Super Special Sneak Peek: Clyde’s Awakening

(This is a quick scene I wrote up dealing with Clyde and Mab.  They are two of the vampires from a future series, but Mab will make an appearance in Legends of Windemere.  Clyde is the big ‘hero’ and this is where he is awakened.  The scene just came to me, so it’s kind of in the middle of something.  Mostly, I wanted to see if I got a sudden feel for these characters.”

The dying screams of her fellow vampires causes Mab to shrink away from the sunlight streaming through the distant hole. She bumps into Clyde, who yawns and casually scratches his head.  The ground shakes from a blast of holy magic and the charred limbs of several vampires fall into the hole. Mab tightens her black cloak around her and turns away, jumping back when she finds Clyde staring into her face.

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen fear in your eyes,” he whispers as he examines her face. His blue eyes glow in the darkness of the buried Durag temple. “I don’t like it.”

“You’ve been asleep for one-hundred years, Clyde,” Mab reminds him, regaining her nerve and glaring up at the taller vampire. “I told you things were bad for us. The priests know about our powers and where we hide. They have been eliminating us for the last fifty years, so there are only a couple hundred of us left. The only haven that we have is the castle city of Xavier Tempest and that will fall once the priests find a way to counter his magic.”

“That would be unfortunate,” Clyde casually says with a shrug. “So, you dug me out to save our kind from extinction. What makes you think I’m that type of hero?”

“You’re not a hero,” Mab laughs, flicking her brown hair out of her eyes. “We need a monster and I want my partner back. It’s been so boring with you gone. Myself and the others want our leader back, so we can go back to having fun.”

Clyde grins at the female vampire. “I’m sure there’s still plenty to steal in this new world, Mab.”

“Do you really want to stay in the dark with all these dry corpses?” Mab asks, kicking a skull into the far wall. “I thought you would be happy that I freed you.”

“I’m just concerned that you’ve gone soft,” Clyde mentions. He laughs when he feels the cold edge of Mab’s dagger against his throat.

“Remember our old agreement?” Mab angrily growls. “Nobody calls me soft. Not even you.”

“That’s the fire I wanted to see again,” Clyde loudly declares, swatting the dagger away. “Do you think this new world is ready for me?”

“It survived the Great Cataclysm,” Mab answers with a smirk. She throws a folded cloak at Clyde, who lets it hit him and fall to the ground. “That night cloak should protect you from the sun. It would be embarrassing to leave here and let the sun sap your powers.”

“An interesting little toy,” the black-haired vampire says. Clyde picks up the cloak and puts it on, the hood covering his face. “That just set the bar really high. I’m sure I can be much worse. Now, I’ll go handle your priest problem and then we can be on our way.”

Clyde closes his eyes and revels in the sound of blasting magic and the death screams of vampires. He waits for the noise to end, making sure he gets all of the priests to himself. After a century of living in darkness, Clyde did not want to share his first battle with anyone. Licking his lips, he leaps out of the cavern and lands in front of the thirty battle priests. All of them step back in surprise, but they immediately recover and hold out their sun symbols.

“We will purify you in the name of Durag!” the nearest priest announces. Unlike the others, the tall elf is wearing an ornamental hat made of gold.

“Duragian priests always talk too much,” Clyde groans as he dusts the dirt off his ebony shirt. “Give it your best shot, elf. I’ve been feasting on your people since I was buried with them. I’ve grown quite fond of your brotherhood’s taste.”

The elven priest opens his mouth to cast a spell when he jaw is torn off. He turns around to see Clyde behind him before the vampire backhands him in the face. The priest’s head flies into the nearby forest as the body drops and Clyde yawns.

“Your sect has gotten weaker,” he states, dropping the jaw to the ground. “Or maybe I’ve gotten stronger since the accident. Let’s see what I can do.”

The screams of the priests echo throughout the area as Clyde attacks them. He tears the arms off one priest and brutally beats another with the limbs. A female priest tries to escape only for Clyde to grab her long hair and yank her back. Her scalp is torn from her head and she falls to the ground, making it easy for the vampire to smash her face into her skull. A burly dwarf charges Clyde only for his head to be sent into his stomach by a single punch. Several priests cast light blasts at Clyde, the spells passing harmlessly through him. Every time, he disappears and shows up behind the casting priest to eviscerate them.

“I must be getting old,” Clyde says while tearing the spine from his latest victim. “I’m running out of ways to kill you. I hate repeating myself. This is why I don’t like fighting mortals.” He sighs and looks around to see that only a single priest is left standing. “Oh, I guess I forgot to take my time.”

“Keep gloating, vampire!” the shivering priest yells. “We’re going to eliminate all of your kind. We know all your secrets now.”

