Goal Post Coming in at the Final Hour!

Yes, this is pretty late in the day, but I refuse to skip this since I have a big promo post going up tomorrow.  The reason for the late hour is because it’s the second night of Passover, which was at my place.  A lot of prep along with my son having martial arts and lots of questions pertaining to the coming week.  How about we just dive right into the deep end here?


I worked Monday through Wednesday and now it’s Spring Break for the next week.  I hope to get some writing done when I’m not handling various appointments.  Tomorrow is relatively free and clear, but that life event is still going on.  That always throws a monkey wrench into things.  The weather is going to be rainy, which limits what the munchkin and I can do.  We were hoping to visit the one zoo in the area he hasn’t seen and going to the Bronx Zoo for a day.  Things will be up in the air and I promised one rainy day will be Lego Star Wars II for an hour.  I’m sure this break is going to be rocketing by faster than I could imagine.


It’s Passover for the week too.  That means no pizza, pasta, burgers with buns, and so many other things.  I might add to my suffering by biking every other day, which I haven’t been able to do for a while.  I managed to get pizza and a meatball sub in the two days leading up to the holiday, so I’m kind of set.  At least I still have Chinese food.


I’ve decided to use a little birthday money to buy some puzzles.  I always loved jigsaw puzzles, but haven’t indulged in a while.  To be honest, I’m not interested in doing them more than once, so I’m going to Mod Podge and frame them.  The Pokemon (300 pieces0 and Tiger Lagoon (2,000) ones are going in my son’s room.  The third is a Hyrule map (550 pieces) written in Hylian.  I can’t tell which Legend of Zelda game it’s from, but it looks cool.  Biggest snag is that the Tiger Lagoon puzzle is bigger than the poker table I set up in the room.  I haven’t figured out how to fix this problem just yet since I don’t want to take over the dining room or sun room tables.  Could work in the basement, but there’s no TV down there.

War of Nytefall: Eradication

I have 9 chapters to go here, which sounds shorter than it really is.  I’m really hoping to finish 3 chapters, but I might be able to wiggle in a 4th.  The hardest part here is that my nights are when I’m exhausted, so I focus more on scheduling blog posts.  Weekends are family time too, so it’s a tiptoe ahead.  Still, my goal is to finish the first draft before summer break.  That gives me 2 months to finish 6 chapters, which is doable.  I will be working on a special project over the summer that will be easier to work with when I have a 9-5 schedule.  I can get that one moving closer during lunch periods too.


First, I managed to spell that right on the first try.  Hurray!  There really isn’t much else that I can put here.  I’m playing the week by ear, especially with the life event.  Wait!  There was one more thing I meant to talk about.

The Twitter Experiment

So, I tried out two things on Twitter.  One was having a promo post staying up starting Sunday until Thursday.  It got 196 retweets that didn’t result in sales.  Oddly enough, 16 books sold on Friday and only 1 of them was Rivalry, so I know the tweet didn’t have an effect.  The other thing was pinning an interactive tweet on Friday.  I think I should have waited until the weekend, but Spring Break had started with a holiday coming on Saturday.  It was asking authors to share what inspired them to become an author and I got 7 answers.  There were 51 retweets though, but I don’t think that helps when interaction is the key.  This tells me that most people will share either without reading or not caring if there’s a question.  Similar to the ‘like’ button on Facebook.  I’m going to try this again and see what happens.  Guess I’m really starting to lose my interest in using Twitter since nothing there gains sales.


  1. Enjoy Spring Break.
  2. Son time!
  3. Write more War of Nytefall: Eradication
  4. Continue watching ‘Iron Fist’.
  5. Life event stuff.
  6. Zoo trip if weather holds.
  7. Mod Podge and frame the finished puzzle.
  8. Try not to get sick of Matzah.
  9. Biking and sleeping in.  (Not at same time.)
  10. Possibly start on the Legend of Zelda puzzle.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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16 Responses to Goal Post Coming in at the Final Hour!

  1. David Davis says:

    I didn’t know they made 2000 piece puzzles. That must have taken a long time.


  2. That’s a good sales day. It’s better than my month. I like puzzles too, go figure.


  3. I used to love doing puzzles when I still had some sight to use to do them. Kind of miss it sometimes. Cool that you’re going to frame your puzzles.

    What doesn’t help with social media is that it’s easy for posts to get lost among the crowd. I know I often miss stuff, and I do check in for a while every day. I even know of people who spend most of their waking hours on social media, and still manage to miss things. Makes it tough to know if it was the post itself that didn’t work, or just your bad luck that not many people actually saw it.

    Good luck with your goals for the coming week.


  4. Looks like the break week will be fun. Matzah and cheese is good


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