What is a Species Tome? #fantasy

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As I mentioned on Wednesday, War of Nytefall caused me to evolve the Garian order into something more than I had planned.  These are the followers of Gar the God of Knowledge.  I also mentioned something called a species tome.  This is another spontaneous invention created during this series and will possibly continue on when I can fit it in.  The thing is that I don’t know how often I can bring these up because it’s clear that they have to be limited.  So, what are they?

Since the Garian order collects all knowledge of Windemere, they have to record all events and information.  This can be complicated and dangerous, especially when you get into the history and details of the races.  A lot is common knowledge, but there are definitely pieces that could be used against others.  For example, a hunter could learn all of the weaknesses and habits of Dawn Fangs.  This may become public at some point, but it’s very dangerous during the time when they are hiding from mortals.  This is where the species tome came into being and became more than a single book that Clyde read.

Now, there are books on all creatures as a whole, but most are not going to be at a level that influences the future of Windemere.  Those that do end up getting one of these species tomes in the Garian libraries.  There’s really only one though, but it can be pulled from any library to read.  It can only be removed from the temples with permission because it is very dangerous.  With a species tome, one can really hurt the subjects or influence them in a way that could distort their lifestyle.  That isn’t to say it can’t be read in the temple though because Garians are big on educating others.  Of course, they do have magic that can erase memories if the person proves to have malicious intent.  That’s one of the many safeguards around these books that most of Windemere don’t know the existence of.  Watered down versions are put out at times to divert those from searching for the real one.

So, how does a species tome come to be?  Well, a high priest receives a vision of the upcoming species and is chosen to write the tome.  They also get a boost of holy energy, which allows them to observe their subjects from afar.  For example, Huntley Pyodorus gets most of his information from two sources.  One is Gregorio Roman who he talks to about the Dawn Fangs over tea once a month.  He also gets visions every night with information to include about the Dawn Fang history, society, and habits.  The species tomes are eternally guarded by the spirit of the high priest that was chosen to begin them while a successor continues the actual writing.  The successors don’t get the visions, but they allow themselves to be possessed when sleeping to allow for updates.  These tomes can get pretty big, but a lot of information gets moved to books about various cities, events, and anything else that can be read by the public.  The species tomes are primarily for the key points of a race’s evolution and to protect any sensitive information.

Looking at my future series, I can see Sin getting involved in these at some point since he’s a thief.  They will probably play a big role in ‘War of the Tainted’.  Beyond that, I’m going to have to play it by ear.  Kind of sad that I didn’t think of these when I had Trinity visiting the hidden Garian library, but I don’t think it would have helped too much.  The order wouldn’t have let her or most of her allies anywhere near it.  People who try to steal species tomes will tend to come off as villains.  The high priest spirit will know if you’re going to use the information correctly, so you will only have to steal it if you’re going to be dishonest or don’t know any other way.

So, that’s what a species tome is.  Seems fairly simple and to the point.  Only time will tell if they’re going to be a bigger force in Windemere than I realized.  Kind of excited to find out myself.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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11 Responses to What is a Species Tome? #fantasy

  1. L. Marie says:

    So interesting, especially considering how much damage could be done if they fall into the wrong hands. What safeguards are in place? Do the tomes protect themselves? Somehow scan the minds of those with malicious intent?


    • They’re in protected areas and aren’t a well-known item. To steal one, you would have to learn it’s location and handle all of the priests. There are other protections that the authors do. It’s their choice, so every book has different protections. Some are unreadable without permission. Others can’t be opened without magic words. There’s curses on a few too.

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  2. Interesting thing to include. Could have some real value in various stories.


  3. Thanks for the information on species Tomes. Are these generally in other than your books? I mean is this a standard item in Fantasy stories or of your creativity?.


  4. V.M.Sang says:

    That’s an interesting idea, Charles. I hope you can find a way to use it in future books.


  5. That’s a pretty cool idea. Yet creepy. Someone has a book with everything about you? No thanks, Gar, just leave me out of that.


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