Character Origin: Rayne

This character won’t be making an appearance until the one-shot book that covers a loose end of Legends of Windemere.  Still, I’m going to throw her out there and see how the wolves take to her.

Rayne was created by a college friend named Ryan aka Petrie aka Elfgirl aka R.S. Greenfield.  I’m not sure if this was her first character ever, but she gave me an amnesic elven thief to work with.  She hadn’t learned that if you give a gamemaster a character with amnesia and leave their past in their hands, you’re asking for trouble.  The only thing that saved her butt from true trauma was that I didn’t have a solid idea of what I was doing.  Now, Rayne became a source of comedy and frustration at times.  She forced a few rules such as ‘pregnancy rolls’, ‘stop biting your allies’, and ‘the barbarian can behead you whenever he feels the need’.

Those rules require a back story.  I ran the game out of Windemere, so all of my characters made appearances.  At one point, Rayne happened across a famous forest tracker who had saved the world many years ago and then disappeared.  She promptly slept with this forest tracker and got pregnant because I made the pregnancy roll rule to stop the non-stop sex of the game.  The first roll of this rule lead to the birth of Adhira, daughter of Rayne and Luke Callindor.  Yup, Ryan/Rayne forced Luke to make an honest woman out of her, which taught me to NEVER put my characters in this position again.

The other rules stemmed from Rayne attracting the attention of vampires, including Clyde and his arch-enemy.  She became a vampire and began biting the other characters whenever she felt that she was hungry.  The barbarian, Thumtax, took to chopping her head off whenever she became really obnoxious.  I had to make it that Windemere vampires could survive beheading and you can reattach the head.  How much of this mess is going to make it into the books based on this game has not been decided yet.

For the books, I have Rayne appearing in a few series, but not Legends of Windemere.  She debuts in the one-shot after that and returns in Darwin’s series then appears in the one based on the game.  She is slated to be a major player in the final battle of Windemere when the time comes.  I’m still on the fence about what that role is.  The thing with Rayne is that I’m not always sure what she’s going to do.  I’m keeping some of what she was in the game, but her history is getting a major re-write as my future series planning continues and I factor in the major players.

I’d say more, but I’m not sure and the toddler is declaring his right to go outside again. Too bad I don’t have a pic of Rayne to post here.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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7 Responses to Character Origin: Rayne

  1. tyroper says:

    I’ve never played D&D. Sounds, interesting?


    • I’m trying to think of a concise way to explain it. You and your friends make fantasy characters then you have adventures in a world that is found in your head and on scraps of paper. You have detailed sheets of your character’s abilities and number stats, which you use to help you figure out what you can and cannot do. You use to dice to determine success and failure of an action. You have fun and make sure not to fight a dragon during your first adventure.


      • greenembers says:

        I now refer people to to explain pen and paper roleplaying, lol. The joys of being a dungeon master, lol. I love the pregnancy roll rule btw and the reason it was implemented, lol.


      • Thanks. The truth is that Rayne wasn’t even the worst. She joined a few weeks into the game. One of the two original characters was a sorceress that made money as a blackmailing prostitute. That character began the NC-17 rating of the game, much to the annoyance of the Dark Elf martial artist played by my girlfriend. Poor Ryan/Rayne jumped on that bandwagon, which is when I got worried that the entire game would turn into the sorceress and thief simply trying to get laid. So, I implemented the rolls and Rayne went down first. The sorceress didn’t care though and Rayne didn’t care much as long as it was with Luke, so the plan didn’t really do much to help the cause.


  2. rsgreenfield says:

    I may have an old sketch of Rayne lying around somewhere …


  3. beatniksifu says:

    Absolute creative genius. Even messier than real life! Hee-Hee. Guffaw. Snort. 🙂


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