A Very Long Short Week

I didn’t get much done this week.  A little on Monday after the dentist and some on Thursday.  My son was home Tuesday and Friday, which negated those days.  I couldn’t find the urge to write on Wednesday due to the chapter.  It involved one of the champions struggling to find hope to carry on or they’ll become massively self-destructive.  Not a good thing in the final hour of a world-saving adventure.  Seeing the emotions I’d need to access get spread over the Internet along with a constant rejection of these emotions being genuine, I couldn’t get my mojo running.

Not much else happened too.  One of the Bedlam stories has to be junked or rewritten because of current events.  I came up with another story to add into the superhero stuff, but it doesn’t make my decisions on those any easier.  More about that on Thursday, but some of it is the same.  Windemere or Earth?  Can I balance two multi-series worlds that world up to a grand finale series/book?  Bedlam doesn’t count in there because that’s one series and the finale doesn’t have to bring in multiple stories and characters.  Just Lloyd and Cassidy doing what they do best.

Feeling bizarrely worn down lately too.  Oh yeah, there was good news from the dentist visit.  You see, I haven’t actually seen one in years because of insurance issues and then just never getting around to it.  One would expect my teeth to be a wreck, especially after the recent debacles.  Apparently, they’re not that bad.  Look, I’ll take ‘the gums didn’t bleed as much as I expected’ as a victory after the extractions.  My son might have to get his extra tooth out before the end of the year though.  We’re not looking forward to that insurance fight.

I’m going to be testing out The Spirit Well blurbs tomorrow, so I hope to get some responses before I delete them Monday morning.  This means reblogs and a lot of the connectivity of the blog will be removed.  Goodkindles and AskDavid.com require personalized, unique blurbs and it’s hard to write 3 of the dang things.  Now, to do the list and lie down with a manga:

  1. Write more of Warlord of the Forgotten Age.
  2. Biking
  3. Sleeping
  4. Yawning way through parts of the day.
  5. Dream about having a hot chocolate dispenser in the house.  Just hit one button and you get a cup.  Somebody really needs to invent those food making machines from Star Trek.  That could really change the world.
  6. Eventually go to Dunkin Donuts to get as close to the dream as possible.
  7. Point at random objects and tell them they’re not the boss of me.
  8. Learn to stop lying on the bed with my ear an inch from the phone.  OWWWWW!

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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13 Responses to A Very Long Short Week

  1. I hope you have a better weekend.


  2. Squirt says:

    There are hot chocolate keurig k cups


  3. I like #7, it could be a real blast out in public. My secretary at the paycheck job decided to answer everything with, “As predicted in the prophesy.” It was hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I get why you need to change Bedlam. It’s probably starting to sound more like a documentary nowadays.


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