrible to the point where I took a home Covid test.  Came back negative, but I wanted to be sure.  I went to a clinic to get a rapid and that was negative.  The problem is that the fatigue, coughing, and chills hit so quickly that the doctor wanted to be very sure.  So, I had to take a PCR test, which meant I had to stay home from work for 3 days until the results came back.  Those were negative, by the way.  The culprit ended up being:

  • Common cold
  • Severe pollen allergies (Thanks, DC)
  • Exhaustion (Thanks again, DC)

Before anyone congratulates me on getting 3 more days of spring break, I wasn’t happy about this.  Didn’t even try to work on the Darwin & the Halfling Hunt outline because of my mood.  I did feel out of it for Monday and half of Tuesday, but I knew I just wanted to be back at work.  Sure, I was there when the guy came to replace my car’s windshield, which cracked right before the trip.  I made progress on ‘Pirate Warriors 3’ and the latest jigsaw puzzle.  Yet, I really wanted to be back at work.  I missed being in that Testing Center.

This isn’t to say I did absolutely nothing.  All of the September posts are now written and scheduled except for Tuesday.  I don’t want to do more Darwin & the Fate Bracelet teasers like July and August.  The national holiday thing didn’t do anything.  I’m thinking of doing teasers for Do I Need to Use a Dragon? (Fantasy Writing Tips) for at least that month.  That’s going to be tough because it’ll be chunks of essays unless I stick to the openers of a few.  Only need 4 of them, so this might be where I go since I can’t think of anything else.

Another issue is going to be what I can do to keep myself occupied.  It looks like I won’t get to any real writing until Memorial Day weekend.  This weekend is slated for doing the outlines for the 2 books I want to write this summer.  The next weekend that my son is with his mom has some family events, so I won’t feel comfortable writing during that time, especially since we’re hitting the big testing period.  So, what to do?

I was thinking of starting in on the October posts, but that would be the ‘Monster Maker’ and other yearly things.  Not sure I’m going to bother since my audience is incredibly small, so I might not be able to cover that.  I was thinking of a way to revive the ‘Raven’ stories since there were 4 of them and October has 4 weeks.  Each one had 30-31 sections though, so it isn’t like I can cram 4-5 into each day.  That would be overkill.  Guess an option would be to see if I can get enough for ‘Monster Maker’ and maybe make a poll for Windemere monsters.  Though, I remember polls sucking now.  Then, I can use one day to touch on each ‘Raven’ story.

I could also start working on November and leave October alone.  Really depends on what people think, but I’m not getting a lot of traffic these days.  So, I might have to just flip a coin on things.  Not that I have any blog topics for November either.

We have Monday off for Eid, so I’ll be doing non-tech stuff with my son.  Lego sets and maybe some drawing.  We both need to tone down our video game time.  Work should be exciting and fun, which leads to a relaxing weekend.  Can’t remember exactly what the weekday events are, but each week of May has at least one.  This is where a lot of projects come to fruition.  Another reason I’m not going to be tackling any major challenges until Memorial Day weekend.

By the way, the last time I did any real writing was August.  I haven’t written a new story since then.  I’ve edited, outlined, and tinkered, but it’ll be 9 months of no writing by the time I take on another project.  This is why I want to try to write 2 over the summer when I have more free time.

Goals of the week:

  1. Outline the next two Darwin books.
  2. Keep working on the LOTR puzzle
  3. Try this Blackened whiskey made by Metallica
  4. Watch more ‘Assassination Classroom’.
  5. Work, parenting, sleeping, and hydrating as usual.
  6. Legos!
  7. Start planning either October or November posts . . . Maybe I shouldn’t try for anything special this October in the first place?  Just ‘Monster Maker’?
  8. Oh yeah!  Set up the Tuesday posts for September.  Can’t forget that.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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5 Responses to Goal Post: This Week Didn’t Go as Planned

  1. Sounds like a full schedule. Don’t forget Tuesday posts for September.


  2. Victoria Zigler says:

    Well, at least the Covid tests were negative. Not that ending up sick was a good thing, but cold/allergies/exhaustion is better than Covid.


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