Teaser Tuesday: Goddess on a Rampage

For today, I have part of the opening scene for Merchant of Nevra Coil.  What exactly is Yola going on about?  Nobody really knows, but they should probably take cover until it blows over.  Unless she decides to flip the continent of Shayd, which I’m sure she’s only done one or two times.

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

The entire continent of Shayd quakes and rumbles, sending stones plummeting into the ocean that licks at its sheer cliffs. Several watchful eyes peer from the churning waves, waiting for a chance to return to their craggy homes. The occasional thrashing can be heard as a predator from the deep takes advantage of the floating creatures and devours a startled snack. On the mainland, chaos elves cower in their damp caves and hold their children as if the world is about to end. Their terror rises when they notice that the demon taskmasters are nervously watching the distant castle, the monsters’ barbed whips hanging limp at their sides. Green lightning flashes through the stormy sky, the energy briefly taking the form of a screaming woman. A few seconds later, a high-pitched shriek of rage erupts from the darkness and shatters every piece of glass on the continent. In the wake of the most powerful earthquake yet, cracks form in the ground and release bubbling acid that threatens every inhabitant of Shayd. The destruction ends when a burst of white magic washes over the land and transforms the deadly liquid into a flood of aromatic loaves of cinnamon bread. The continent falls into a state of anxious silence as a protective shield covers the castle and contains the rampage inside its ancient, ebony walls.

“I will not be left out!” Yola Biggs screams at the top of her lungs. The Goddess of Chaos yanks at her green hair and yanks it in thick clumps, her exposed scalp blistering. “Even Tyler is part of this and he’s dead! I have never been so insulted in my life. Maybe. I think. There might have been a few times when I was younger. I’m still mad!”

“What is going on here?” Baron Kernaghan asks as he ducks a marble statue flying for his head. He casts a quick spell to protect Nyder Fortune from a set of knives that appear out of thin air. The deadly blades explode into warped pieces of strange, smooth material that the Baron does not recognize. “I have enough trouble with my son’s outbursts. Please tell me that I do not have a mad goddess on my hands as well.”

“I don’t know what set Yola off,” the bald gnome admits, hurrying to take cover behind a couch. His hiding place abruptly hurtles through the ceiling and the falling stones turn into fuzzy caterpillars as they hit the floor. “I heard her screaming and came to see what was going on. All I can figure out is that she thinks she’s been insulted and left out of something. She’s cursed about the champions a few times too.”

“She wasn’t acting any stranger than normal after returning with the last two priests this morning,” Trinity mentions. The chaos elf turns into a cloud of mist, letting a spear pass through her and slam into the wall. “I’ve never seen Yola this angry before. Does she even know we’re here?”

“You’d like to think I’m ignoring you!” the goddess shouts, her black and white skin swirling in a nauseating display. Yola dives at Trinity, hugging the black-haired caster so tight that a rib snaps. “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. You didn’t have anything to do with this travesty, my blue-skinned friend. It’s them who did this to me. Those insulting, ignorant bastards out there.”

“What are you talking about, Yola?” the Baron politely asks, cautiously easing Trinity out of the hug. He repairs the young woman’s injury with a gentle squeeze, his crimson eyes never leaving the pouting goddess. “If you need our help with something then ask. Otherwise, I will have to contain you until your tantrum has ended.”

Yola’s eyes widen to the point where they take up her entire face, causing Nyder to scramble into the corner. The gnome hits a button on his lime green shirt and stands still as a jeweled casket grows around him, a faint hole open near his mouth. Ignoring the inventor, sparks fly from the goddess’s eyelashes as she reaches out to stroke her dark master’s face. Her fingers touch his neat beard, turning the hair orange and then back to its glossy black. She runs her hands down his crimson shirt, which ripples like water as the Baron uses his power to prevent her from transforming his clothes. Yola moves away and wanders to the other side of the room, kneeling to touch a pile of odd stones that sit among the shredded remains of a painting. The smooth orbs melt into a foul-smelling puddle that hardens into a tan disc, which Yola hurls through the broken window. A startling pop is hard as the projectile pierces the castle’s defenses and the shimmering barrier deflates like a punctured balloon. The sound startles Nyder, who drops his jeweled armor and runs for the door. He slams into the wall when the exit rolls up to the ceiling like a furled sail.

“I can handle these problems on my own. Even the gods can’t stop me from righting the wrong that has been placed on my head,” the proud goddess declares, walking toward a window on the other side of the room. She snaps her fingers to freeze her allies in place, leaving only the Baron able to move a single finger. “I promise this won’t come back to you, master. I know how to be discreet. After all, I’m a goddess of stealth and cunning who has avoided capture for centuries. Take care and I’ll bring you back some wine. Maybe some furniture for this room because it really needs to be redone. Not sure why you wanted it to look like a troll threw a fit in here, master.”

“Do not do anything foolish,” the Baron growls, his voice appearing from the air instead of his mouth. The warlord strains to talk against the goddess’s magic, cringing when his attempt breaks his jaw. “You are safe from the gods because you stay with me. They would never dare to attack you on this continent. Leaving Shayd puts you in danger, especially if you’re heading off to cause trouble. Stay here and let someone else handle whatever has upset you. I am sure Nyder has an invention that can solve this.”

“I love you too, Arthuru.”

The Chaos Goddess transforms into a large flock of ebony moths that remain in the shape of her body. The furry insects flutter out the window and disappear into the black clouds before the paralysis spell dissipates. Trinity sprints to the window and stares into the sky for any sign of her friend, enhancing her violet eyes to see through the eternal gloom. All she can see is the blue and white of the pristine sky that exists beyond her homeland’s borders. She curses under her breath and turns to Baron Kernaghan, surprised at the brief look of embarrassment on her dark master’s face.

Find out what happens next when Merchant of Nevra Coil debuts in August!

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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11 Responses to Teaser Tuesday: Goddess on a Rampage

  1. L. Marie says:

    I giggled at the Baron easing Trinity out of Yola’s horrible hug. 🙂 My, my. I love the image of her transformation. I’d love to see all of this in a graphic novel someday.


  2. fuonlyknew says:

    Thanks for the chuckles. I’m looking forward to the release in August!

    Here’s my TT – http://fuonlyknew.com/2015/07/28/teaser-tuesdays-123-onyx-webb/


  3. Good teaser to read. Did not tip me off about anything


  4. Bookwraiths says:

    Big thumbs up! Really enjoyed it.


  5. Whoa! Talk about a rampage! Thoroughly entertaining, Charles. I needed this after the trying week I’ve had. My daughter’s tantrums don’t seem half bad after that 😉


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