First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

The first day of Kindergarten was an adventure for both of us.  Probably me more than him because I was told that I had to attend a parent meeting where I handed him off to the teacher.  So I had to confirm that the bus wasn’t showing up (it did anyway because of course it did) and I had to make sure I had my act together to get him to school in time.  It was a challenge explaining why daddy was going too.  Though it was nice being there for his first day.  People wanted pictures, but this was the only one that I was able to get since I had a trash bag of supplies that he couldn’t carry.

The trip there involved going through a school zone by the high school, which is now watched by a very serious camera.  Of course the jerk behind me tailed me through the zone, raced into oncoming traffic to get around me, nearly took out the front of my car and the car next to me, and almost took out the car in front of me.  Did I mention the county jail is a few yards away from the school on the other side of the street?  Guy even blew through the red light in front of the jail with cops standing there.  They looked as stunned as the rest of us considering what we just saw.  This leads to the part of the story where the rest of the drive was me explaining the rules of the road to my son and getting him to realize that we were not in an accident.

Anyway, got to the school and was walking to the front when he teacher and the school psychologist saw us coming.  They were a little confused because my son wasn’t on the bus and children of Special Ed students got the tour instead of the optional meeting.  Yup.  I had to drop off an Epipen anyway, so it wasn’t that bad.  One of my son’s new classmates was there and they were talking about the shark on his lunchbox, his TMNT shirt, and that he had the Bad Guy (Darth Vader) on his backpack.  It was cute and his classmate took his hand to lead him into the school and to the classroom.

You might notice something was skipped.  My son didn’t remember me until he was halfway done the hallway and I said good-bye.  Here’s the response:

“Bye, Daddy!  I will see you later!”

That was it.  I was a little confused there because I expected a hug or something more than a ‘oops forgot to say good-bye’.  Keep in mind that he was hot and cold about his new school all week, so this wasn’t even in the top 5 possibilities.  Anyway, that was how Kindergarten started for him and myself.  At least he looks forward to homework when he gets home.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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31 Responses to First Day of Kindergarten

  1. estyree says:

    Sounds like he’ll do great! My heart lurch was my kid begging to go to “tool” (play school/daycare) while puking. She didn’t want Mom, she wanted to play with her friends. No one ever warns us about these possibilities!


  2. C. Miller says:

    That’s super cute, about him being led by the hand. 🙂
    I guess that first day is never what people expect, but at least you got to teach him about how NOT to drive (and avoided the accident it sounds like that jerk was asking for).


    • He really was asking for it. Doubt he got it though. You’re right that the first day is never what one expects. It throws you off if it goes entirely differently. All those days of mental preparations go to waste.


  3. sknicholls says:

    Sometimes they are just too deeply involved in their own experience to think about us. He’s adorable in his TMNT shirt 🙂


  4. Sounds like he acclimated nicely – parents are just those people who give them food anyway


  5. Ellespeth says:

    🙂 Charles…such a darling picture! Have I said already how cute he is? I love the part about holding hands and semi-forgetting about you 😛 This was a wonderful post.


  6. One thing I’m glad not to face: first days of school. (Don’t worry – we have plenty of our own unique challenges to take its place!)

    I hope he is still enjoying it! Better yet – I hope he still enjoys it that much in ten years ;-).


  7. Better he says, “see ya” than hanging on for dear life. Sounds pretty confident to me.


  8. Great story…let’s see how long the whole “liking homework” thing lasts when he gets older. As far as hugs go, they seem to get to be fewer and fewer the older they get. My youngest child who turned 17 today tells me “No, I’m in high school” when I try to give her a hug…she is kidding (sort of), but that is what she tells me. Kids are such fun.


  9. Did you get an “I love school. I want to go everyday. Can I, please?”? Those are the great times when kids tend to love school, even homework. 🙂


  10. Bless, I embarrassed my eldest by crying on his first day, not looking forward to Oscar’s first day next year, I’m such a soppy sod! Nice post, Charles, shame about the jerk on the road(we’ve all had near misses with those selfish, dangerous *word removed*s!). Keep smiling 🙂


  11. Awesome that he made a friend right away. That’s much more important than academics to a kid having a positive school experience.


  12. renxkyoko says:

    Good thing he didn’t cling to your leg. ^^


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