The Mapper Market: Yes, We Have Sextants. Stop Giggling.

Gont from Earthsea

Welcome to the most popular mapper store on this block of the city.  Hey, this is a long street and there are five others, so don’t roll your eyes about it. We worked hard for that reputation. Now, you must be setting out to become a mapper. I assume you have the correct paperwork, which proves you went through the correct training? The forgery detection spell says you’re good, so congrats on making it through your apprenticeship and studies. Did you have a field teacher or a book teacher? Ouch, the field ones are always the toughest ones.  That means you’ll be needing some durable equipment.

First thing we need to get you is a blank map book and a case bundle.  Believe it or not, we have a variety of these things.  You can go with the non-magical types, but those can be stolen and destroyed when on a job.  Now, the case enchantments range from sticky ones that can adhere to the inside of your jacket to collapsible.  That one doesn’t damage what is inside and can be shrunk to the side of a coin.  I recommend those for mappers who plan on having a large collection.  It would also mean you need a book that has removable and regenerative pages.  That’s our more popular model.  By the way, you can only draw maps in here.  The magic gets angry if you attempt to make a picture.  Doodles are okay because who doesn’t do that.  Just be careful when bored.  One guy tried to draw his girlfriend in the nude and it sealed her in the book.  She was really angry when she got out, especially since he went to a lot of specialists to get her out and they all saw her in the buff.

Let’s be honest.  You want the toys.  We don’t have many packages like those other types of shops because every mapper is different.  Here’s an eyepiece that has a knowledge crystal on the end.  Each one has a category like flora, fauna, history, changes over time, and cultures, which you can use to make notes on your map.  They only know what has already been discovered, so you can add to it and bring your crystals back for sharing. We pay for updated info if that helps.  That got your attention. It goes very well with a climate prediction ring, which analyzes the residual natural magic to get a feel for what the patterns are.  It isn’t a great item because it can be confused by the use of lightning and other climate-like spells.  Still, it can help you with making ocean charts since it can tell you about the wind and tide patterns.

Now for the most important tool for a new mapper.  You need something to help you find your way.  Compasses are nice and all, but they can run into problems with some areas. Hit the middle of the ocean or a chaos magic region and you may never be seen again.  I prefer the Northern Jewel earrings that give you a subconscious sense of where you’re going. It can be a little unnerving and you have three minutes of disorientation whenever you put them back on, so field mappers have issues with them.  This direction item is one that you spin over your head to create a fist-sized tornado that will travel south.  A little dangerous to use in a city, but it can make for a good backup. The list can go on and on when it comes to these things.

So, let me know what you’re planning and . . . I guess we could give you the non-magical basics.  I’d recommend an atlas to study though.  Many mappers have come before you and their spirits would appreciate you using their work.  Just something to consider.  We have a pocket atlas if you’re worried about space.  Fine, do things the hard way.  Crazy kids and their death wishes.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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24 Responses to The Mapper Market: Yes, We Have Sextants. Stop Giggling.

  1. I so love these posts. I think a cartographer would be a great addition to a story I’ve been pondering.

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  2. L. Marie says:

    I’m glad I finally stumbled across this store. Got lost on the way here. I would love a pair of Northern jewel earrings. They come in pairs, right? And I’d like one eyepiece with the knowledge crystal. It would be nice to know if I’m looking at an aspen or a birch tree.

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  3. Do you make Northern Jewel earrings for men? I’m allergic to most metals so I need something in platinum and something that won’t clash with my white horse.

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog and commented:
    Not only do I enjoy these little posts by Charles – I also enjoy reading the comments under them – bantering of the best kind 👍😄

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  5. I’ve got a bit odd of a request, I want to make maps for flying adventurers, I heard that’s a growing market that’s currently underserved, you know things look different on the ground or in the air, a landmark for someone on horse back might not work for someone flying on a griffin, but I don’t have anyway to fly myself, so I was looking for something that I could send up, like a kite or gargoyle or something and I need to see what it sees, maybe via enchanted glasses?
    I also need all the normal stuff, including a pen that never runs out of ink.


    • Well, we don’t sell mounts or any type of service animal. That requires certain licenses and our business is too far into the city to allow for most flying beasts. There is an item called a sight crown set, which you and your animal wear. It requires that you remain within three miles of the animal and you won’t be able to see through your own eyes. Works better on people since an animal can wander off and the communication side of the relic only allows for two word transmissions. There is a gnome who is works as an aerial mapper over in Nevra Coil, so we can send you his way. Pretty sure he has some devices that we don’t carry because of our ‘do not blow up the customer’ rule.

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