Immortal Wars: The Summoning Part 15 #fiction #throwback

(Previously on Immortal Wars.)

(It’s gigantic again.  What was wrong with me?)

Disclaimer: Immortal Wars was the book I came up with and wrote in high school.  I hadn’t even hit college by the time I wrote the first two books.  That means I hadn’t developed my style yet, wasn’t good at self-editing, and the story was fairly basic. So, you’ve been warned that this is the ultimate author throwback segment for my blog and will show my author origins.  FYI-  I put the first book (The Summoning) through a Print-on-Demand publisher and the second one (Light, Blood, & Tears) never saw the light of day.  Enjoy!

On the warship of the evil immortals, Adriana wakes up from a long overdue nap.  She spent the last two days thinking up the perfect plan to lure the new guardians into a deathtrap before she finally dozed off.  The beautiful villain goes to look at herself in her full-length mirror in order to brush her long, blond hair while a robotic maid arrives to give her an important message.  Another disc-shaped robot floats a few inches above Adriana and uses two slender arms to put her lipstick on and paint her nails with light blue polish.

“Excuse me, master.  Mindtrigger has finished the two projects you had asked him to complete before tonight’s meeting.  He is requesting your immediate attention,” says the robot as it braids its master’s hair.

“Perfect.  As usual, he finished the job a lot faster than I had anticipated.  Tell Kilanus to meet me in Mindtrigger’s lab within twenty minutes.  Don’t forget to give her specific directions this time.  I don’t want her to get lost again,” orders Adriana.  She quickly gets to her feet and picks up her shiny tiara from a hook on the wall.  The door to her room opens when she tells it to and she swiftly enters the corridor.  The hallway is extremely dark and gloomy while Adriana makes her way toward an out-of-place white door that has several bright yellow caution signs on it.

“This is Adriana.  Open the door!”

“Adriana?  Well, your voice pattern checks out on the scanner.  As does the pleasant, sex-crazed tone of your voice check out with my ears.  Come in,” says a tired voice from the other side of the door.

When the door opens, the bright light from inside temporarily blinds the voluptuous immortal.  On the earthy brown walls are tubes filled with weird smelling chemicals and, in some cases, bodies of aliens that are being prepared to be either dissected or tested on.  In the middle of the circular room is a crude, metal chair that has hundreds of wires and levers all over it.  Small robots with extendable arms and motorized treads are seen working the many terminals and laboratory equipment.

“I’ve done exactly what you asked.  Though, I desperately wish you had told me to do something harder than these menial assignments.  It gets very boring in here after awhile.  There are only so many experiments you can perform on these preserved aliens before one gets bored with it.  And I’ve unfortunately done them all.  Some of them I’ve done twice just to waste time,” explains a frail looking man in brown leather armor.  He is Mindtrigger, the evil immortals’ resident genius.  He is one of the oldest immortals on the warship and he has suffered much for that.  His lovely wife and two children died of old age while he never aged past the age of forty-seven.  The mental anguish was too much for him to bear so he became twisted and insane.

“If you will follow me, I will gladly show you the ripe fruits of my labor,” says Mindtrigger as he gets his black, messy hair out of his blue eyes.  He picks up a nearby headband, which contains several built in sensors, many of which don’t work.

“This had better be what I asked for, Mindtrigger,” Adriana yawns as she follows him to one of the computer terminals.

“I believe you will find the information that I have discovered quite interesting.  As you can see, I have made some simple diagrams of the genetic structures of the four new guardians that we will encounter.  Even Hellax can figure out what these diagrams mean.  Well, they’re probably not that simple because that shocking idiot can’t read.”

“I don’t see anything except a blank screen.  Please don’t start playing mind games with me.  I’m not in the mood.”

“What?  Hey!” exclaims the evil genius when he notices the screen is blank and the information disk is missing.

“Damn robots!  Who took the data disk and turned off this monitor?  Answer me now or I’ll scrap all of you!  At least twice.”  One of the lab robots hands him the missing disk and starts to roll away on its four tires.  It doesn’t get very far because a glowing orange spear cuts the robot in half.  Mindtrigger picks up the spear and turns it into an eerie mist, which he absorbs through his nose and ears.

“No one takes anything without my permission.  Remember that and you’ll last until your next refit.  Maybe.”

“You sure do enjoy showing off your birthright powers.  Don’t you?” whispers Adriana as she stretches her arms over her head and puffs out her chest.  The tight fabric can be heard straining against the pressure.

“Of course.  I have the power to create any weapon I want just by thinking about it.  I should think that I’m entitled to some showing off.  Much like you enjoy showing off that perfect, sensual body of yours.”

“You always were always an excellent flatterer.  So, what did you find out about our new guardians?  How dangerous are these bastards going to be?”

“The second generation of guardians are currently that of Earth, Mars, Venus, and Neptune.  The others might not even show up because these four could be enough to defend the universe without help.  Each one has very formidable birthright powers that are far more superior to the first generation’s powers in every possible way.  It was like these four were created for the purpose of destroying us.”

