The Pixian Parade

Fantasia Fairies

Fantasia Fairies

Deep within the Grimjaw Forest
At the stroke of dawn
As the light beats on the dewdrops
Tiny forms take flight
Preparing for the work ahead
All have roles to play

Ferrying light to the shadows
Red-winged Brattins dart
Gorks whirl with bodies clad in fur
Clearing dust left by night
The Pixian cleaning crew toils
Until they tire out

Wings of sapphire and amber
Beat the morning air
The noble Tzarkas have arrived
To bloom the flowers
And awaken the early songs
Of sparrows and wrens

Others join the Pixian crew
Lazy, pink Sindels
Sneering at the hyper Flyntiks
Wingless Hults on foot
Silver Minjits and purple Karks
Each to play a part

Viewing from her throne of birchwood
Crystal wings spread wide
The high queen pixie sits alone
Forced to merely watch
Overseer of her people
Who toil beneath her

The Pixian Parade plays on
Work turns into fun
Lasting until the sun goes down
And a scream cuts through
Time of pixies ends for the day
Banshees rule the night

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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9 Responses to The Pixian Parade

  1. L. Marie says:

    Love it! Have you seen Fantasia? This is your “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” (except yours goes from day to night).


  2. I *love* that last line. Very ominous.


  3. The banshee reference makes a sobering conclusion


  4. A cute pair of poems.


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