And Here We Are

This post might be a bit meaty since I have a lot of ground to cover.  Yearly goals, weekly goals, a new page coming later, and covering a bit of confusion.  Well, let’s get on with the fun.

End of an Era

Many people saw the ‘Beginning of the End’ posts this week and are aware that this coming will be the first one under the new schedule.  Only MWF and Saturday aside from reblogging on the off days.  Special events will alter this, but that’s what it is for now.  I don’t know if this will really help with my writing since I scheduled everything before and I still plan on commenting on blogs.  We’ll see what happens.

Now some people asked if I was leaving WordPress due to the tone of the previous post titles.  If not now then I was preparing to abandon the blogosphere in the future.  To that I have the following to say:

Dean Winchester (Just got Seasons 6 and 8 from Cyber Monday!)

Dean Winchester

I guess I am slipping a foot toward the exit in case I feel like my time here is no longer fun or I have to leave for some reason.  For now, I’m just shrinking my time here to focus on more important things.  I won’t lie and say I’ll always be here.  I’ve even considered closing up shop on days where I feel like I’m overwhelmed.  No way to tell what the future will hold.  I may even drop to a smaller schedule if things become chaotic enough.  In the end, you’ll know if I’m leaving . . . at least if it’s by my choice.

Writing Plan for the Year

  1. Publish the next 3 books of ‘Legends of Windemere’: ‘Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue’, ‘Merchant of Nevra Coil’, and ‘The Mercenary Prince.
  2. Write the next 4 books of ‘Legends of Windemere’: ‘The Mercenary Prince’, ‘Tribe of the Snow Tiger’, Book 11 when I have a title, and Book 12 when I have a title.  Book 11 is really giving me issues in terms of title because a big part of it focuses on a certain relationship.
  3. Editing during the summer.
  4. Start outlining the Vampire series that is currently ‘Realm of the Night’, but probably needs a new title.  Does it still work if they’re all immune to day light?  They kind of live in the shadows of the world, but ‘Realm of the Shadows’ sounds overdone.  ‘War of the Night’?
  5. Get new author photo and work on getting an official author website.

Those are the big writing goals of 2015 and I really hope they happen.  The writing might be tougher than the publishing since I’ll finish the December release by the end of this month.  I’ll try to do the outlining between books, but I should do some notebook work too.  A big issue is that I’m getting closer to one series that I haven’t touched yet and it’s a whopper since I made each book a 4 Act adventure.

Another interesting point about these goals is that they leave me with a very interesting 2016.  That may be far ahead, but that would be the year I write the final 3 books of ‘Legends of Windemere’.  They won’t be released until 2017 unless something changes to allow for a 6 book release year.  Still, that brings an odd sense to the workload I chose for myself.  I’d be starting the vampire series near the end of that year, which begs the question: Do I remember have to start a fresh series?

Bugs and Daffy (Looney Tunes)

Bugs and Daffy (Looney Tunes)

Opinion on 2015

Not impressed.   Same crap, new calendar.  It’s funny how we sometimes think the starting of a new year will change our personal landscape immediately.  Maybe we expect everyone to start changing their lives and that will help us do the same.  Either way, I’ve got a feeling that this year will merely be 2014 Part Deux.


In a few hours, a new page will be appearing on LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE.  It will be a place where a person can post a question that I’ll answer in a later post.  Keep in mind that it could be a month or so before I get to it.  Also I do retain the right to not answer a question that I feel is too controversial for this blog.  It’s really a simple thing that I had for my first year and got nothing.  I’ll just mention it at the bottom of every future goal post to direct people to it.

