Windemere Excerpt: Yola’s Problem

This is from Book 8, so you just know this is going to be spoiler area and I haven’t even done an initial edit.  I already found ‘writing a wrong’ instead of ‘righting a wrong’.  So forgive me for those issues.  This part features Yola Biggs the Chaos Goddess in the book that will finally give her the attention she deserves.  You’ll also get an idea of the plot of this odd entry into the Legends of Windemere series.

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

“I missed them,” Yola Biggs says while standing on the rusty spire of a temple. She watches the guards and priests struggle to contain the citizens, the chaos making her feel homesick. “I wonder what I should do next. Go home? Eat some lettuce? Adopt a puppy! Eat a kitten? So many choices.”

“I’d go with the first choice,” Trinity suggests as she climbs onto the roof. The chaos elf yawns and rubs at her fatigue-riddled eyes. “I landed around Gaia and I’ve been tracking you without sleep for over a week. Please come home, Yola, before the gods come after you. How did you stay hidden from them for so long?”

The goddess scratches her head with her foot, her balance never breaking. “My personality? Could they all be dead? I don’t know really. I kind of forgot about them. Maybe they believe in my cause and I can redeem myself by righting this wrong. Did you know I got my last name because my head was twice the size of my body when I was born? Poor mommy had to be opened up and pieced back together.”

“Thank you for not giving me a visual like last time,” the chaos elf states, clutching the spire with both hands. “Can we get to the ground before I fall off? You can explain this injustice to me on the flat rooftop over there.”

Yola teleports them to outside the city where Trinity falls into a patch of roses. With a tired groan, she crawls out of the plants and rejects the thorns from her body. Exhaustion taking over, she rolls onto her back and stares at the starry sky. Trinity is not sure what she is looking at when the cobalt-skinned figurine is held over her face. Taking it from Yola, she examines it with mild interest until she sets off the sparks. They hit her in the face, causing her to hurl the doll away.

“This is what has you upset?” she asks, having the figurine return to her. “I saw things like this while I was traveling, but I didn’t give them a close look. The material is strange. It’s hard like stone, but smooth and shiny like glass. Is this supposed to be me? My face looks like I smelled the Lich’s breath on a hot day.”

“At least you have one,” the goddess childishly pouts. She claps her hands and a shower of soothing rain falls on her friend. “I’ve been with the Baron for longer than most of you, so why should I be ignored? It isn’t fair.”

“Nobody knows you’re involved and it’s better that way,” Trinity assure her, feeling the strength return to her muscles. The fatigue washes away under the soothing rain and she moves to get her back wet. “You’re wanted by the gods, so you need to keep a low profile. What were you going to do if you found the champions? From what I saw, they aren’t benefiting from these things. Delvin could have been torn apart.”

“I only wanted some recognition,” the Goddess of Chaos whimpers. “Do you know where the toys came from?”


“I heard people mention Everthorne.”

“That dump?”

Yola grins and bounces on her toes, a gleeful idea in her head. “We can go to the city and cause trouble for the champions. Then the people behind these toys will have to make a figurine of me. Please help me, Trinity. I really want this. More than anything else I ever wanted. Even more than that bunny you got me last year. It was delicious by the way. I promise I won’t ask you for anything else and I’ll take the blame when the Baron gets angry.”

“You’re just going to do it without me if I say no,” Trinity mutters, wishing she could trade places with Nyder. She grabs Yola by the shoulders and stares deep into her kaleidoscopic eyes. “Focus. We’re going to do this my way. These dolls might be more dangerous than we thought. The champions can rally a massive army against us if their fame spreads like it did here. I’m going to send a few of these toys to Nyder, so he can tell the Baron about what’s going on. That way we don’t get into trouble. We’ll come up with a plan to find the place that is making these, but we’re going to be cunning here. No crazy stuff.”

The goddess hugs her friend and spins into the air, both of them disappearing in a burst of black energy. Seconds later, another figure appears out of the roses and crawls to where Yola once stood. This naked woman with red and silver hair sniffs at the ground, practically burrowing her face into the dirt. Her spindly limbs thicken and contract as she stands and licks the mud off her nose. Eyes of every color appear around the woman’s head to scan the area, popping like bubbles when they do not find what they are looking for. Grabbing the edge of the flower patch, she yanks it up and over her to create a black dress that is covered in roses and thorns.

“Keep running, little Yola,” the woman whispers to wind. “My time in your shadow is coming to an end.”

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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