“Which one will prove to be the most dangerous to our plans?”

“Just like in the original guardians, the most dangerous is the Mars guardian.  That is without him getting his hands on any of the guardians’ weapons.  From my hacking adventure into SEAS, I have discovered that his codename is Fate and his powers deal with luck manipulation.  That was all I discovered before my sensor signal was almost located by the marvelous machine.  I did manage to find a strange anomaly in the Mars guardian’s DNA that I can’t seem to figure out.  But I doubt it’s of any importance.  Things like this happen all the time in advanced races.”

“Study the anomaly anyway.  Your diagrams say that the other three are a first rate telekinetic, a solid illusionist, and a hydrokinetic.  I don’t think that last one is even a real word.  Anyway, these powers are much better than those of the original guardians.  Their powers were mostly enhanced physical abilities or elemental powers.  We will definitely have a hard time with all four of them.  Is the second project done?”

“Yes.  Honestly, this was a fun invention to work on.  I have never been able to create such an ingenious machine.  Psychological surgery was something I never thought I would have a chance to try out.  This machine should either solve our little problem with Kilanus or turn her into a human vegetable.  Either way it will be done in the way of science,” answers Mindtrigger as he starts walking toward the weird chair in the middle of the room.

“For your sake, the latter better not happen.  You know what happens to people that hurt or threaten my daughter.  They get beaten into a bloody pulp if they’re lucky.  Still I’m tired of lying to her about us and the guardians.  She still doesn’t realize that I give her a new story every time she asks about our past.  How does the chair work?”

“I can’t tell you all of my scientific secrets.  I don’t even think you would be interested in the details.  They’re way over your pretty half-empty head.  No offense.”

“Oh, come on.  Please tell me.  I won’t tell anyone else.  I promise.  If I do, you can do anything you want with this perfect body of mine.  How could you possibly resist this?” coos Adriana as she stares into the scientist’s eyes and pulls him as close as possible.  She slowly unzips the top of her outfit just enough for only Mindtrigger to get an eyeful of her uncovered breasts.

“Okay.  What this gaudy machine does, is fire a fluctuating wave pulse into the section of the brain that deals with a person’s behavior.  It acts a lot like a scalpel.  This pulse will allow us to make Kilanus act any way we want her to.  It’s a new form of brain washing, if you will.  In case you care, the energy pulse comes from one of the several types of isotopes we found on that mineral rich planet called Awolic.  I’d say that we should go back there to pick up some more, but somebody decided to blow it up.”

“Don’t look at me.  I wasn’t the one who ordered it.  Psylon was in charge of that entire thing.  So, bitch to her.”

Suddenly, the doors to the lab hiss open and Kilanus walks in with wide, blue eyes and an open mouth.  She has never been in this circular room before and all of the strange, glowing lights catch her short attention.  When she notices the creatures inside the tubes, Kilanus lets out a small giggle.

“You wanted to meet me here, mommy?” asks the curious, young girl as she wanders into the middle of the room.  She stares at a two-headed hawk that is busy being prepared for dissection.

“Yes, child.  We have found a way to repair your broken mind.  You can finally become the immortal warrior you were born to be.  You will become stronger and better than you are now.  Do you understand what I’m talking about?” replies Mindtrigger.

“Nope.  Can I play with the little robots?”

“Maybe later.  Let me try to explain what Uncle Mindtrigger just said.  Remember when I told you about that long nap you took.  That nap lasted an incredibly long time.  Well, when you woke up from your long nap, your mind was severely damaged.  Your mental patterns were stuck as those of the small child you were when the coma started,” explains Adriana in a motherly tone.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong with that?  You aren’t five years old like you think you are.  That’s a really confusing sentence.  Anyway, you are my nineteen-year-old daughter.  Uncle Mindtrigger and I are going to turn you into the mature teenager you’re supposed to be.  At least, that’s the plan.  Now take a seat in the big, metal chair over there and be very quiet.”

“But, mommy,” whines Kilanus as she shakes her head like a little child.  Her hair covers her entire face when she stops shaking her head.

“Don’t argue, Kilanus.  Just do it and all of this will be over,” says Adriana.  She smiles at her daughter and pushes Kilanus’ hair away from her face.

Without another word, Kilanus cheerfully skips over to the weird chair and slowly climbs into it.  Mindtrigger carefully straps her arms and legs tight to the chair while a robot moved by a small propeller puts an odd helmet on her head.  This helmet looks like an upside down bowl with a long handled magnifying glass attached to the front.  When they are finished getting the young immortal ready, Mindtrigger goes to the chair’s control panel.  With the push of a couple dark green buttons, the machine lights up and makes a loud humming noise.

