War of Nytefall Interviews- Mab and Jewelz: Centuries of Hatred #vampires #fantasy

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It’s another Monday in October, so I’m going to present two more characters from War of Nytefall to answer questions in the comments.  Hopefully, this gets a lot of responses and we have some fun.  To check out the books in this series, here are the links:

  1. War of Nytefall: Loyalty
  2. War of Nytefall: Lost
  3. War of Nytefall: Rivalry

Today, it’s Mab for the third time joining us and Jewelz the Vampire Queen.  Since Mab was part of the first interview, I’m not going to post her bio again.  To get a refresher on Mab, check out her interview alongside Clyde.

This is going to be tough because a lot about Jewelz is a big part of War of Nytefall: Rivalry.  She is an ancient enemy of Mab and has been in hiding to become the mysterious Vampire Queen.  Her goal is to claim the strongest Dawn Fang as her king and she is already betting on it being Clyde.  The fact that he is connected to the woman she blames for destroying her life is a bonus.  A lot of the animosity stems from Mab being adopted by their maker and teacher, Rellan Everald.  They were friends while apprentices until Mab began surpassing the older Jewelz.  Everything fell apart after their final test and they became enemies.  At one point, Jewelz turned Mab’s brother, Titus, into a vampire to use as a weapon, but he didn’t obey.  He ended up throwing her into a volcano, which everyone thought was the end of her.  She survived with the help of Dean Pendrac, a scholarly vampire noble, and waited for another chance to go up against her hated enemy once more.

In terms of power, Jewelz can be considered an equal of Clyde.  She can coat her claws in acid and mesmerize others with a touch or eye contact.  Her greatest power is the ability to manipulate gemstones for various effects and craft her own from the surrounding elements.  This makes her very deadly and more versatile than Mab with her claws and shadow jumping ability.  Yet, Jewelz loses in terms of aggression, so this will be an ugly, nasty fight when it occurs within the pages of War of Nytefall: Rivalry.

Let’s get the awkward finale to these interviews underway!

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9 Responses to War of Nytefall Interviews- Mab and Jewelz: Centuries of Hatred #vampires #fantasy

  1. L. Marie says:

    What quality do you respect about your enemy that would cause you to want to avoid underestimating her (and thus triumphing over her)?


    • Mab- Respect for this psychopath? Only reason I don’t underestimate her is because she’s an utter maniac. Even then, her reasons for doing anything are predictable.

      Jewelz- The little burglar is too easy to taunt and enrage. Nothing to respect there. She may have won a few rounds in our youth, but she’s nothing to me now.

      Mab- Only the boogie man in your nightmares.

      Jewelz- Troll kissing skank.

      Mab- Zombie bedding bitch.

      (Yeah. I don’t think respect plays into this rivalry.)

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  2. L. Marie says:

    Well, then Jewelz, how do you keep your skills honed? What do you do to train? (Mab, I think you answered this question already.)


    • Jewelz- I experiment with my abilities to discover new uses. Since I’ve already created a variety of unstoppable techniques, I don’t have to focus a lot on improving. My kingdom and conquests require too much time for structured training, so the fact that I’m already very powerful means I don’t have to bother.

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  3. Did this jewel creation come from time spent in a volcano?


  4. Jewelz: do you find it easier to work with one type of gemstone than another? Also, even if you can work equally well with them all, do you have a favourite?


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