Do the Dawn Fangs Have Laws?

Occasionally, a question comes up that I want to answer on the blog.  Not always from other people like this time.  I realized I haven’t really talked about the laws of Nytefall, which come into play a lot in War of Nytefall: Ravenous.  I haven’t really been one to create detailed laws for my fictional locations.  I tend to make things up as I go along because it isn’t like someone is running around yelling the rules.  Even in reality, we don’t always know the specific laws of our society until we face a specific situation.  That being said, Nytefall should be talked about.

Clyde is still more a thief and leader of a gang, so he hasn’t been strict.  He knows Nytefall has to be kept in order, but they’re hiding in the shadows of Windemere.  This means that he needs to be strict and loose.  If he has too many rules then it can lead to exposure because Dawn Fangs won’t be flexible in emergencies.  Too loose and you get total chaos, which means exposure will happen really fast.  As confident as Clyde is, he’s still really unsure of himself as the leader of a kingdom and blossoming species.  His instincts are primarily about raw survival, which might be a good thing.  It means, he’s less likely to attempt world domination, which I’ll touch on near the idea.  For protection, he has made some rules:

No Hunting or At Least Killing When Feeding

Since Dawn Fangs can sustain themselves on mortal food, blood isn’t a daily necessity.  It is still needed at some points to keep their strength up, but they don’t have to drain a person entirely.  Clyde sees this as an important factor in mortal/Dawn Fang relationships because it means mortals aren’t prey.  Since people are used to vampires killing their targets, they’re less likely to assume they have been bitten if they are still breathing.  Still, it’s dangerous as time progresses, which is why he has urged those living among mortals to find trustworthy donors.  Chastity helps with this and they always have Lost to clear memories if things go wrong.

Do Not Mess with Holy Warriors

Vampires have always had this in some ways, but Clyde has changed it a bit.  It isn’t only to prevent another crusade against his kind.  Once the Dawn Fangs are revealed, they will need to be accepted by the various temples.  The Garians are on their side thanks to a species tome being created for them, which has given them an understanding into their nature.  They don’t share this because the more doubtful holy orders could learn about the weaknesses.  Honestly, this comes more into play for Anarchy than Ravenous.

Do Not Reveal Our Presence to the Mortals

I shouldn’t beat around the bush here.  THIS is the big one!  With Clyde’s dream being to prove that mortals and Dawn Fangs can coexist, he feels that they have to be careful and remain a secret.  Having his people live among mortals for several decades with no incidents will give his argument a solid foundation.  Unfortunately, all of these problems turning up and be against him, which extends the existence of this law.  So far, his gang has been able to eliminate all exposures and keep the Dawn Fangs as a rumor, but this is where he is most strict.  At the beginning, he executed all who made a mess, which nearly got Lost killed during her debut.  Now, he executes those that purposely try to start with mortals and pulls those who have accidents back to Nytefall for lessons.

Please Let Gregorio Know You’re Pregnant

This is an odd one and a result of Lost showing up.  Once Dawn Fangs learned that they could sexually breed, the womb-born became a normal piece of their society.  The difficult thing is that child vampires aren’t easy to control.  They’re fine when babies because they don’t talk and only possess the ability to create strong followers called Utukku.  Baby Dawn Fangs don’t have to if they have their parents.  It’s when they get their special abilities that they go to Gregorio Roman for training in control.  The excuse given is that they’ve gone to one of various boarding schools that Chastity has created with no real locations beyond what it says on paper.

Do Not Show Mortals or Our Enemies How to Get to Nytefall

No explanation needed on this last one.  It’s kind of a duh.

Do NOT Piss Off Gabriel the Destiny God

Now for that world domination thing.  This isn’t really a rule, but it’s become an underlying guideline for Clyde and the Dawn Fangs.  He isn’t an idiot and has pointed out that his transformation might not have been part of Gabriel’s designs.  This means he could be on thin ice with the most powerful god of Windemere simply for existing.  If he added an attempt to conquer the whole world then that’s just asking to be wiped out like the Hejinn.  Those are the original elves, which were tainted with demon blood and enslaved the other races before being sealed away.  Clyde is aware that those who push for too much power end up getting undone by chosen heroes that Gabriel creates to retain the balance of the world.  He doesn’t want to get involved in something like that, which is another reason he pushed for coexistence.  Secretly, he hopes that doing this doesn’t only convince the mortals that his people aren’t a threat, but that Gabriel acknowledges this as well.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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14 Responses to Do the Dawn Fangs Have Laws?

  1. That seems to be the advantage of a longer series. You can explore some of these things when the need arises. In a stand-alone novel, you have to be kind of concise. I’m starting to learn the benefits of both worlds.


  2. L. Marie says:

    As usual you provide a thought-provoking post. Discussing the laws of the series is such a great idea. Laws are such an integral part of society. I’m embarrassed to say how little I have thought about them in my own writing.


    • With the series being mostly action-adventure fantasy, the laws don’t come up very often. I also noticed that good ones are simply there without anyone pointing at them. I might not even notice them as I design the society.


  3. V.M.Sang says:

    Like L. Marie says, it’s something many of us don’t think about. Your post has given me much food for thought.


  4. I think it is good to understand the laws for sure. As a mortal, I don’t think it is as important for me as it is for a Dawn Fang.


  5. That’s a great point, about the laws. A few people in a gang can keep common understandings, but the more of them you get, the more different approaches. Pretty soon, you do new laws for everyone’s sake.


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