Origins: Zombie Girl

I’m not putting a picture on this one.  Odd that I’m writing about a zombie story idea and I get creeped out by them.

Some people have pointed out that I use zombies in my fantasy books, which is uncommon.  I come from the land of D&D where zombies are one of the monsters you use when the heroes are wandering around.  So, they’re in Windemere and I decided to focus on them at one point.  I came up with this while buying the Marvel Zombies hardcover with a zombie Mary Jane Parker-Watson on the cover.  That’s Spider-Man’s wife and a pox on Joe Quesada for screwing that up.

I created a society where everyone was a necromancer.  This society holds a hidden city on each continent.  Zombies weren’t bloodthirsty monsters that would turn on their masters.  They were used as servants, weapons, and an essential part of the world.  Zombies also had abilities based on how the person died.  For example, dying by fire can give a zombie fire abilities when it’s raised.  There are also those that can alter and enhance zombies.  The goal of the main character is to become one of the thirteen Decayers (elite warriors and nobles) when she graduated school.

Unfortunately, she tried to use a dangerous magic item in school and the guy who couldn’t raise a zombie interrupted her.  Big explosion and she’s dead . . . until she wakes up as a zombie bonded to the useless guy.  Unlike the other zombies, this girl can still think and talk.  The only way to tell she’s a zombie is the gaping hole in her chest, crushed left arm, and a chunk of right leg missing.  So, she sets out to finish her dream of becoming a Decayer and dragging her new master along with her.  There’s high school rivals, best friends, Dark Gods, family intrigue, and various other challenges.  Oh and people have their zombies fight in arenas at times, so that will come up with her.

So far, I haven’t figure out the powers to give her.  She died by her heart getting ripped out by a mysterious creature that came out of the magic item.  I’ve been keeping her at enhanced strength, speed, durability, and her ability to think.  I think I need a special power to give her, but I want to avoid energy attacks and body weapons.  She’s definitely an in your face fighter.

I also haven’t figured out the exact benefit of zombie and zombie master.  Do the zombies gain strength from the confidence or focus of their master?  Sounds a little lame, but I can’t think of anything else.

The final problem is story and scale.  This used to be 5 books, but now I’m wondering if I can tell the story in one or three.  There’s the initial event of her dying and getting used to it.  Some other people want her as their zombie.  Then there’s the secret behind her family and finally the big secret behind what happened to her.   All of those could make great stories, but I wonder if I could stick them into one book instead.  It might only be a question of format.

Anyway, that’s another Work In Progress that I think about at times.  Final note: Zombie Girl is a redhead.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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28 Responses to Origins: Zombie Girl

  1. J.A. Romano says:

    Really cool idea. Reminds me of my own zombie story, actually, but yours sound a lot cooler. : )

    You could make her a lot stronger than everyone else, but as a downside of her ability to think, maybe she feels pain whenever she receives new injuries? Looking forward to more on this story. Sounds very cool.


    • That was another thing I considered. That she has some unbreakable will that allows her to keep fighting and grow stronger as she takes hits. Maybe even a pain into strength ability. The thing that killed her was a Dark God, so it has to be good.

      The feeling pain would be a good twist too. So many choices. Good luck with your zombie story.


  2. Red heads are cool as Zombies. They are always color perfect with the drippy parts


  3. AR Neal says:

    Sounds exciting! If there is a transferrance of some existential something from master to zombie, maybe it could be in reverse for her, so useless dude bucks up and helps her finish reaching her dream… And maybe her power can be something like the ability to heal other zombies back to life, or to end their life (a “heart”/emotional/spiritual power)…


    • Useless dude is going to prove to be a better fleshcrafter (repair and enhancement) than a zombie master. So, he will have his uses. I’m kind of sorry I called him useless dude actually. I have him slated for a great character evolution.

      The heart thing was mentioned by a friend a few years ago. He wasn’t able to explain it though. Do you mean she would be able to turn the zombies back into living creatures? That would definitely change the perspective because her society would see her as a major threat. The use of zombies is core to them. Might be an interesting power for her to develop for the third book or third act, which kicks off the grand finale.


  4. I’m a redhead and feel like a zombie today. Maybe you should get a picture for cover art. Lol


  5. This is a really neat – and cool – idea, Charles. I enjoy zombies , but like you, they kinda creep me out. I like the idea of energy transference between master and zombie – it might make for an interesting interaction/give-and-take relationship, especially given that she can think.


  6. tpolen says:

    Love the idea – you can’t go wrong with zombies.


  7. This sounds really intriguing! When I think of zombies, I think of the drooling, green-skinned, goons from the Scooby Doo cartoons. Never seen a redheaded zombie before. 😉 This is going to be good!


  8. I love your idea! I actually have a tribe of zombie too and they’re just warriors, Scottish clan like! You see, the more I read your stuff and the more I think that I’m doing thing superficially in my Sonrisa!!! I’ve been working on that for over 6 years but it seems there still an awful number of things to do!!!
    Anyway, your idea looks great and if I can give your suggestion why don’t you give her the power of manipulating the heart of people. I mean if she was killed ripping her heart off, maybe she can do that telekinesis-like or simply just modify and control the memoirs and thought of people, as extension!


    • The memory thing has promise. She’s going to be fighting other zombies more than living creatures, so the heart manipulation might not be very effective.

      There are always a number of things to do even when you’re nearing the end of a project. Sounds like you have a lot already done, so superficial is probably the wrong word to use.


      • I see…well it still stay that she could have the ability of ripping limbs off! It might work too! Oh dear I’m thinking splatter things!!!!
        As for Sonrisa, it’s more the layout of the archipelago and under the sea territories, the general characteristic of the tribes, their fashion, diet and so on. Just the basic stuff!!!! I have the tribes and population but they don’t have always a name I don’t have deeper details!


      • The characteristics are actually deep details. Many authors don’t go that far. Zombies always bring out the splattering.


      • Yeah! Let’s splatter!
        Well it’s a way of seeing it! It’s just me maybe! I have the constant problem of thinking I don’t do enough!


      • I can relate. Though, I’m told I do a lot.


      • That’s what I’m told too, but maybe untill I will be convinced there won’t be anything they can say that can make me feel better!


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