Voices of Nature Review

Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A

Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A

Pamela Beckford of Poetry by Pamela and Year Round Thanksgiving has put together a new poetry book and she’s not alone.  Kirsten A of Kirsten Uninterrupted is in on this project too. This is Pamela’s second time into publishing and Kirsten’s first, so give them some love and support because it’s scary out there.

Since Pamela is part of the Family of the Tri-Rune blog tour, I’m doing my thank you with a review.  Read the book last night and worth every cent:

The sheer variety of styles in this poetry book is amazing.  Haiku, triple haiku, acrostic, rondeau, and so many others.  Even better is that they explain the poems in the back, which is a great service to the curious reader.

Each poem is clear and paints a perfect picture of nature.  Though, I have an odd feeling that both poets were tired of winter since that had the most amount of poems out of the season sections.  It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I did love the ‘Thunder and Lightning’ acrostic for the imagery and ‘New Day’ for the complicated style and bringing an odd sense of serene closure to the book.

I would highly recommend this poetry book.  Even if you’re not into poetry, the pieces for every season will probably have you going ‘I thought the same thing.’

Click Here for Voices of Nature!

And don’t forget Pamela’s first poetry book: Dreams of Love!

Dreams of Love by Pamela Beckford

Dreams of Love by Pamela Beckford

Pamela’s Twitter for Updates and News!

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    A great review from Charles on Voices of Nature.


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    Charles…you are the BEST. Thank you for the great review 🙂


  3. Kirsten says:

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    Here is a wonderful (and totally appreciated) review of Voices of Nature! A big thank you to Charles Yallowitz!


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