Teaser Tuesday: Enter the Hero #fantasy #adventure

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

This is where it all began . . . Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero.  Let’s see how Luke Callindor made his debut and how my writing style looked way back when I started.  Currently, I have this book available for free on Amazon.

Visindor Forest remains at peace as it has every morning for centuries. Birds sing and shimmering pixies play tag in the warm sunlight. Glistening droplets of dew cover the leaves and grass as animals venture from their homes. A low grunt echoes throughout the wilderness, causing all other sounds to stop for a few seconds. The grunt returns minutes later, but it is too far away to scare the timid forest creatures. It is a landscape of serenity that painters strive to capture.

No place is more peaceful than where a tumbling brook cascades into a deep lake. It is an isolated area where slender naiads bathe and a herd of red-hide deer drink. The only sound that does not fit with the rest of the morning stirrings comes from the lakeshore. This constant, steady grinding noise catches the attention of several pixies, who cautiously approach the lone swordsman. They soon realize they have nothing to fear as the youth smells like the forest and emits an aura of calm. Instinctually, the pixies know he is trained in the ways of the wild and would never hurt them. It is the adult noble shepherd curled by the smoking remains of a fire that makes the tiny creatures nervous. The pixies tiptoe through the air, trying to get a closer look at the youth without disturbing the dog. They are within a few feet of the swordsman when the dog stirs and barks, shattering the morning peace.

“You sleep through the call of a dread boar, but sneaking pixies wake you?” the young warrior asks, patting the beast on the rump. In response, the stubborn dog barks louder at the pixies. “Calm down, Stiletto. They don’t mean any harm. Grandpa said pixies never attack unless their soul tree is threatened. So be careful where you relieve yourself.”

The youth’s face and body show very few signs of battle or harsh traveling. The pieces of leather armor on his forearms and torso are as smooth and pristine as the day they were crafted. His dirty face is handsome with none of the scars or stress lines one would expect to find on a wandering warrior. Even his dark blond hair is well groomed, which is incredibly rare among adventurers. Most people would think he was new to the road, but his boots tell a different tale. Once high-grade leather with silver embroidery, they are beaten shadows of their former glory. Dried mud covers much of the leather and only flecks of silver remain of what must have been an intricate pattern. To say these boots were well-used would be an understatement.

Getting tired of the noise, the young man puts down his twin sabers and tosses a piece of dried meat to the dog. A blue pixie lands on one of the youth’s pointy ears and walks around his cheek to inspect his face. It gently wipes at a smudge of dirt on his nose. With a giggle, the tiny creature returns to its friends, who are hiding behind the wide leaf of an oak. They rejoin the larger group of pixies that are playing a game of tag through the trees.

“Now, this is the freedom we were meant to have,” the young warrior declares. “Beats being stuck home and not seeing anything beyond Haven’s borders. Right, Stiletto?”

The swordsman goes back to sharpening his blades, taking some time to buff the smooth ruby embedded in the pommel of each weapon. Tucking the rag into his belt, the youth makes a final inspection of the beautiful blades. He stops abruptly and sheaths the sabers with a muttered curse.

“Who the hell am I kidding? This isn’t what I want at all! We left home six months ago and I haven’t done anything heroic yet. All of my ancestors were great heroes of Windemere, so why should I be any different? The bards make adventuring seem so glamorous and easy, but there is so much competition. All these mercenaries and experienced heroes keep beating me to the big jobs. They get to fight demons, Weapon Dragons, and trolls while I’m left with scraps. All I want is to go down in history as a great hero who saved some part of Windemere. Not some pathetic slayer of nuisances like skeletons and rabid goblins. Is it so wrong to want to be as great as your ancestors?”

The dog rolls his eyes as if he has heard this rant many times before. He yawns and snorts as his friend paces between two maple trees.

“Don’t start! All I’ve done so far is stop goblin raids and minor undead from destroying nearby farms. Look at me! I haven’t even been touched, so people don’t believe I’ve even been in a fight. I know I’m helping people, but I need something bigger. The dangers around here are far too easy to defeat. Look, Stiletto, we both know I’m highly skilled and that nothing frightens me. At least, nothing I’ve seen so far. Still, I didn’t run when I faced my first zombie or my first orc, which has to count for something. When do I get to prove to all of Windemere that I have what it takes to be a great hero?” He stops pacing and stares at the morning sky, a few wispy clouds passing overhead. “I’m fed up doing small jobs. Today, I’m going to find an actual adventure and start on my path to being a hero. Are you with me, old friend?”

The young man bends down to pat Stiletto on the head while the dog chews on the piece of dried meat. “Lots of help you are. The least you can do is stop eating while I talk. It was a good rant too.”

The snap of a twig catches the warrior’s attention and he whirls around with both sabers drawn. Standing next to a tree is a slender woman wearing an elegant gown of silver satin, which contrasts with her long, fiery hair. The youth is slightly taken aback by her ethereal beauty, but finally manages to peer directly into her sapphire eyes. Something about her is familiar, but he cannot concentrate long enough to remember where he has seen her before. He feels like he is compelled to break eye contact by something deep within his bones.

“I heard that forest trackers have some of the fastest reactions in the mortal world, but I never had the pleasure of meeting one before today,” the woman says, looking a little worried and concerned. “You are Luke Callindor, right? I would feel very foolish if I approached the wrong half-elf. There are so many more of your kind on Windemere since the last time I left Ambervale.”

Luke stares in awe for a few seconds, struggling to find his voice. “Yes, I am. This is incredible. I never met a goddess before. I’ve heard of people meeting with gods and goddesses, but I never thought I would, especially with Zaria. The Goddess of Purity is one of the patron deities of my hometown. I mean, you are one of our patron deities.”

“I am impressed you recognized me so quickly,” the goddess says with a warm smile. “I typically have to give mortals a hint or introduce myself. It is all because those silly artists insist on giving me blonde hair instead of red.”

“I saw a gemstone statue of you when I was five. I never forgot what it looked like. You probably already know this, but I have bard’s memory. So, I remember every detail I ever see. It may take a few minutes for me to recall the information, but it’s stuck in my brain somewhere. It comes in handy when wandering the wilderness.” Luke blushes when he realizes he is rambling to the deity and clears his throat. “So, why are you looking for me? I’m a forest tracker who wants an adventure. You don’t happen to have one for me, do you?”

His bright, green eyes give away his joy at possibly receiving a mission from the gods. Zaria cannot help but smile at the ecstatic expression on his face. Her smile covers the misgivings she has about what she must do to the boy. Like Uli, she is unconvinced that the young warrior is ready for what Gabriel wishes to put him through. Unlike her friend, Zaria knows there is no stopping events from unfolding. She would rather send Luke off with hope and excitement instead of whatever horrible method Gabriel would use. Her focus faltering, the goddess dwells on how much she loathes the God of Destiny and how she has to work with him to solve their mutual problem. Remembering the half-elf, Zaria snaps out of her trance with a gentle shake of her head, her red hair leaving sparks in the air.

Join Luke Callindor on his first great adventure in Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero!

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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8 Responses to Teaser Tuesday: Enter the Hero #fantasy #adventure

  1. L. Marie says:

    I’m so glad to finally be back online! The snowstorm here knocked out power and internet!
    Yay! This was the book I discovered your blog through years ago.


  2. The writing stands the test of time. Good to revisit Luke when he was so innocent.


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