Questions 3: Changing for the Sake of Changing

Dr Evil

Dr. Evil

These questions stem from two things.  One is that I’m editing and that requires making changes.  The other is that I accidentally clicked on the link that led me to the ‘new’ WordPress post maker.  This thing is terrible.  I see no borders to the area I’m writing in and it seems you have to type in the schedule time.  So this post might not even go off.  I have no idea if I can add YouTube videos to this since the option is no longer listed under media.  We all know these problems, so the questions:

  1. Have you ever caught yourself making changes for the sake of making changes?  Did you keep them?
  2. Do you feel it is harder for you to accept changes or fight against them?
  3. Is there a risk of changing something so much that you lose interest in the project and how would you avoid this pitfall if it exists?

Oh my god!  I can’t use this any more.  It’s terrible.  So sterile and bizarre.  Like my laptop forgot to load chunks of the screen.


About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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29 Responses to Questions 3: Changing for the Sake of Changing

  1. Dean says:

    If you copy and paste the YouTube link into the post, it will appear in the post as a video in the post when it goes live


  2. Great post Charles. When I find myself making changes for the sake of making changes, I stop editing. I just figure it isn’t the right day to edit. 2- I usually accept necessary changes, I guess it is because I am a hard critic of my work. 3- Editing or changes never extinguished my desire to complete a work. Thanks for this thoughftul post, anxious to see the dialogue that develops.


    • 1. I stop too. Learned it the hard way with the first book and had to scrap an entire version. Good point on it not being the right day. That happens more often than people think.

      2. We do tend to be hard on ourselves.

      3. I’m thinking the death of desire comes from stress. Just when you’ve been working on it for so long that you never think it’ll be good. Then you scrap it, but I think it pays to keep it around in case something sparks again.

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  3. Bookwraiths says:

    1. Have you ever caught yourself making changes for the sake of making changes? Did you keep them? I have. If I recognize it in time, I’ll step away from the project for a few hours or a few days then come back and see if the changes are really adding anything to the project. In the past, I’ve kept and deleted my “changes.”

    2. Do you feel it is harder for you to accept changes or fight against them? I struggle against change these days. I’m beginning to think I’m getting old. 🙂

    3. Is there a risk of changing something so much that you lose interest in the project and how would you avoid this pitfall if it exists? I’ve definitely seen my projects take unexpected turns to the point my original purpose was no longer being served anymore. When that happens, the project soon finds its way into the proverbial filing cabinet for the future.


    • 1. I’d be scared to do it for days. Only because I might forget what the changes were. I bow to your courage. 🙂

      2. Funny thing is that I was thinking the same thing this morning.

      3. Interesting. So you intend to go back to it? I do something similar, but I tend to cannibalize ideas I lost interest in to enhance other ones.


  4. WordPress is the master of making changes with no rhyme or reason. It all seems designed to make us figure out ways to thwart their changes. It really is useless to fight them, it’s their party as they say. I stopped using almost everything WordPress produces about 30 months ago. There are apps out there that do a much better job, and they are consistent.


  5. Oloriel says:

    I somehow always end up now on the new editor and I can agree that it is horrible. No issues with loading on my desktop PC, but everything looks so weird and hard to place?
    Anyways, to the questions:
    1. Yes. When I was younger, I tried to change my personality completely so I would have more friends. It lasted for 2 days and I realized I am not a bad person to begin with so that I would need a change. We simply don’t match as friends and that is ok.
    2. Accept. Because, despite my answer to 1, I really hate changes. The comment I get 99% of the time when I see someone after a long time is that I have not changed one bit. You can say I am allergic to change, well, the invisible changes lets call them. I know I have to change the tires if one breaks and similar, but even that is hard for me. If I break something and have to replace it, I will lament the broken one and most probably keep it’s shards forever, At the same time, I fight and protest impending changes strongly, ones like I mentioned in 1.
    3. Yes, and believe it or not, I tried this too. I tried changing stories and projects wanting to give the other person trust and faith, that they know better, and not to come out as a know-it-all, only to see the project or idea become a mockery and produce no results. The idea gets so desecrated and far from me, that I simply abandon it (and usually start out again on my own!) The biggest example to this would be the first novel I ever wrote. Everyone and their mother had a comment about how things should go instead and after a lot of nagging and everyone having a comment and not a single praise, I changed everything. I think the whole thing is mega crap now, and keep the draft for memories sake.


    • 1. I think many people go through that phase. Lasts longer for some. Then again, I still know people who change themselves to fit in with the crowd.

      2. The ‘you haven’t changed’ thing is always weird. Maybe the person saying it doesn’t really remember the past version or it’s faint, so they’re inadvertently filling in the gaps with what they see now. Probably not where you thought I’d go with that one.

      3. That’s a really big risk when you’re starting out. Happened to me with my first book and I was adding in changes left and right. Like you, I thought they knew better than me for some reason. Then I was told to change Luke’s name because Star Wars exists and it dawned on me that everyone comes in with their own vision. Yet it should be my vision that takes up the bulk of the work. Otherwise it isn’t my story any more.

