Raven’s Dawn Part 6 #horror #thriller #Halloween

(One step back if you feel lost.)

Hollins University

Aurora closes her textbook and starts glaring at her brother, who continues staring at his notes. Deciding not to speak until she has calmed down, she goes to her dresser and hunts for a scrunchie to put her hair up with. Grabbing a mesh bag, the tired student throws in the ones that she forgot to clean last weekend. Aurora decides on a red one from the bottom, but realizes that it used to be white before a disastrous dissection in her zoology class. She can still vividly remember the sound of something bursting from the table behind her and the sensation of warmth and stickiness striking her head. Giving up on the distraction, she slams the drawer shut and whirls around to find that her brother is on his phone. Even though Apollo is trying to look like he is researching something, the sounds effects betray him. Taking her film camera off its hook, Aurora whistles to get his attention and gets him with her newest flash that temporarily blinds him.

“Already got my money’s worth on this toy,” she claims with an evil grin. Carefully putting the camera back, she whirls around to cross her arms and put on her best authoritarian scowl. “I can’t believe you told mom and dad about that stupid dream. You know how much they worried when we had that as kids. We were nearly medicated because of it. Even though the setting changes, the whole thing with doodles and crazy deaths remain the same. Do you really want them to make us see a shrink again?”

“If it helps me figure this out then I’ll go,” Apollo replies, imitating his sister’s posture and expression. Seeing that he is about to lose his video game, he quickly hits a few buttons with his thumb and quits. “There’s no reason to get so upset. Mom and dad think it’s only me, so you can keep lying. We both know you haven’t put whatever is causing our dream to rest. I’m still thinking a trauma in the womb. Could we have been quadruplets and absorbed the other two before birth?”

“This is why I keep telling you take a creative writing minor,” Aurora says with a half-hearted smile. Reaching under her mattress, she pulls out a diary and searches for the last time she had the dream. “It’s been a week for me and it was fairly tame. Everyone died from poisoning instead of a unique one each time. Then again, my experiences were never as vivid and varied as yours. Maybe you’re the cause of it all and I merely have to get hundreds of miles away to cure myself.”

“That’s not very nice.”

“You’re right, but it sounds like such a beautiful dream today.”

“Can’t run away from your problems.”

“Of course you can if you’re faster or can afford the airfare.”

The awkward silence lingers as Apollo tries to figure out if his sister is serious about wanting to get away. Having never spent more than a weekend away from each other, it is difficult for the young man to imagine going for very long without her. He smirks at how strangers find their attachment creepy until they admit to being twins. Apollo is still amazed at what they can get away with since people tend to assume their shared birth has given them a predisposition for being strange. The only time he can remember things going off the rails was when they went to prom together in each other’s clothes, their real dates happy to be a part of the prank. To this day, he is not sure why the teachers and some of the students got so upset about an innocent clothing swap.

“You were thinking of our prom prank again,” Aurora says, putting her fingers to her temples. Knowing that the psychic joke only works on new friends, she drops the act and flops onto her bed. “Do you think anybody else can decipher our different smiles? I can’t do it with anyone other than you. Be nice to see the truth behind expressions even for a day. That would help me talk with Bryce. I don’t think she was ready to come back.”

“She wasn’t very talkative at lunch, but she seemed better,” Apollo replies, taking a seat at the desk. He scrambles out of the seat when a raven lands on the sill and violently bangs a large snail against the window. “Those birds are really creepy. I know we had them at home, but the ones here have no fear. Thomas and I saw a flock staring at us from across the street last week and they never moved. They were gone when we passed by later, but it looked like they had devoured a cat.”

Aurora knocks on the glass to shoo the bird away, but it simply cocks its head to the side and stares at her. “Students probably feed them, so they aren’t afraid of humans. The ones you saw were guarding their meal. Even on campus, winter means less food. Although, I do see a lot of them. It’s like they’re the school’s version of pigeons, which I haven’t seen one of since our first week. Are we really talking about ravens?”

“We’re only studying together until our friends get out of their classes or whatever they’re doing,” the young man reminds his sister. Waking up the computer, he goes to the school’s meteorology site and pulls up maps listed for the next class. “I’ve looked over these things a hundred times. There’s nothing else for me to do. Be nice if you had a television. I can’t believe your roommate, who is never here, forbids TV and you go along with it. Thomas would have to pry my favorite shows out of my cold dead fingers. You want to take a nap while I play some computer games, Aura?”

“I’m not that tired and please don’t call me that, Po,” she responds, her eyes locked on the well-made bed on the other side of the room. With a groan, she gets to her feet and goes to her roommate’s closet. “The strange thing is that I haven’t seen her in a while. Always figured she came in while I was in the lab or I’ve become a very deep sleeper. Some of her clothes have been moved, but I don’t know where she could be on the weekends. Unless she managed to find a boyfriend and is staying with him. Doubt it considering how prim and proper she was. Nearly drove me to move off campus. I even started the paperwork and talked with Charlene in housing about it.”

“You have got to stop running away from your problems.”

“Does it look like I left?”

“I’m just saying that you shouldn’t even consider it until you’ve tried to fight back.”

“For the last time, I’m not putting itching powder in her bed.”


About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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  2. Okay, now I’m ready for the next episode. The twin interplay is interesting. Gotta figure out why the Raven is beating on thr window with a snail of all things.


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