The Fate of Fizzle

Art by Kayla Matt

He isn’t a champion, but the series wouldn’t be the same without him.  Fizzle has come to the rescue many times as well as needing help.  It’s always been a little vague if he is an agent of destiny or free will.  After his slumber, Fizzle came back stronger and talked about needing to help his friends.  I thought this locked him in, but one can never be certain with drites.  They have a reputation for being fickle and only journeying with people until they find something more interesting.  As you can tell, this didn’t happen since Fizzle liked having friends.  Yet, what does the future hold for him?

We’re going to operate under the pretense that he’s going to live through all of this.  That sound more ominous than I meant it?  Look, Fizzle is going up against the Baron and he’s still functioning at the same power level as when he started.  Not like a 200+ year-old dragon can increase much more beyond knowledge and tactics.  I know the Fizzle lovers are praying he makes it out unscathed and lives happily ever after.  To be fair, even if he gets out without an injury, he’ll be happy.  The little guy has always been a fairly optimistic character.

There are various options for him:

  1. Fizzle returns to protect Visindor Forest and get apple pies from Hamilton Military Academy.  It would be a return to his original state, but he’ll have a closer connection to civilization instead of being a mysterious being of the forest.
  2. Stays with Nyx, if she survives, and settles into a city life.  This isn’t as likely because he isn’t very comfortable in the city.  More than likely, he would be living in the forests nearby or make himself comfortable in a park.  This is actually more likely if Nyx ends up living in the wilderness due to something going horribly wrong in the final battle.
  3. Stays with Luke, if he survives, and follows him on his next adventure.  This could be his life with Kira, life with Sari, or him wandering off on his own.  Yeah, I’m not hinting at what this is.  I would lean more towards this in terms of Fizzle staying with one of the champions.  The reason for this is because he’s been with Luke the longest out of the champions.
  4. Travel with Trinity to Shayd and try to restore the forests.  Fizzle hasn’t had a very close relationship with the chaos elves, but he could come out of this with a taste for adventure.  That Callindor wanderlust can be infectious.  The chance to be the first drite on a continent could tempt him enough to take the risk, which would also help with Trinity’s efforts to unite with the rest of the world.
  5. Something else entirely that you wouldn’t expect.

As I said in a previous post, I came up with various ending scenarios for every character.  Fizzle is no exception, but I do have to be careful here.  He’s the most popular one with Nyx a distant second.  Even then, I can get away with a lot of mean stuff to the champions that I can’t with Fizzle.  Seems like him getting hurt is upsetting, so I have to choose his finale very carefully.

What would you like to see happen to Fizzle?

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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22 Responses to The Fate of Fizzle

  1. It would be nice if he stayed with Luke, considering the bond they’ve formed. I don’t see him being happy settling in – or even too close to – a city… I suppose it could happen, but it doesn’t seem like something he’d be entirely happy with. The only way I see that kind of life being an option for him, and him being happy with it, is if Nyx is the only surviving champion, and he feels he needs to stay near her to watch over her or something.

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    • Fizzle definitely has various paths. He’s known Luke the longest, but if Luke settles in Bor’daruk then Fizzle probably wouldn’t follow. He isn’t much of a desert creature. As far as Nyx goes, people tend to forget that he made a magical bond with her in one of the middle books. So, there is a strong connection there too. In some ways, people can see Luke and Nyx as being equals in terms of Fizzle relationships.


      • True… I forgot about that happening with him and Nyx. Well, I’ll soon get to find out what path you decided to have him follow. In the meantime, I still think he’s most likely to be happiest where there are trees, which is why I think he’d be more likely to want to stick with Luke – assuming Luke survives, and doesn’t settle in the desert any time soon.


      • Luke’s fate is probably even more in the air considering everything he’s lost.


  2. Anywhere that has apple trees (and apple pies) would be nice for him, with the possibility of the occasional adventure as well 😃


  3. L. Marie says:

    I totally agree with Victoria. I couldn’t have said it better. I’d love to see him live happily ever after, waiting for the next adventure.


  4. Well, first of all, Fizzle has to survive or, you know, we know where you live. Personally, I enjoy the notion of a trip that ends up in the same place you started from, only now you’re different because of the journey. So, option 1 is tempting. But option 4 has the most potential for a new story, if you ever choose to tell it.


  5. N. N. Light says:

    OMG! If you kill off Fizzle, I’ll burst into tears. He’s like your version of the Ewoks. Don’t kill him off!!! *takes a deep shaky breath* I’d go with either 3 or 4. I think he’s like to hang around with the chaos elves and Trinity eating apples and cracking jokes. 😉


    • Suddenly remembering how the Ewoks haven’t held up well over the years. 😛 The chaos elf choice is getting fairly popular. Kind of funny since he’s spent more time fighting Trinity than working with her. Then again, she was the first to avoid his surprise attack.

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  6. I think he should stay with Luke and who or what Luke decides to be with or do.


  7. I think he should get a late night cable show. He can have celebrities make apple pies for laughs.


  8. I’ve only read the first six books, so I’m sure he’s changed a bit since then, but I could see him settling down in an apple orchard and protecting it from intruders in exchange for a portion of the crop.


  9. Going with Trinity to restore a devastated landscape would be a worthy challenge. Even with his boundless optimism, it would take a lot of skill and power to shape nature’s sometimes-random effects.

    As a side question, would he be able to bring along a female drite to establish a population in Shayd? I mean, there’s just so much one drite can do.


    • I’m not even sure Fizzle would have the power to do much of it. His magic is arcane instead of natural, so he wouldn’t be able to make real trees. He could provide light and water though.

      Fizzle wouldn’t bring a female drite. They’re solitary and only gather when called to breed by the Drite Queen.


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