Questions 3: Stay Out of the Moonlight

D&D Werewolf

Instead of doing Teaser Tuesdays, I’m going to do some Halloween-y Questions 3 for the month of October.  I hope people have fun with it.  Don’t worry if you have to take a break from reading War of Nytefall: Ravenous to answer.  I totally understand and look forward to your review.  People still write reviews these days, right?

Since I always talk about vampires, I’m going to jump to the other side of the fence.  We’re going with lycanthropes.  Some may be scratching their head at that term, which is generally used for werewolves.  *waits for older people to do their Marty Feldman impression*  In fantasy, it can be used for other types of cursed shape-shifters such as were-tigers, were-rats, were-vultures, were-clowns, etc.  I actually have a long list of lycathropes for Windemere, which were created by Yola Biggs the Chaos Goddess after she got drunk at a party.  In fact, they are the reason she was exiled from Ambervale and hunted by the other gods.  Now, let’s get to the questions.

  1. What type of lycanthrope would you be if you could choose?  (Keep it to real animals. I can already hear at least one person whisper were-dragon.)
  2. How would you prepare for the change?
  3. Would you try to find a cure or make the best of your situation?  Why?

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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24 Responses to Questions 3: Stay Out of the Moonlight

  1. Bia Bella Baker says:

    1. I think it would be pretty cool to be a warehawk.
    2. I would warn my family about it, before any changes happen. They’re open-minded.
    3. Of course I wouldn’t want to be cured. Imagine how cool it would be to have hawk vision. The world would be beyond HD. It would be ultra-megga-delux HD.

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  2. L. Marie says:

    I would rather be like the Lycans in the Underworld series–able to transform at will (rather than being forced to change when the moon is full). I would also prefer to retain intelligence, rather than becoming a ravaging beast mindlessly killing humans.

    Though it would seem that this type of creature has the best of both worlds (humanity and superhuman strength/animal senses) if a cure could be found, I would search for it. The limitation of having to avoid silver and bright lights would make me want to be cured.


  3. Were-wolverine maybe, just because he’s about the coolest animal on the planet. He’s an all terrain guy. I think I would prepare by making a list of people to feel my wrath. Since this is a part time gig, I think I’d keep it.


  4. The lycanthrope I choose is the classic wolf.
    To prepare for the change I would build a man cave and then wait for the proper time with a cold one. I would also take off my clothes so they wouldn’t get ripped.
    I would not try to find a cure. I would just go with the idea that I was the baddest mother in town. To give a blood-curdling howl and then the drooling snarl as I snuck up on someone would almost be a laugh out loud moment. I wouldn’t want to pass that up. My victim? That is another story.


  5. Fun questions, Charles!
    >What type of lycanthrope would you be if you could choose?
    A big cat, I think. Puma or jaguar.

    > How would you prepare for the change?
    Assuming that I knew in advance… Yoga, to have some of that feline flexibility in my human form. Also, learning more about their natural habitat and what they need to thrive. If possible, I might move to an area where my animal self could safely avoid detection.

    >Would you try to find a cure or make the best of your situation? Why?
    If I didn’t know in advance… I might be looking for ways to remove the curse, especially if it was imposed from the outside. But if I voluntarily chose the change, then I would do my best to prepare and adapt.


    • 1. Think I remember those from True Blood before I stopped watching.

      2. So, would you turn into the animal or be a bipedal, humanoid version?

      3. Seems that’s the common choice. Control is deciding factor.

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      • 2. Would depend on who cast the curse, I guess. If it was up to me, fully animal. Although, Marvel’s character Tigra is definitely a favorite of mine!


      • Didn’t realize Tigra was a lycanthrope. Thought she was a mutant.

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      • Her origin is complicated, but… Tigra was a human superhero, saved from death by a group of Cat People living secretly on Earth, when they performed a mystic ceremony to transform her into one of them.

        So she is a lycanthrope and can resume her human form at will. However, some of the writers might not remember she has this ability.


      • Kind of like a hero version of the Cheetah from Wonder Woman. Writers tend to differ on if these types change or stick to one form. For example, Wolfsbane in Marvel used to change a bunch then she stayed in hybrid form for a while.

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      • One of the annoying things about comics are how a new writer can decide to “shake things up” and arbitrarily change or ignore certain facets that are well established for a particular character.


      • One reason I read more manga than American comics. New writers can be more focused on leaving their own marks instead of continuing the story. Personal beliefs and desires can twist stuff too. Best example is erasing the Peter Parker/Mary Jane marriage because the guy in charge thought married Spider-Man wasn’t relatable to kids.


  6. 1. If you’d asked me last year, I likely would have said a lion or something. To be honest though, right now I’d rather be a tortoise, because then I could hide in my shell and pretend the world didn’t exist.
    2. If I was going to be the lion, I’d make sure I was near somewhere it was safe for me to be before the change, so I could run free with less risk of being hunted. If I was going to be the tortoise, I’d just make sure I have somewhere cosy to dig in.
    3. Make the best of it. If I’m a lion, I’ll enjoy the feeling of being a powerful feline for a while (though, being vegan, I will likely feel rather guilty during the times I’m human for any hunting I do… Unless I retain enough humanity to avoid doing that). If I’m the tortoise, it will give me a chance to hide away from the world, so I’m all for it.


    • 1. Good idea. I’m thinking hedgehog. 🦔

      2. A lot of people are going for safety of others or comfort. Makes me wonder why werewolves are problems in movies.

      3. Vegan does make a predator rather difficult. I’d figure it’s different mentality since that’s your mentality. It’s done to survive since lycanthropes need a lot of energy.


      • 1. Hedgehog is a good call. I went with tortoise because I was literally saing the other day I wish I was one so I could hide in my shell like mine does.
        2. I think it’s all about the loss of control. We want to consider safety of others, but if we lose control that goes out the window, and all of a sudden you get a horror movie.
        3. My theory is it depends how much of your human personality you keep when you change. If I’d keep my human personality, I’d stay vegan (though I’d need to be consuming a lot of things like nuts and tofu to keep my protein levels up). but if I didn’t keep my human personality and was a predator, I’d likely end up hunting because of that hunger (though, as I said, I’d feel guilty about it later).


      • It’s funny how so many have control as a deal breaker. Going by the original mythos, you wouldn’t have control or even awareness. It’s usually been about a human turning into a dangerous beast and no longer being themselves. So, I don’t think many of us would really enjoy a true lycanthropy curse of one goes by the comments.


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