Dawn Fangs and Magic: A Lesson From Gregorio

Doctor Stranger







Welcome to the lair of Gregorio Roman . . . How did you get here? I have the entrance locked, trapped, and the slime part usually scares away those that get through the rest.  I have a back door?  Well, I’ll be taking care of that once we’re done here.  At my age, seeing people try to get in here is one of the few joys I have.  Not like any of my children come to visit with hugs and snacks.  They always show up with questions, problems, or demanding that I choose a side.  That’s enough belly-aching from this old gnomish Dawn Fang.  Wait, am I an old Dawn Fang since I’ve been around a couple centuries in general or a young Dawn Fang since I’ve only been that for a few weeks?  This is really going to confuse anyone who celebrates their turning days. I’ll talk to that son of mine once we’re done here.

Now, we live in a magical world.  Not the kind that you people think of, but one with potent energy that can be utilized for powerful spells.  Windemere is all about magic since it is everywhere.  Vampires are some of the greatest casters due to their immortality, which allows them to master thousands of spells.  It is how we stayed alive because our spells granted us claws, invisibility, alternate forms, and everything else that you would associate with us.  Many wondered how this was possible since undead don’t have auras that they can utilize for spells.  Unlike Liches that retained their soul, vampires take energy from the blood they drink.  Our meals had aura, so our bodies processed that power to make it our own.  The greater the appetite, the greater the magic power. Of course, you still needed to study and learn the spells since vampires aren’t channelers. All very simple . . . which means the twist is coming.

Dawn Fangs have their own aura instead of siphoning and processing that of others, but we cannot cast any magic.  This could be considered one of our greatest sacrifices to become what we are.  Yes, we gain incredible physical abilities, working organs, our special powers, and immunity to sunlight.  Yet, we no longer have the option of learning spells or performing most rituals.  For those of us who began life as a traditional vampire, it is a difficult loss to accept because our magic kept us alive.  The variety of spells we depended on are gone, so habits need to be broken and changed.  Needless to say, many died because they couldn’t adapt to the change, but that’s how nature goes.  The fact that vampires exist proves that it’s a brutal and cruel world.

Now, I have a theory as to why Dawn Fangs lose the ability to cast magic, especially since one would think us being more alive than dead would cause the opposite.  It all comes down to our triad of powers.  These do not require hand motions or words like spells, which means they are closer to channeler magic.  It also means they are more powerful than a spell version.  Not to mention we’ve seen abilities that have never appeared before, especially in the Aura category.  This leads me to think that our auras are focused more on operating these powers along with our revived organs and enhanced physical abilities.  It is also possible that we are immune to sun because our aura maintains a barrier that is within every piece of our being.  With so many passive powers, our energy can only do so much more without hitting a barrier.  This is regardless of the amount of blood we drink because that energy is sent to our existing abilities.

Another piece of my theory is more philosophical, so feel free to disagree.  If Dawn Fangs were able to surpass these limits then we would be on the same level as the gods and goddesses.  That would turn us into a threat even if we lacked the ambition.  Just one Dawn Fang going after Ambervale could put a target on the rest of us.  Gabriel the Destiny God would send armies of chosen warriors after us to prevent Windemere from falling into our hands.  Whatever transformed Clyde knew this and put this obstacle in front of us to keep us safe.  It’s even possible that part of Clyde sensed the change and he subconsciously did this for the same reasons.  We all know that too much power can corrupt since it happens all the time with mortals and vampires.  Best not to leave the temptation if you can.

So, do I miss casting magic?  A little, but I’d grown bored with everything.  Having to learn about my powers and alter my lifestyle has made me feel young again.  That’s just me though.  I hear the younger ones whine all the time.  Maybe I should charge them by the hour.  Save me time on grocery shopping or certain Dawn Fangs could pay off their debt with hugs.  People really don’t appreciate the joy that comes from a simple embrace.

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About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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11 Responses to Dawn Fangs and Magic: A Lesson From Gregorio

  1. That would kind of suck if you were used to using magic. Then again, living on blood might suck too at first. What about the human caster that got turned into vampire 1.0, do they lose the ability when they update to vampire 2.0?


    • Living off blood isn’t as bad as one would think. You have instincts and the taste buds change to make it delicious. Kind of like how a newborn baby knows to drink mother’s milk. As far as casters, they’d retain if transformed into an Old World. If they’re turned into a Dawn Fang, they lose their spells in exchange for the three powers and other benefits of the change. For most, it’s difficult, but the three powers tend to cover their habits to the point where adapting is fairly simple. For example, a vampire that uses a lot of elemental attacks could get stone skin, mental control over fire, and summon elemental. That covers their original comfort zone.

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  2. Terrific, Charles.


  3. Very interesting. Very good post.


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