“Yes, yes. You will hunt us down and there is a traitor among us,” Clyde lazily drones while approaching the priest. “I figured that much out from my partner. After all these years, the game remains the same. Maybe I’ll actually play it this time and see what happens. Being a warlord might be more interesting than being a thief in this new world.”

“You won’t get the chance,” the priest says. He mutters a prayer and sends a blast of sunlight at Clyde, who vanishes within the spell.

The priest breathes a sigh of relief and turns with his holy symbol clenched in his right hand. He barely has time to shriek when he finds Clyde behind him. The vampire grabs his right hand and crushes it in his grasp. The priest bats at his arm until he takes the left hand and crushes it into paste. Clyde bends over the terrified man, his blue eyes appearing red for the briefest of moments.

“You’re going to go to your people and give them a message,” Clyde whispers, licking his fangs. “Those that seek to destroy my kind are no longer the hunters. They are the prey. I trust you will deliver this message.”

“The light of Durag will consume you,” the priest hisses.

“Oh well. I guess your people will figure out their new role soon enough,” Clyde mentions with mock sadness in his voice.

The vampire lunges forward and buries his fangs into the priest’s neck. Blood flows into Clyde’s mouth and into his heart where it combines with his own blood. A surge of ecstasy ripples through his body as he stands up, the priest still held in his jaws. Leaning back, Clyde closes his eyes and listens to his heartbeat pounding in his chest. Once the body is drained, he hurls it aside like a melon rind and wipes his mouth on the night cloak.

“Enjoy yourself?” Mab asks as she sits on the edge of the hole. “I’ve never seen you feed like that before.”

“I must have been famished. My illusions and powers must have drained me,” Clyde answers, though his voice shows that he barely believes his own words. “It’s strange having a pulse while still feeding off blood. The fresh blood makes my heart beat quicker than that of any prey I’ve eaten. I trust you’ll keep my secret.”

“I swore to uphold your secrets and kill those that betray you,” Mab responds with a crafty smirk. “I’d look pretty stupid having to execute myself.”

“Where would I be without you, my Dark Mistress?” Clyde charmingly inquires.

Mab punches him in the shoulder as she appears next to him. “Sitting in a hole with nothing to do and only corpses to talk to. I like that title though. I think I’m going to keep it when we make a new pack.”

“Then let’s get started,” Clyde declares, throwing his arms wide and looking around at the fresh corpses. “Do you need a snack before we leave?”

“You know I hate leftovers,” Mab snarls while she starts walking away. “Besides, I’m in the mood for halfling. I know a quaint little village not far from here.”

Clyde grins hungrily at the thought of more food and is next to Mab in the blink of an eye.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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20 Responses to Super Special Sneak Peek: Clyde’s Awakening

  1. Hey Charles! 🙂
    This is great, I want to read more!
    btw, I nominated you for the Seed of Light Award


    • Thanks. I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back to Clyde and Mab. This just came to me, but I still have 11 books of Legends of Windemere and the one-shot afterwards to write. It would be difficult to write Clyde and Luke at the same time.


  2. Kira says:

    Oh…I like this very much, Charles. And I have to say it’s a nice change from the recent Vampire stories. And did I read that correctly that Clyde has a pulse and he’s a vampire…nice twist!!


    • Oh,it’s going to be very different. The vampires of Windemere are violent even though they’ve become a civilized race. Clyde is the progenitor of the new world vampires who are able to function in sunlight. They also have a pulse and are technically alive. Prior to him, vampires lose their powers in sunlight, which is why they have the night cloaks. Clyde can transform an old world vampire into a new world vampire with his blood, so Mab is going to get the same thing. Each new world vampire has 3 powers too, which is usually different. Their only similar between parents and womb-born vampires. The trade-off is that new worlds can’t cast magic.
      The entire series is about the new world vampire’s rise to power, which is mentioned in a Legends of Windemere book when Mab makes an appearance. I’m looking forward to it when the time comes. Clyde is coming off a lot more bored and nonchalant than I expected.


      • Kira says:

        Characters tend to have minds of their own! lol So these have heartbeats, walk in the sun, and can have womb-born babies. Interesting…very interesting. Can’t wait to see where you take it


      • They can also create by biting, but only the first two generations can do that. The younger ones can only make womb born. A womb-born actually ages until 21 when it becomes full-vampire. Before that it has weaker versions of its body/mind/aura powers. It can create guardians with a bite and release them upon turning 21. Clyde is still unique because he can also produce his own blood and doesn’t really have to feed. He just likes to.


  3. Sahm King says:

    Charles, Charles, Charles, but this is friggin’ AWESOME. I rather like this Clyde fellow.


  4. mrsgillies says:

    Well written and interesting but a bit too gory for me!


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