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      • Oloriel says:

        2. Yep, that sounds quite plausible, but mine always comes with “you should” because it is in “people’s nature” and allusions to the folk saying that a Wolf sheds his skin, but not his nature, wherein I should change both (because people have a problem with me wearing the same style of clothing and even same items as 15 y ago 🙂 ), thats why I think it might not just be the gaps? Who knows, I take that sentence as a compliment anyways, whether the other side intended it or not! 🙂
        3. Yeah, I can totally see that, I think it happens to everyone. I just never had a moment like you did, where it was obvious that the “advice” is not good,s o I let the complete manuscript erode into other people’s visions. I am taking the good out of it though, I know who not to ask for opinion anymore 😀


      • 2. Hey, if you can still wear the same stuff from 15 years ago then more power to you. Means you save on money. 😉 Never heard of the Wolf phrase before. Now I’m just picturing one shedding its fur like a snake and that’s going to haunt me. 🙂

        3. Sounds like you did learn where to go for advice. I didn’t learn quick enough though. Took a while to get things back to what I felt was right for me.

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      • Oloriel says:

        2. I was thinking writing ‘fur’, but that’s not it, even the Serbian word is skin, because it alludes to the other saying of “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. And ye, I like that I can still fit my favourite items, I get attached to clothes and I hate shopping, they only thing I cant keep are the pants. What people mostly reffer to is the shoes. I wear skater shoes for so long, ONLY them, and people in my life are having a decade long mission of making me wear anything else. So, when ppl who know me see me on the street, they ‘scan me’ and see the same sneakers as 10 years ago, not ripped or dirty (they are my babies, I take care of them!) and just say “Ah, still those shoes? Still that style? You haven’t changes a bit!”
        3. I did learn, for the moment, which does not mean the new stuff I write does not entice me to think about seeking approval from the wrong people 🙂 But I hope I will manage to resist!


      • 2. That’s pretty amazing. I never get shoes to last longer than a year because I’m rough with them. Probably need to buy a new pair in the spring. I’m just trying to imagine how you can prevent them from getting dirty for 10 years.

        3. Beta readers are useful. The trick is to find a group that you trust.

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      • Oloriel says:

        2. Oh, I take extra good care of them, without actually having to clean them for hours or constantly, because that’s boring. I take care where I walk, not to walk on mud and I go berzerk if anyone steps on the in the bus 😀


      • Public transportation is a real risk for shoes. 🙂


  6. Have you ever caught yourself making changes for the sake of making changes? Did you keep them? I do it all the time. My life is so writing oriented that I have to change up things like new way to the store etc. Writing is a no change path on process.
    Do you feel it is harder for you to accept changes or fight against them? I think fighting against change is a one-way street to being in a rut.
    Is there a risk of changing something so much that you lose interest in the project and how would you avoid this pitfall if it exists? I used to sculpt and was never satisfied until I had totally ruined the project. I would tweak it until something would fall off or it became almost unrecognizable.


    • 1. I used to do that with the store when there were a few more markets in walking distance. Felt nice to change things up. Now only the one in driving distance is left. What is it with authors and doing strange trips?

      2. Good point. Rather self-destructive in a way.

      3. Love how you put it. Just imagining someone sculpting a perfect statue, hanging their head in shame, and chucking it into the Grand Canyon.

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  7. adeleulnais says:

    I make changes when I have to but yes, I fell into the changing something until it no longer resembles the original. I started again, several months later. Change is a weapon, use it wisely my friend.


  8. L. Marie says:

    I don’t like the new WordPress file maker. I try to use the old way. I can access it by going to comments and then adding a new post.
    1. Have you ever caught yourself making changes for the sake of making changes? Did you keep them?
    I’ve impulsively made changes. But I usually regret it if the change was for an emotional reason. For example, I got mad at a boyfriend, so I tore up his photos and threw away everything he gave me. Once I got over being mad, I was sorry I tore up the photos.

    2. Do you feel it is harder for you to accept changes or fight against them?
    I’m a creature of habit. Any kind of change is difficult for me to accept. If a change means rewriting a whole book, I usually fight against that initially.

    3. Is there a risk of changing something so much that you lose interest in the project and how would you avoid this pitfall if it exists?
    I lost interest in my current writing project, because I didn’t want to make the changes based on feedback I’d been given. I had to get through the anger and frustration and slow down a bit to think through what needed to be done. Now that I’ve done that, I think the book will be much better than it was.


    • I just go to the WP Admin and the post section. Clicking ‘Add New’ through there works, but I fear the day that it’s gone entirely.

      1. That seems to be a common issue. We’re always told not to do things when angry or sad. Yet those are the times we feel really driven to make a change.

      2. I’m the same way. Especially if it feels like the change is beyond my control or being forced on me. That’s more life than writing though.

      3. Very cool. Guess you needed a break then.


  9. I don’t think I make changes for the sake of making them. Sometimes I’m nervous about cutting something, but if I know it makes the piece better, I’ll do it. Because of the way I approach a project, there’s usually a shit-ton of changes to be made! The foundation is there, but it needs plenty of cosmetic work 😉


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