“Get ready for the energy pulse, Kilanus!  It might hurt a little bit when it pushes its way into your skull!  It’s only temporary!” yells Mindtrigger over the loud noise.  He pulls down a dark red lever, which causes the strange helmet to fire a pulse of orange energy deep into Kilanus’ skull.  Immediately, the girl’s slender body stiffens and her blue eyes roll back into her head.

“Excellent.  Now, we have one more thing to do before I turn the machine off.  If you will please tell me how you want her to behave.  What should we turn her into, Adriana?  A psycho like Psylon?  Mysterious like Startrix?  Or an intelligent scientist like myself?  You can never have too many of those.  It’s your choice to make.”

“I don’t know.  So many choices to pick from.  I guess we should just make her act like a nineteen-year-old.  Make her act somewhat like me, but a little tougher and not as . . . impulsive when it comes to men.  God knows we get into enough trouble with me pretending to be a nymphomaniac.”

“Pretending?  Need I remind you that you are a nymphomaniac?  There is no pretending in your actions.”

“What’s your point, old man?  Just fix her mind and turn the machine off.  The noise is giving me a screaming headache.”

“Fine.  I’ll see what I can do,” whispers the evil scientist as he continues pushing buttons and pulling small levers.  Once he is done with the mental repairs, he pulls the red lever again and the machine abruptly stops making the loud noise.  Kilanus clumsily takes off the helmet and stands up holding her head.  She tries to take a step forward, but her legs give out and she falls on her face.

“I hope the clumsiness is a temporary condition.  It doesn’t go along with the great immortal warrior idea.  How do you feel, Kilanus?” asks Adriana as she helps her daughter get to her feet.

“How do I feel, mother?  I feel much better than before.  Of course, I wish the damn room wasn’t spinning,” moans Kilanus.  Her voice has a new, vicious edge to it and her eyes resemble those of a cunning panther.

“I’d say the operation was a complete success,” says Mindtrigger.  The chair slowly sinks into a hidden compartment in the floor along with an unsuspecting robot.  Both are trapped within the ten-foot thick compartment.

“Yeah right.  I don’t ever want to see that ugly piece of junk again.  As fun as this experience was, I’m going back to my room,” responds Kilanus when she manages to stand up on her own.  When she gets to the door, it doesn’t open when she orders it to.  The blond girl punches and kicks the door a couple of times, leaving a few noticeable dents in the steel.  After a few minutes of swearing, she whirls around with an angry glare on her face.

“Why won’t this stupid door open?” Kilanus asks in a somewhat calm voice.

“It would appear that your voice pattern has changed along with your personality.  I’m not that surprised about that.  I’ll try to take care of that problem right away.  Door open!” yells Mindtrigger.  The door swishes open so Kilanus can leave the lab and she disappears into the dark hallway.

“That went surprisingly well.  I have one other project that I must talk to you about, Mindtrigger.  We’ve decided to build a base of our own on Pluto.  Startrix has told me to send you and Draveon to the planet’s surface in order to get this project underway.  I don’t know why, but she recommended the two of you,” explains Adriana.

“Great.  I can finally get out of this suffocating lab and onto a planet.  Even though it’s a weakling of a planet, it is a planet nonetheless.  The blueprints for the best kind of base can be made in thirty minutes.  Give or take a few minutes for food and bathroom breaks.”

“Thirty minutes?  Take your time on this project, Mindtrigger.  I’ll give you the exact details at our next meeting, which is in twelve hours.  I’m sure you and Draveon will not have any problems working together.”

“Problems working together?  Why would there be any problems, my dear?  I am Draveon’s creator.  I care for him like he was my real son.”

“So you keep telling everyone.  Just remember to be at the central hall in twelve hours with your ideas for the base.  Don’t disappoint me, scientist.  Not that you have ever done that since we met,” orders Adriana as she walks out of the lab.  She swiftly walks back to her room while undoing the long braids in her hair.  When she enters her room, the leggy blond goes back to looking at her flawless reflection in the mirror.

“Everything is going according to my perfect plan.  I know basically what to expect from these new guardians and Kilanus is acting like the ultimate weapon of carnage she was born to be.  Eternal life couldn’t be better.”  A small yawn escapes from Adriana’s full lips and she starts noticing how tired she is.  She sits down on the bed to take off her boots and removes her small tiara from her head.

“Wake me up in nine hours and don’t braid my hair anymore.  I really hate that ancient style.  I think I’ll go for the long, unrestrained look.  Just brush it a lot,” mentions Adriana to the robotic maid.  The immortal peels off her pink outfit and drapes it over the back of a nearby wooden chair.  Adriana’s green eyes close as soon as she lies down on the soft bed.  Her mind slowly fills with pleasant dreams of a future, in which she is the god and master of the entire galaxy.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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  1. L. Marie says:

    These scenes are always so inventive! This must’ve been very fun to write.


  2. Interesting that when Kilanus was made mature she was made into the ultimate weapon of carnage. It seems like a nasty thing for a mother to do to a child.


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