Well . . . that’s it for this post.  Guess we’ll see what happens Tuesday when there’s no post on here.  Might be a reblog or two, but nothing directly from me.  Enjoy 2015.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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36 Responses to And Here We Are

  1. Oloriel says:

    I wish you all the best with your plans. Once again, I must say that I admie greatly the passion, effort and yourself you put into your schedules and plans!
    As for the new series title, try to play around with what you have, like “Nightrealms”. Everything is overused if you ask me, we always bother with presenting seen ideas in new clothing 🙂 I am sure you will come up with a kickass title, in any case 😀


  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Good luck, Charles… 🙂


  3. When all said and done Charles, your main priority (after the family and Bill paying work) are getting your books completed and published – we’ll all still be here when you get back 😀
    PS Any time you’d like some promo work done – drop me an email 😀


  4. mari wells says:

    Love the plans. Very excited to hear more about these vampires of yours. 😀


    • Funny you should mention that. I’m working on Book 9 of Legends of Windemere, which is where they get involved in the events. So you learn a little about their culture and how they’ve kind of integrated into the rest of society. It’s kind of a test run for the concept for the vampire series that I simply cannot think of a good name for. Spent all morning trying, but I kept coming back to ‘Realm of the Night’.


      • mari wells says:

        Realm of Darkness? Night of Blood? Darkness and Blood? Realm of Blood? Dark Realm? You know I’m a vampire-phile right? I’ve got a few exciting things up my sleeve on Vamps too. 😀


      • I think the issue I have here is that all of the vampires are daywalkers. The Old Worlds merely lose most of their strength in the sun while the Dawn Fangs retain their powers. The series will be about the war between the Old Worlds and the newly risen Dawn Fangs that are more powerful, but less monstrous in persona. They don’t even have to kill when feeding, which is why I wasn’t sure if I should go for the blood thing.

        Dark Realm sounds around the area I was going for. I was looking at synonyms for shadows or something that explained that these creatures are living on the edge of society.


      • mari wells says:

        The Realm of Shadowed Light?

        A lot of the myths we believe about vampires are wrong. And an older vampire or one with good self control wouldn’t kill it’s prey. He would hunt a few a night. 😉


      • There’s also the idea of having humans that willingly give themselves up for food. Forgetting the term. Retainers? I’m working off Vampire: The Masquerade info right now.

        Maybe War of the Shadowed Light? Interesting one.


      • mari wells says:

        I like that!


      • mari wells says:

        I’m loving the idea. I’m up for beta reading if you need someone. 😀


      • Thanks. Though it’ll be a long time before I get to this series. Earliest I can tackle it might be 2017. There’s a test scene of it somewhere on the blog. At least I think there is.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Always nice to have a plan


  6. Big plans. Sometimes something else has to make room. I understand and wish you well with the new schedule and goals.


  7. I guess we will see.


  8. Ellespeth says:

    Sounds like a plan 😛


  9. L. Marie says:

    Charles, I know you’ll do what’s best. You put so much into everything you do. I totally get what you mean about being overwhelmed, but wanting your books to be a priority. At least we can come here and catch up with you whenever you decide to post. And we can also take part in your cover reveals and book launches. 🙂


  10. M T McGuire says:

    I hope you won’t give up your blog entirely but whatever you do, it’s a case of making sure you enjoy it. If you don’t then yes, maybe a holiday from it would be better. Good luck, just do the right thing for you.




  11. Jack Flacco says:

    Happy New Year, Charles. Good luck with your new writing schedule; that’s quite a plan. I wish you all the best. Never say never!


  12. Less is more, right. 🙂


  13. Rather than dropping your WordPress blog, you should consider doing what I’ve done…create a static home page and buy a domain name. (Or keep the one you have, if that’s what you want.) Your “blog” then gets its own tab in the menu and you can post as much or as little as you like. You also get the benefit of keeping all your hard earned fans and followers. Just read a few of your recent posts and thought this could save you some hair pulling in the future. Buying/mapping a domain is much cheaper than starting a new website elsewhere. 🙂 I wish you all the best no matter which way you decide to go!


    • I am working on making an author website that will be more static and only really be updated when I get close to big events. I need to get a few more pieces together before I work on it. The blog will be designated for interaction after that, which is kind of is right now. I still think I get more from a blog than if I only had a quiet homepage, but I need to cut back here. 7 days a week was fun, but it’s time has passed.


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