Raven’s Wrath Part 15 #horror #thriller #Halloween

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The horizon shudders as a large chunk of the earth rises up and part of the sky bends forward. With a loud crash, the enormous expanse slams down as if somebody has folded the landscape. The blast of force sends dirt, plants, and animals flying towards the caravan, which is struggling to get the vehicles out of the defensive circle. Tents are abandoned and fires are left burning as the people scramble to pack the necessities. Melissa stands atop an armored motorhome and yells into a megaphone, but her voice is drowned out by the screams and howling winds. The rolling wall of debris is nearly upon the broken campsite when everyone leaps for cover. Bears and moose that were caught in the blast are slammed against the trucks, those that are alive going berserk and becoming a danger to anyone nearby. All of the tents are hurled into the sky, including those that have people cowering inside. Unable to save them, the survivors give up on packing and pile into the vehicles that roar to life. Instead of a neat and organized departure, the caravan heads out as a chaotic mob that bounces over the uneven ground.

On the edge of the pack, Kara stares out of the window of the doctor’s bus and wonders if Dawn made it to a vehicle. She watches as a motorcycle hits a bump that explodes and sends the armed guard flying backwards. A powerful wind rushes from the clouds to rip the man to shreds, which are cast over the caravan like confetti. The horrific sight causes her to scramble to the other side of the bus where she happens to see a figure heading towards the caravan. At first, Kara thinks it is another monster and is about to warn the adults that they are about to be attacked. She pauses with her mouth open when she recognizes Dawn, who is clinging to the back of an elk. With a symphony of echoing calls, the entire herd charges over the hills and continues heading for the vehicles. Two of the doctors hear the noise and instantly shout for the driver to go faster to avoid a collision. Even when a nurse points out that someone is riding the lead stag, the others refuse to slow down or make any move to help.

“Damn humans,” Kara mutters as she listens to the adults argue.

Sliding out of her seat, she quietly pads to the back door and removes the tools that are hanging from exit. Checking on the herd, she guesses that the animals are going to pass the rear of the bus instead of hit the side. Screams from the other side of the vehicle distract the girl and she watches as several trucks hit invisible roads that lead them off the ground. Most of those trapped on the pathways go sailing off an unseen ramp and slam into the earth in front of the panicked caravan. Crashes and explosions are scattered about the mob as the frontline slams into the fallen trucks. Kara looks away from the destruction and happens to see that a lone vehicle is still in the air. It bounces off invisible walls and follows a spiral towards the clouds, which gradually open to show the sun. With a loud boom, the truck sprouts a rocket from its bed and is launched towards the blazing orb. A flaming tire falls to the ground and bounces alongside the bus until it hits a bump and careens into a nearby motorcycle. The driver is knocked under the wheels of a motorhome, which swerves for a second and sends the mangled body flying onto the windshield of a car.

Becoming numb to the ensuing carnage, Kara throws the door open and leans out to wave for Dawn. She immediately jumps back when she sees the lead stag is only a few feet in front of her, its antlers grazing her forehead. The beast knocks the door off its hinges and crashes to the ground, which trips up part of the herd. Trucks swerve to avoid the animals and those that are unable to get out of the way are sent flipping into the forest by chunks of earth that are connected to springs. Not seeing her friend, she fears that the woman has fallen off, so she hurries to the nearest window. To her relief, Kara sees Dawn on another elk and watches as she jumps to a third. Returning to the opening, the girl stays low enough to avoid getting hit again and screams at the top of her lungs. She is suddenly yanked back by one of the doctors, who she instinctively kicks in the groin before scrambling away. Grabbing two scalpels, she stands by the exit and makes sure none of the adults try to block it. A nurse tries to get closer and is about to whisper to the girl until a blade slices her shin and drives her back.

Everyone jumps when there is a knock on the hatch in the roof, but nobody makes a move toward the handle. Too short to reach, Kara looks to the adults for help, but knows that they are more interested in escaping. The bus swerves to avoid a suspicious dip in the ground and another crash from behind sends a fresh wall of debris towards the caravan. Fearing that Dawn is about to die, Kara puts the scalpels on an empty seat and scrambles up a shaking shelving unit. While the doctors shove a cabinet in the opening, the girl leaps for the handle and plants her feet on a nurse’s face when the black-haired woman tries to grab her legs. Taking a moment to read the directions, she quickly opens the hatch and sticks her head out to see that Dawn is sliding to the edge of the bus. Hoisting herself up and lurching forward, she catches her friend by the hand and desperately yanks on her arm. Swinging her feet to the ceiling, Kara pulls with all of her strength and helps the woman inside.

The hatch is slammed closed a second before the fresh wave of dirt, trees, and animals come over the caravan. A doctor struggles to keep the cabinet in place, but a branch punches through the metal to impale him through the head. With his weight against the damaged furniture, he begins to push it out of the bus. Two of the nurses rush forward to save as many of the supplies inside as they can carry. They are left standing in the open, their arms filled with bandages and medicine, when the cabinet tumbles to the ground. Both women scream at the sight of a mountain lion hurtling towards them, the confused predator snarling and extending its front paws. The animal collides into the nurses and the impact snaps one of their necks while the other is savagely mauled to death. Before the beast can attack anyone else, Kara rushes forward to stab it in the nose with one of her scalpels. With a yelp, the animal scrambles out of the bus and limps towards the hills that are turning a blood red. The last they here from the mountain lion is a mournful call that sounds eerily human before abruptly cutting off with a hiss.

With a low rumble, the land behind them begins to revert to its original form and the sky clears to show the stars even though it is still daytime. The ground becomes flat and even, which gives the caravan a smooth ride that puts them on edge. Brakes screech at the sight of an enormous gateway rising out of a stream that they continues to run up the pillars and across the arched top. A neon sign bursts from the wooden surface along with an arrow pointing at the bus, which is slowing to a stop. Ian’s messy signature appears above the gateway as clouds that emit a horizontal rain that gradually falls into the confused caravan. Kara is the only one who looks at Dawn while everyone else stares at the message that they have the woman to thank for their recent tragedy.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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7 Responses to Raven’s Wrath Part 15 #horror #thriller #Halloween

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  2. A very exciting episode. I like these vehicle stampedes.


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  4. L. Marie says:

    Oh man! What a ride!


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