Raven’s Hold Part 22 #thriller #fiction

West Park Asylum

West Park Asylum

With Ian’s room a few doors away, Gina eases her grip on his arm and tries to gently guide the mumbling man to the door. A low growl rolls from the patient’s throat before he whirls around and yanks the stun gun from the orderly’s hand. The device crackles as he jabs it at the woman, her face making him stop an inch shy of shocking her. Adrenaline pumping and confusion twisting his mind, Ian turns the stun gun on himself. The jolt of crippling pain helps clear the fog from his head, which he hopes will allow him to see the differences between Gina and Carla. All it accomplishes is making him wet his pants since he still finds himself staring at the twin of his sister.

“One charge left if I’m reading this correctly,” Ian says while examining the stun gun. A twitch of his eye makes the woman shy away, so he takes a step closer. “Let’s play a game, Ms. Nash. We’ll say you aren’t my sister. Whoever is behind this found someone that looked like her and made all the necessary changes. They made a copy of the necklace or even stole it from Carla. In the end, they created you and had you interact with me. What would be the point of doing that?”

“I don’t know,” Gina replies as she backs against the wall. Her eyes dart from one side to the other in the hopes of seeing someone that can help. “You’re describing something that would take a lot of forethought and planning. It would have had to been put into action before you arrived here. As far as a point, it wouldn’t be to help. The only reason I can imagine for such a treatment is to break you completely and rebuild you. Such a therapy would be immensely unethical and have such a high risk that only a mad scientist would do it. Dr. Rutherford isn’t like that, so I think you’re just confused.”

“Stop saying that!” the man roars, pressing the stun gun to the orderly’s neck. His thumb runs along the button and he grinds his teeth against his lower lip, which draws blood. “I may not know what’s going on, but I’m thinking very clearly. Rich kept talking about ghosts, which isn’t sounding as ridiculous as I once thought. Though I don’t see why they would want to mess with strangers. More than likely, we’re being experimented on either for a reason or for someone’s entertainment. Are there cameras hidden here? Drugs mixed into the food or the medication we take?”

“Even if it was true, I wouldn’t know!”

“Stop lying!”

“Don’t hurt me!”

Biting through his lip, Ian screams, “Then tell me why I’m here!”

“So close! So close! Little puppy came so close!” announces Dawn as she cartwheels out of a doorway. A wicked grin is on her face and she slinks over to Gina, her blood-covered hands touching the other woman’s face. “Why are you here? We aren’t supposed to bring family into the fun. Is it something with him? There’s something going on here and I don’t like it. The little puppy didn’t fit at first, but now he’s becoming one of us. Are you here to stop it? Who is the behind you?”

“Both of you please go to your rooms,” the orderly requests, her body shaking from the sticky fingers on her cheeks. “The reason I’m here is because Dr. Rutherford hired me after I sent in my application. I have no connection to this man.”

Dawn stops and backs away while falling into a predatory crouch, her hands leaving red smears on the floor. She sways back and forth like a serpent that is deciding on if it should strike or retreat. A click echoes from beneath her feet, which causes the unblinking woman to press her ear to the tiles. With no words coming out, Dawn’s lips moves as if she is arguing with something. The debate becomes so heated that spit flies from her mouth and she slips at the floor several times. Unleashing a bark of defiance, she turns her attention back to Gina and begins to flip toward the woman. When she is within reach, the lithe brunette takes a quick swipe with her foot and leaves a gash on the orderly’s cheek.

“I know who brought you here and she needs to know her place,” Dawn declares while running a finger over the bleeding wound. Without looking, her hand lances out and rubs the blood on Ian’s lips. “This place is our home and I’ve been more than willing to share. I even put my dear unicorn to sleep this morning because it got sick from eating Jenny. All I do around here is give and sacrifice, but nobody ever appreciates me. So I’ll make everyone realize who the top bitch in Raven’s Hold is. Let there be darkness!”

Gina lunges for an emergency button that Ian swears was not on the wall a minute ago. He watches as her hand slams onto the red circle and a siren screams throughout the building. The sound of slamming doors mixes with shouts of both confusion and anger. A chair smashes through the glass window of the common room, the shards falling in slow motion and stabbing into the floor. Rustling can be heard in the ceiling and yellow-eyed shadows flit across the dusty vents. A darkness oozes down the hallway and devours everything in its path including the sunlight.

With a joyful giggle, Dawn raises her hands above her hand and waggles her fingers at the terrified orderly. Cocking her head toward Ian, she blows him a kiss and spits at his feet. Taking a relaxing breath, the woman drops her arms and the approaching shadows blast forward to envelope all of Raven’s Hold.

“No fun in normal,” Dawn sings in the darkness. Her voice fades away and is a faint whisper from every direction when she says, “Never any fun in normal.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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  1. There’s a cliffhanger if I ever saw one!


  2. The next needs to come quickly


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