Luke & Nyx: Who Got It Worse?

Luke Callindor– This is a really odd topic.  Even stranger is that we’re the only ones in the room.  Are we supposed to answer questions?

Nyx– Maybe after we talk for a bit.  Sounds like we have to voice an opinion on something the author has dealt with.

Luke– Oh, you mean how people react to the losses, torture, injuries, beatings, and victories that we have.  Well, it isn’t as bad as it used to be.  Mostly because people aren’t paying as much attention to him now as before.  Although, I assume people have gotten used to how he operates.

Nyx–  I think you missed the part where you explain the topic.  As usual, big sis, to the rescue.  That isn’t even a joke.  I think I’ve saved you and the others more times than anyone else.  Yet, there are people who still got sensitive when I was the one needing to be rescued.  I’m not perfect, so I do need help at times.

Luke–  Not to mention you leap into battle as quickly as I do.  You aren’t very strong without your magic, so anyone who gets around that will dominate.  Even so, you give as good as you get. It is funny how I get beaten within an inch of my life and nobody bats an eye.  You gaining a victory while getting injured used to get a lot of uproar. Remember one person a few years back that was angry about you getting punched in the face?

Nyx–  I was captured at the time too.  Wonder if that person read a little farther when I escaped, with your help, and went back on the offensive. Wow, the two of us really have taken a lot of physical, mental, and emotional beatings.  Sari might beat us on two and three and Dariana is up there too.  Still, I can’t remember a book where you and I don’t need a healer.

Luke– Technically the first book since you hadn’t debuted you.  Is this really a question that has to be answered?  Then again, there is the torture I went through in Ritual of the Lost Lamb.  That might put me ahead.

Nyx–  Definitely, but I don’t think as much people cared about that as they did when I get a little torture in Family of the Tri-Rune.  That was unexpected, especially since I was defiant the whole time and it ended with me coming out on top.  Well, sort of.  Passing out is fine as long as you don’t tell the bad guys what they want.  Do you think people expect you to get hurt more than me?

Luke–  I don’t know.  Being a warrior, they might expect me to get into more close range battles.  Casters tend to be in the back, so you’re unique in that respect.  Maybe people aren’t used to casters getting punched like warriors.  Then again, you have the more positive fan following.  Too many see me as immature and obnoxious, so they might just enjoy my suffering.

Nyx–  To be fair, I’ve been called a bitch at times.  Is this where the conversation was supposed to go?

Luke–  Maybe we open the floor to people asking us about our experiences.  I think we’ve established that we’ve both had it pretty badly.

Nyx–  Hey, how are you still talking considering what happened to you in the last book?

Luke–  I don’t think those things carry over onto these types of posts.

Nyx–  Okay.  So . . . any questions?

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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20 Responses to Luke & Nyx: Who Got It Worse?

  1. I appreciate that your heroes suffer. It’s more realistic that way. We ask readers to accept a lot of things in spec genres, so anytime you can add realism really helps sell it.


    • We do have to trust the readers a lot when it comes to accepting our decisions. It gets really tough with violence though. Nobody likes to see their favorite characters get hurt, but heroes in certain genres can’t avoid such things.

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      • It seems like they expect it, but they hate it. Just have to do it your way and let the chips fall. As far as accepting things goes, John Wick never seemed to be in any real danger, the bad guys couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if they were standing inside it.


      • They went to the Stormtrooper school of combat. At least some of the other assassins seemed dangerous. Goons aren’t allowed to get the winning shot anyway.

        I think people prefer violence when it’s karmic and on villains. I see a lot of people complain about heroes never getting hurt being unrealistic then get angry when it happens.

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      • That get to me after a while. They want realism, then hate when it happens. I suppose one could look toward GRRM, and look at all the buzz he created by killing off main characters as often as he did.


      • Yet, people also made jokes about the high death count. It went the opposite way with people considering it a bad episode/chapter if nobody died. You also had readers/viewers refusing to get connected to most of the characters. I know many who stopped watching and reading after a certain character died too.

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      • It’s a fine line we walk. If Martin can’t please everyone, we can’t either. I think it has to work for the sake of the story.


      • I think he’s under fire now for taking so long with the next book. GoT spinoffs have been announced for the show and the next book still isn’t here. That’s a big challenge in fantasy and sci-fi it seems.

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      • I’ve heard that. I think I could be more productive if I were able to do it full time. Some folks don’t work that way, I suppose.


      • Everyone is different. Going full-time is why I’m finishing up my series this year. The problem is that sales are harder to come by these days.

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      • They sure seem to be. I’m taking vacation to address some things next week.


      • I’m thinking of cutting back on a few of my paid ads even more. The Amazon thing bombed and a few of the more expensive sites had no effect. Becoming a real head scratcher because I can’t even get a ripple on social media. Most people I talk to are the same. Nobody seems to know what happened.

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      • I’ve read many times, dating back to the era before the internet, that advertising doesn’t work for books. Word of mouth sells books. How do we use the internet to get word of mouth working for us? I don’t have a lot of answers.


      • I’ve heard people say that too, but I think it skips a step. You get the initial word of mouth by advertising. At least these days, people don’t simply walk into a store and grab any book off the shelf that catches their eye. Online stores are hard to browse and most people go looking for a specific item. Maybe times just changed. You see commercials for Patterson books all the time and any series with a TV show or movie is basically getting advertised too.

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      • Maybe the trick is to get in those “also read” lists Amazon provides shoppers. I don’t know how, but that seems reasonable.


      • I’ve seen those and the ‘also bought’ list. I remember there was Listopia or something years ago. You could make a list of books under a topic, so the books showed up under each other as ‘also’. Think it got overly abused.

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  2. L. Marie says:

    Nyx’s question is interesting: “Do you think people expect you [Luke] to get hurt more than me?” I have to wonder if some readers had expectations as far as gender–i.e., expecting a female to be hurt less.


    • From feedback that I’ve gotten over the years, I would say yes. Readers love when both characters kick ass. Some kind of laugh when Luke gets hurt since he’s the reckless one. Yet, the only time I get replies involving Nyx getting injured, it’s to complain that it was too much. This has included single punches up to the arrow incident. One should assume that a character in the front line would get hurt, but I guess not.


  3. I’ll ask a few questions.
    First, Luke, if you could trade your weapons for Nyx’s magic, do you think you’d get hurt less?
    Nyx, would you trade your magic for brute force if it could protect your friends from injury?
    Luke, if you could choose one power to supplement your weapons, what would it be?
    Nyx, would you trade places with Luke under any circumstance?


    • 1- Probably not. Magic is a lot more unstable than swords. Besides, it isn’t what I use that gets me hurt. I’d still be using the same front line style, which puts me in more danger. Not like Nyx stays back anyway.

      2- Not really sure how brute force can do a better job than magic. Feels like it would an unnecessary trade. I mean, we already have Timoran and I can create shields. Not to mention, one can use magic with brute force. Don’t even think of adding to that, little brother.

      3- I already have some wind control and the undead destruction. As lame as it sounds, I wouldn’t mind the ability to summon my swords to me. Getting disarmed is always a risk, so it would be a relief to have that out of the way. Can’t do it though. I’d have to get my blades enchanted and that doesn’t feel right considering they were coming of age gifts from my dad.

      4- If he’s being tortured like in our latest adventure then yes. Not sure I can handle the physical stuff better, but I think I’m better suited to withstand magical agony. Beyond that, I don’t see why I would switch. We’re usually in the same mess together.

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