Goal Post a.k.a. What Went Wrong This Time?

I really should just change this post to ‘What went wrong for Charles this time?’ because that’s how the week is going.  In fact, this post is so late in the day because I was waiting for something good to write about.  So, we’ll start with that.

My son just earned his orange belt in martial arts.  He’s very proud and did a great job with the test.  Now, he works his way towards a purple belt, which is going to take a lot longer.  I’m sure he’ll get there in the blink of an eye though.  Feels like it wasn’t very long ago (August) that he first put on a white belt.  It’s interesting seeing what he can do too because we can’t practice the grapples and throws with him.  The kicks are difficult enough since we’re never ready for the impact even with the pads.  Nice way to end a really rough week.

Now, Sunday was an early wake up with a trip to the emergency room.  My son woke up crying about his ear hurting.  We tried to hold out until a clinic opened, but that was going to be 2 hours.  The only place open was the E.R. and he was bawling by the time we got there.  Got even worse when we got a bed too.  There were definitely worse cases there, but it’s still hard to stay calm while your kid is crying, thrashing, and screaming that he needs a doctor.  It was only an ear infection caused by his cold, so he started to calm down after a little cleaning and medicine.  This still meant I only had a few hours sleep and had to make it to the next weekend.

Why couldn’t I rest this week?  Well, about 2 weeks ago, my wife got t-boned and her car needs two new doors.  It’s at the shop and we’re having some issues.  Long story short, the insurance company is having a little trouble getting in touch with the other driver and that’s delaying everything.  So, the car is at the shop while this is getting settled and it can’t get worked on until insurance finishes the hunt.  This means I’m driving my wife to work and my dad is picking her up.  Keep in mind that I’m already driving my son to school, which means I have to get him moving a half hour earlier now.  No time for biking since I have to get both of them ready, myself showered, possibly eat something, and out the door to battle traffic.  This could be going on for another 2 weeks at least. So, I’m going to apologize now if I get snippy and irritable because this is rough.

And that’s . . . Oh . . . Yeah . . . I almost forgot the bigger disaster.  So, my son had the ear infection and my own ears decided to pull a ‘Hold My Beer’ move.  DOUBLE EAR INFECTION!  This hit me on Tuesday and I went to the doctor after my chauffeur stint stopped for the morning.  My left ear earned the reaction ‘Wow, that’s really red. Even the tubes are red’.  That was the good one too.  My right ear had a chunk of earwax sitting ON the eardrum and it might have been there for awhile.  Since this wasn’t a specialist, they didn’t want to try too hard to remove the blob.  They tried a pick, which felt like a spike trying to get into my skull.  The water peroxide thing didn’t do much either, but I guess it loosened something enough for ‘Return of the Brain Needle’ to make some progress.  This resulted in being told that the skin beneath that glob was fragile and there ‘might’ be some bleeding.  Just like I ‘might’ eat pizza if it’s put in front of me.  Let’s just say I think I freaked out a bunch of people at the grocery store and a cashier who happened to be on my right-hand side.  After 6 hours of that nonsense, I was looking up if people can die of blood lose from such a slow seep.  Honestly, it still does it at times.  I have to do ear drops and see a specialist if things don’t improve in a few weeks.

That was my week and next week looks to be just as exhausting with all the driving, but with rain and possible snow this time.  I’m slowly making progress on Quest of the Broken-Hearted even with these disasters.  Next weekend is Super Bowl, so nothing will happen then in terms of writing.  So, my hope is that I’ll finish this book within two weeks and then I’ll finish the posts for March.  It’ll be too close to my son’s break to tackle another book, so I’ll focus on Ichabod Brooks outlines and maybe do another read through of War of Nytefall: Loyalty.  By the way, should I consider doing guest posts for this new series?  Just trying to figure stuff out.

What are the goals?

  1. Rid myself of ear infection.
  2. Write more Quest of the Broken-Hearted
  3. Possibly do a few more March posts if I’m not in book writing mood.
  4. Driving people around
  5. Maybe cooking
  6. Staring forlornly at the stationary bike
  7. Read more ‘One Piece’
  8. Figure out what manga series to tackle after ‘One Piece’
  9. Rue the day

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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35 Responses to Goal Post a.k.a. What Went Wrong This Time?

  1. Sorry, it hasn’t been the best of weeks for you Charles.

    Hopefully next week will be better. Be well.


  2. What Went Wrong for Charles This Week might be a good title. Sorry about your ears. Man, that is no fun. Good news about the orange belt. He must be proud. I keep saying I hope next week is better. I may be a jinx.


  3. “This too shall pass, Charles,” she said.

    Easier said than done, huh? Better days are coming… sooner than later! 😉

    Hope you can enjoy (rest) some of the weekend.

    Congrats to your son! 👍


  4. twixie13 says:

    Awesome to hear about your son’s progress! Not so awesome about the ear infection stuff, though. That always sucks. If you do end up going for guest posts for the new series, I’d be up for another character interview if you’d want one.


    • Thanks. I’m trying to decide on if I want to do character interviews before the first book. It’s kind of hard to do that with a character that hasn’t really debuted yet. A lot of mystery in this book, which means they can’t really talk about much in terms of story.


  5. Jennie says:

    Ear infections are so painful, and worse for adults. Great news on the orange belt. When your wife’s car is fixed and back on the road, things will get easier. So sorry about your awful week, Charles.


  6. Ouch! That sounds like a very painful week you had. Hope your ears get better soon.


  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery, speedy purple belt, speedy identification of other driver and speedy sleep tonight….better week coming Charles.


  8. My goodness, Charles, your ear troubles are worse than mine. I have an ear infection too this week and it was very painful. Now, with oral antibiotics and antibiotic ear drops I have no pain but my ear feels all blocked. It is horrible.


  9. Congratulations to your son. He’s really doing well!

    That sucks about the thing with your wife’s car. Hope they can get hold of the other driver so it can get sorted out soon.

    Sorry about the double ear infection. Hope it clears up quickly.


  10. Unbelievable week. Your insurance should cover you and go after the other guy on their own time. Maybe it’s time for a call to the NY Department of Insurance. Those who are self employed often forget they need vacation and sick days too. Maybe it’s time to use some of those.


  11. So sorry all this has happened. Sometimes you just have to (try to) relax and roll with the punches.


  12. Renee says:

    Sorry to hear about your wifes accident. I know how aggravating it can be when your schedules is all thrown off. Hope your ears heal up quickly and things get back to normal for you soon. Take care!


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