Raven’s Dawn Part 28 #horror #thriller #Halloween

(Dawn dares you to look back. Nothing goes wrong when you turn around in a horror story.)

Lewis & Clark Community College

With the back door opening to a brick wall, the twins are forced to rush up the stairs and search for a window. The idea of a broken bone is more welcoming than facing whatever the cult has planned for them. A cheer is heard in the distance, but it is cut off by an eerie silence that tells them that their escape has been discovered. Taking the steps by twos, they come out near the history section and race through the stacks. To their horror, the drab walls are covered in posters that are easily tore down to reveal concrete behind them. Pushing at the solid stone, the siblings hear glass cracking from the other side, but nothing gives way. Apollo grabs a nearby stool and strikes the wall, which swallows the weapon and launches it out of the building. They stand in silence while listening to the faint crash of metal on the street below.

A chorus of stomping footsteps can be heard below, most of their pursuers still searching the first floor. The siblings stay away from the stairwells, fearful that they will be seen by someone and cornered. Heading for where they remember seeing a closet, Aurora takes the lead while Apollo watches for enemies. They can hear shelves being pushed over and doors getting kicked open, but the chaos is too far for them to worry. It is when something shakes the building that they stop and crouch behind a cart with a single book on it. For a brief moment, the siblings hear flapping wings and look around for the ravens. When nothing appears, they fill the cart with books and use it as a moving shield in case somebody is upstairs with them. Only a few dull thuds come from the same floor, the sounds resembling a falling book more than a desperate search.

The twins almost believe they are going to escape when Professor Soleman steps out into the aisle. Dropping to their stomachs, the siblings hide behind the cart and watch the man through two tiny spaces in their shield. Leaning against the shelves, he stays at the far end of the path and calmly cleans his glasses. He continues to stare in their direction, but never moves from his quiet spot. Knowing that it is only a matter of time before they are found, Aurora nudges her brother and points at a nearby intersection. It is only a few feet away, but it is far enough that they will be seen if they move too quickly. Getting to their hands and knees, the twins keep an eye on Professor Soleman as they slowly push the cart forward. They only make it an inch before the man tenses and takes a step to investigate, but pulls back when a minute passes without any more movement.

A long creaking of a door opening behind them makes the twins sweat and they look around for another way out. Apollo looks over his shoulder to see a shadow getting closer, the feminine appearance making him think it is either Gemma or Charlene. He turns to whisper to Aurora, but stops to find that she is pulling books out of the bottom shelf. Getting the idea, he crawls over to help and they carefully take out the divider that makes a metallic wobbling sound. They glance to their left to see that Professor Soleman is coming and hear the other person starting to jog in their direction. Tossing the thin barrier to the side, the twins push the other books out of their way as they squeeze into the next aisle and escape. They hear the cart getting pushed over and a slew of curses, but are too busy retreating to check for signs of pursuit. A rush of air hits their backs at their former hiding place is thrown through the shelves and sent crashing across the upper floor.

Weaving through the stacks, the twins do their best to head away from the sounds of Professor Soleman and at least two other people. Turning a corner, they spot a shadow against the far wall and rush in the opposite direction. A woman that Aurora recognizes as a philosophy professor jumps out in front of them, but the pair leap away from each other when she tries to tackle them. The cursing teacher crashes to the ground between the students, whose legs she wildly flails at. Not wanting the twins to escape, the woman crawls after them at an alarming speed and swipes at their ankles. She is so caught up in the chase that she fails to hear the screech of breaking metal coming from ahead. Apollo grabs his sister by the arm to make her run faster as one of the shelving units topples over. The sharp edge strikes the professor on the back of the neck, decapitating her with its weight.

Clambering over the broken furniture, Professor Soleman takes up the hunt and charges after the siblings. He hurls books at them in the hopes of hitting their legs, but his shots are always short. When the pair split up at an intersection, the man skids to a stop and whistles for help before running after Apollo. The sound of the other followers charging up every stairwell shakes the second floor and several shelves collapse from the tremors. Glass breaks as the impatient pursuers shatter the short walls at the top of the steps and clamber through the shards to cut off those who are ahead. Furniture is knocked over or tossed aside as a hungry madness sets into the mob, their desire to please their revived master growing stronger by the minute.

Determined to claim at least half of the reward, Professor Soleman frantically hunts for Apollo, who he spots ducking around a corner. Knocking over the nearest shelving unit, the teacher tries to cut the student off, but finds that his prey has gone back. Leaping through the gap with his arms stretched out, he tackles Apollo as he passes and pins the startled young man against the opposite shelves. The victory is short-lived as Aurora sprints down the aisle with a cart that she slams into Professor Soleman. Still clinging to the brother with one hand, he lashes out to catch the sister by her wrist, but the twins rear back to pull him off his feet.

Wriggling free of his grip, the siblings drop him on the cart and run with it held between them. They shove it toward the balcony that oversees the lobby and watch the screaming man get thrown over the railing. As Professor Soleman crashes into the front desk, the cart tumbles through the breaking glass and falls on top of him. The twins take a moment to see if he is dead, but they are swiftly driven away from the balcony by a large group of Dawn’s followers rushing from their left. Charlene is in the front of the crowd, her toothless mouth dripping red-tinted foam. The narrow path makes it difficult for all of the people to move as the siblings start to run, so the more ambitious of the followers casually hurl their friends out of their way. Several bodies are sent falling to the first floor and others are slammed into the shelves that begin a domino effect that threatens to crush those searching within the stacks.

Spotting a door at the far end of an aisle, Aurora grabs Apollo by his collar and practically drags him along. They can see that the falling furniture is heading to block their only escape, so they sprint as quickly as they can. Listening to the screaming mob behind them, the twins narrowly avoid ducking around a large man who bursts out from behind an empty display. The wire frame falls in his path as he lunges for Aurora, his eagerness snapping both ankles and causing him to collapse across the aisle. With the injured man blocking the others, the siblings are able to get ahead of the approaching crowd and reach the door. The exit swings and moves as the building shakes, proving that it is not locked. Running faster, Aurora and Apollo swear that they see trees outside and have caught the scent of flowers. Coming to the door, an enormous shelving unit is about to fall on the twins as they crash into the metal door and let their momentum take them to safety.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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13 Responses to Raven’s Dawn Part 28 #horror #thriller #Halloween

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  2. Jennie says:

    This was a thriller!


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  4. jenanita01 says:

    Your imagination has been working overtime, as this must be the Halloween story to end all!
    Brilliantly scary, and so very visual!


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