A Week of No Goals

I know I spent a week doing nothing because of lost mojo and other things.  I’ll put the funny story at the end, which won’t be too long a wait.  Anyway, the kid is home for a week and a half.  So, no big projects for me even if I regain the urge.  I might take some time to jot down ideas for other series when he’s playing alone or eating lunch.  More than likely, those periods will be used to handle email, tweets, and blogging.  In other words, I might be heavily delayed in responding to stuff or simply disappear for most of a day.

Quick questions: I’m going to be scheduling posts for August in a week because I don’t want to jump into a project and stop for it.  Should I start hyping the next Windemere book around August 22nd or wait until September when I hope to release it?  I’m also looking at a problem with teasers.  Too much can get revealed.  Is it possible to hype a book without doing teasers?  Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

Anyway, here’s the story:

A week ago, my glasses broke and I had to go two prescriptions back while the frames got fixed.  Well, I got them back on Thursday and picked them up in the morning because the kid had a half day.  Got home with some lunch and handled some computer stuff, which is normal.  Went downstairs and looked outside to see my parents talking to one of the neighbors, my dad having been out there to mow the lawn.  Something looked off, but I couldn’t figure it out for a few seconds.

“Hey, dad!  What happened to my car window?”

The front passenger side window was shattered.  My first thought was that a rock had shot out of the lawnmower and hit it in just the right spot.  My dad’s first thought was to check the glove compartment to make sure I wasn’t robbed.  Keep in mind, he was by the car the entire time it had been parked.  I still checked, found nothing missing, and then went to call insurance.  My choices were taken the car in during the afternoon or wait two days for someone to come over.  Did I mention it was supposed to rain that night?  Also, I doubt a garbage bag over the missing window would stop bugs, stray cats, and any curious kleptos.

The repair guy had a laugh when I said the only way it could be vandalism is if I pissed off a ninja since my dad was there.  Thankfully, much like my glasses, the repairs were covered entirely by insurance.  A plus side is I found whiskey-infused cherries at the 7-11 near the repair place.  Still trying to figure out a non-alcoholic drink to put them into.

So, that was my adventure.  Unless you count another doctor visit for blood tests and discovering that I will not be going on medication for the liver and cholesterol.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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18 Responses to A Week of No Goals

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Good news about the meds, air conditioning through the front of the car is never good. Your mojo is like children… they come back. 😇 Have a great week.

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    • I hope it comes back. Met a lot of artists who lost their mojo forever. As for the AC, I ended up putting the other window down while driving to the shop. That way nobody knew the other one was broken.

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      • ellenbest24 says:

        Nice move, car with natures cooling system. Hello Mojo! Behave like it’s back, greet it in the mirror, say good morning over breakfast. You get more of what you say you have, it works for me. X good luck.


      • Wish it was that easy. Haven’t really lost it to this extent before. Feels like I’ll have to gradually nurse it back to normal levels.

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      • ellenbest24 says:

        Sometimes the brain dislikes exhaustion and gives you a rest. It hasn’t gone anywhere. Creativity is in you, it’s hiding, resting for when time is right. Good night Charles😇


  2. Hmm. I still suspect the lawnmower. Glad you had insurance. MoJo is fickle. Sometimes it takes a vacation without checking with the home office. I’m sure it will be back.


  3. Elle Knowles says:

    Schools out is right! H retired from teaching May 31st so I’ve lost my daytime quietness and my mojo is around here somewhere. Know just what you are going through. So hard to write when there’s someone wandering around the house interrupting my thoughts. He’s finding a hobby soon I hope!
    Great news about the meds Charles! ~Elle


    • I have both retired parents in the house, which brings on a challenge. One of the reasons I stay in the room when I have to work. It isn’t even the direct interactions, but just hearing other people around or the noise from whatever is going on.

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  4. Perfect excuse to stop mowing the lawn.


  5. L. Marie says:

    Yeah, I also suspect that lawn mower! What a weird thing to happen though!
    I’m waiting for my mojo to return too. Here’s hoping for a soon return for the both of us.


    • It’s fairly common this time of year. Just need to hit the glass in the right spot at the right speed and the right angle. Like a rock coming off a truck and cracking a hot windshield. Had that happen to me in Florida.


  6. Glad to hear about the insurance coverage. I know without it, I couldn’t afford my meds and Medicare won’t cover most of the ones I need. Don’t know what we will do when the RS retires.

    I had to laugh at your son for being the one to bring it to your attention. I sleepwalk to the car when I have to take my granddaughter to school.


    • Actually, my son wasn’t home. That was me yelling at my dad who was standing next to my car.

      Insurance is definitely a nice thing when it actually works. 🙂 My parents are retired and figuring out the insurance. It takes some time to figure out with all the plans and they’re both on meds for stuff.

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  7. Ellespeth says:

    Happy to hear about the medical stuff….
    cars are a necessary evil in some cities.


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