Derailing Bedlam: Meat Locker Part 4 #fiction #adventure

As usual, here is your warning that this story has cursing, sex (not graphic), innuendo, and violence.  It’s my Rated-R action adventure called Derailing Bedlam.  This is the fourth outing (third official) for Cassidy and Lloyd, so feel free to click on one of the two covers to see how it started.  Each one is 99 cents!

Cover by Jon Hunsinger

Cover Art by Jon Hunsinger











Within seconds, Lloyd and Luca are trying to strangle each other while delivering weak knee strikes. Cassidy does her best to wedge herself between the two and push them apart, but they immediately fight again once she moves away. After getting knocked into the hallway by an accidental kick to the stomach, the mercenary grabs a bucket of ice water and throws it on the pair. All she accomplishes is making Lloyd’s grip falter, which gives Luca an opportunity to shove him against the wall. The serial killer grins before spitting in the woman’s eye and delivering a ringing head-butt that breaks her momentum. Grappling and walking further into the room, they blindly stretch for a dining cart that has several utensils until Cassidy dives to push it out of reach. Their hands grab the mercenary by her workout pants, which are yanked down when the pair topple over. Neither of the combatants seem to notice what they have done as they violently wrestle on the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you two?” Cassidy asks while fixing her clothes. Attempting a kick, her leg goes between them and they roll to send her crashing into a chair. “Stop fighting and making a mess. Let’s just talk about this. At least get off the fucking floor because you look like bickering children.”

“This is that corrupt cop I fought in Miami!” Lloyd shouts as he gets to his feet. Leaning away from a punch that grazes his chin, he hoists his enemy into the air and slams her through a closet door. “You remember when we had to make a deal with Babylon? I was handling this bitch in the parking lot while you banged his wife. Thought getting hit by a car would have taught you to stay away from me. What the hell are you doing with my partner?”

“We got into a situation,” Luca answers before breaking the serial killer’s hold. Tackling the lanky man, she lifts him off his feet and throws him to the ground. “This crap spewing bastard is your friend and partner? That means you’re the dyke who seduced Babylon’s wife. She’s the one who got me fired from the Brotherhood of Badges. I should have escaped and let the Rymers eat your carpet munching ass.”

Stepping over Lloyd, Cassidy delivers a punch to Luca’s jaw, but the blow hurts her hand more than the woman’s face. “I could have done the same to you, but I didn’t. How about showing some respect and gratitude, you festering skin tag? The fact that you stopped Len from getting to me is the only reason I haven’t shot you.”

“Too weak to use your fists?” the bounty hunter teases while taking another shot to the stomach. Rubbing the sore spot, she shoves Cassidy away and stomps on Lloyd’s gut. “I can take down both of you right now without breaking a sweat. This moron gets his enemies angry and isn’t much in a fight without weapons. You’re better, but not even close to my level. Can’t believe I touched you. Probably got some dise-”

Lloyd grabs Luca’s leg and rolls to bring her into a kick from Cassidy, the blow sending the woman into the dining cart. Both of the partners charge, but the bounty hunter whirls around to swiftly grab them by their heads. She knocks them together an instant before they punch her in the chest. Stumbling back, Luca feels a breeze and realizes her metallic blue bikini top has been pulled down. Instead of covering herself with one arm like Lloyd and Cassidy had hoped, she lifts the dining cart over her head and prepares to hurl it across the room. Everyone stops when they hear the click of a shotgun and turn to see Katie standing in the bathroom doorway.

“Somebody owes me a waffle breakfast,” the warlord states, nodding her head to the food that is on the floor. She casually moves her gun from one target to the other, the twitch of her lip noticeable enough to give everyone pause. “This fight stops now or I’m going to put a bullet into each one of you. I don’t care if we’re friends, lovers, or total strangers. This is far too much violence for the morning. If a little bullet wound is enough to put an end to it then I’m more than happy to oblige.”

“But a shotgun blast at this range would probably kill whoever you hit,” Lloyd points out as he takes a seat on the bed. Watching the weapon swing in his direction, he rolls out of the way and comes up next to his girlfriend. “There isn’t anything to talk about here. I don’t like this woman and now the kid’s not a fan. You can’t be considering hiring her as a bodyguard. Sure, she’s tough and in need of a job, but . . . she’s mean.”

“Not to mention a blatant homophobe, which I didn’t know when I told you I found a potential bodyguard,” Cassidy interjects, her eyes never straying from Luca. She steps away when the bounty hunter puts down the cart and pushes it so that it rolls a few inches. “Can we just go our separate ways? I’m still in my workout clothes and haven’t slept in the last twenty-four hours. Too tired to deal with mouthy assholes who deserve a live grenade up their baby maker.”

“Of course, you would want to touch me there, pervert,” Luca mutters as she puts her top back on. Leaning against the wall, she rolls her eyes at the way Cassidy grinds her teeth and growls. “If you’re not going to give me a job then I’d like some kind of reward for saving your pet mercenary. Because of her, I can’t claim the bounty on the Rymers and I’m being paid crap for doing security on this train. Unlike you two idiots, I don’t kill or save people for charity. If there’s nothing for me here then I’ll leave, but don’t come looking for help in the future.”

“I’d rather team up with a rabid dog,” the mercenary snaps.

“That does match your partner preferences.”

“Lloyd isn’t a dog . . . and I’m pretty sure he’s not rabid.”

The serial killer flops onto the bed as he whines, “Sure, make fun of me. That seems to be the only thing you two can agree on. Not like I have feelings or anything. Where’s a gallon of ice cream when my wounded heart needs one?”

Having opened the window, Katie fires her shotgun outside to prevent the argument from turning into another fight. She hears muffled screams from her neighbors, who stick their heads out to see what is going on. The warlord politely smiles and waves the weapon, which causes them to dart back inside. Tossing the empty weapon on a chair, she takes a seat on the bed where she puts Lloyd’s head in her lap. Massaging his temples, Katie gets the serial killer to relax and gradually moves her thumbs to his shoulders. A slight bit of pressure on his collarbone helps him get the message that he should keep his mouth shut until their guests have been convinced to leave.

“I’m sure there’s a way to make everyone happy,” Katie declares with an impish smile. She stretches to take her hat off the nightstand and flips it onto her head. “Cassidy is right that I could use a bodyguard on this trip. Her and Lloyd get pulled into situations too often for me to be certain they’ll be around when I need them. So, I will gladly hire Luca to watch over me when you two are indisposed. Besides, I like how she was holding her own both verbally and physically against the best of my organization. Yes, I know she’s a bitch and her homophobia is going to be a problem, but nobody is perfect. That being said, I won’t stop you from arguing and hurling insults at each other, but there will be no violence. When the job requires that you work together, I expect you to do so. Cassidy and Luca already proved they make a good team. Do I make myself clear?”

“Fine, but you’re going to owe me for putting up with this,” Cassidy says, knowing that she has no choice. She is about to head for the door when a grape hits the back of her head. “She’s good in a fight and not an idiot under pressure. I’ll work with her, but I’m not going to like the hateful bitch. Anything else you want from me here?”

“Let her stay in your room until I can talk to Tyler about quarters for her,” the warlord politely requests.

“There’s no need for that,” Luca blurts out in disgust. Cracking her knuckles, she refuses to be scared by her new employer’s withering gaze. “I’m in the staff car, so I can continue sleeping there until things are official. The last thing I want is to inconvenience the prissy lesbian princess here. Betting she already has an orgy planned, so I’d just be in the way.”

The mercenary turns on the bounty hunter and is about to throw a punch when she takes a deep breath. “Actually, I was going to take a relaxing bath and get some sleep. I’d rather you not be there to ruin my mood or kill me in my sleep. Still, it feels like I don’t have a choice. Come with me and watch your tongue. As for you, Duchess of LaSalle, I want a harpoon gun that I can install on my baby. Something with a tow line that I can set up in the back because I don’t have enough rear defense. Shut the fuck up, Lloyd. You know what I meant.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Katie promises with a smile. She watches the two women leave and waits for the door to click shut before leaning down to kiss Lloyd on the forehead. “Thank you for not making a fuss, lover. I remember you telling me about Luca and I know it’ll be tough working with her. Just trust me because I have a good feeling about her.”

“Hope you don’t expect me to go house shopping with her.”

“No, but I think she’ll prove herself a better ally than you imagine.”

“Unless Cassidy snaps and shoots her for a slur.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about that.”

“Why not?”

Instead of answering, Katie slips off the bed and sheds her robe to reveal that she is wearing a pair of satin boxers. Beckoning Lloyd to follow her, she goes back into the bathroom, but returns a second later with a pout. She gestures to the mess that Cassidy made when scrambling to remove all possible weapons during the fight. A wide collection of objects have been scattered around the counters and floor, including inside the bathroom. The warlord points at where a broken coffee pot has been thrown into the bathtub, the contents having fallen into the warm scented bath. No longer in a romantic mood, Katie roughly grabs her boyfriend by the arm and pulls him back to the bed where she lies down for a pampering massage.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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  1. L. Marie says:

    Wow, Luca is a piece of work. I’ll be waiting for the next altercation with her.


  2. The three of them working together will make for some interesting times. Good episode.


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